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13- year-old tribal girl burnt alive by a jain family,raped ? #Naiduniya #Chhattisgarh #paidmedia

No english daily, national  , or even a channel ? has covered this #paidmedia

One english paper-  HITAVAD covered it

 The front-page of Hindi Newspaper, Nai duniya , Chhattisgarh edition today informs that a 13 year old  , sukmadi vadhda,  abujhmadiya a primitive tribal girl  from narayanpur, , who was burnt alive by a jain family early this month might have been raped .Post mortem report reveals that   there is a possibility that 13 years old   girl,was raped before  burning her alive by a Jain family.But the post mortem report does not reveal all, and will   be sent to  forensic  science laboratory  in Raipur f or confirmation of sexual assault

On september 2,  the district court  judge ordered all the  family members of the Jain  family ,  Praful Jain, Prabha Jain, Pintu Jain  to 15 days  judicial custody under  IPC  Sec 302 and also have registered a case under the Atrocities act . 


13-yr-old girl raped, set on fire by father HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
, September 07, 2012

A thirteen-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by her father, a daily wage earner, for two weeks and then set ablaze by him and left to die on the outskirts of the Chhattisgarh capital recently.

The girl was raped after her mother, also a daily wage earner, left the house after frequent squabbles with her husband.

Neighbours took the victim to a government hospital, where she is being treated for nearly 60% burn.

Doctors attending on the girl told HT she was out of danger but the traumatised girl was at a loss to fathom why her mother left her to the mercy of her father who not only raped her but tried to kill her as well.

The mother rushed to the hospital on learning about her daughter’s agony but seemed to be too shocked to speak to HT. She just said she would never forgive herself for leaving her daughter behind.

City superintendent of police Neeraj Chandrakar said, “The father has been booked for , attempt to murder and criminal assault. The girl narrated her ordeal in a statement, saying that she was raped for over two weeks after her mother went away from the family. The father tried to burn and kill her.”

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  1. […] 13- year-old tribal girl burnt alive by a jain family,raped ? #Naiduniya #Chhattisgarh #paidmedia ( […]

  2. […] 13- year-old tribal girl burnt alive by a jain family,raped ? #Naiduniya #Chhattisgarh #paidmedia ( […]

  3. Interesting. It tells a lot about the morality of many jaïns in the XXI° century. They talk about tolerance and non-violence but this is mere talking. Is it possible to blame them for not respecting the jaïn principles, for being hypocrites ? After all, they are a minority living in a society dominated by hindus and muslims. They behave like others do.

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