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Archives for : October2018

 Ira Trivedi calls out Chetan Bhagat’s “lie” by releasing e-mail trail #MeToo

TNN | 

Days after author Chetan Bhagat claimed that Ira Trivediallegations of sexual harassment were “false” and even posted a screenshot of the email she sent him back in 2013, she has hit back. In a series of allegations and counter allegations, Bhagat tweeted, “So who wanted to kiss whom? @iratrivedi’s self-explanatory email from 2013 to me, esp last line, easily shows her claims from 2010 are false, and she knows this too. This mental harassment of me and my family has to stop. Please don’t harm a movement with #fakecharges #harassed. (sic)”
In response to the Bhagat, Trivedi has hit back in an interview with The Quint, stating that he quoted her out of context and maligned her image. To support her claims, she released an email trail that allegedly followed her mail that ended with the salutation “Miss you, kiss you.”


In a video, she also said that the author admitted that this comment was a figure of speech and that he wanted to know if “something was changing.”

According to the report, she claimed that despite the fact that she “firmly and clearly told Mr Bhagat NO”, she says he “persisted” saying “u dodged the k question.(sic)”

In the video, she said, “I didn’t reply to your mail and the second email because I did try to dodge you, I did try to dodge the K question, I did try to dodge the kiss, I also did try to dodge your bad behaviour.”

Calling out his “lie” in a tweet, where he asked, “Who calls their harasser as chief guest for their book launch?” Ira rubbished it saying that Bhagat was “independently approached” to write the foreword and that they had both been paid to be a part of the launch and promotions.


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Everything said about Anu Malik is true: Alisha Chinai #MeToo

The matter was settled after a few years and Malik went back to business.

Alisha Chinai

 Alisha Chinai

Anu Malik’s predatory ways are no secret in the industry for he was dragged to court by singer Alisha Chinai for sexual harassment way back in the 1990s.

The matter was settled after a few years and Malik went back to business. But as the wave of current #MeToo accusations, against him state, he continued to prey on singers, especially newcomers who approached him with dreams of getting a break. Now, singer Alisha Chinai has lent her support to the victims who have spoken up against Malik saying, “Every word said and written about Anu Malik is true. I stand by all the women who have finally spoken up. May they find peace and closure in their lives.”

Commenting on Malik’s behaviour, a music composer says, “Iss haiwaan ne apnon ko bhi nahin baksha (this beast didn’t spare even his own). Shweta Pandit, who disclosed her horrific experience with Malik, is the niece of composer duo Jatin-Lalit. Malik has two daughters and all these years he has been preying on girls his daughters’ age. Many of them were attacked in his house with his wife and daughters present.”

The composer even feels that because Malik’s peers continued to work with him, he was emboldened to persist with his predatory behaviour.

“Producers and filmmakers like Sajid Nadiadwala, Sajid Khan, J. P. Dutta, Gulzar and Rakeysh Mehra continued to work repeatedly with Malik, in spite of his reputation. Some of them must have definitely known about his reputation as the entire film industry, including his own nephews, composer Amaal Mallik, and singer Armaan Malik talk about it. Yet they turned a blind eye to his ugly behaviour,” he says.

With so many women accusing Malik of sexual harassment, one wonders if his wife was aware of his transgressions. A female singer who refused to sing for Malik says, “I don’t know whether his sweet wife, Anju is blind to her husband’s predatory ways or she’s just ignoring them. Chances are, she is only pretending not to know.

deccan chronicle

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Wake Up- 9 of 10 sexual harassment plaints proven to be true #MeToo

As India faces its #MeToo reckoning there has been the occasional voice questioning the movement’s progress. But sexual harassment, if anything, is a problem that has received less attention than it deserves given the social attitudes which discourage the outing of such cases

What is sexual harassment at the workplace?

The Inter national Labour Organisation (ILO) defines sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual advances or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that has the effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, abusive or offensive working environment.

How does a sexual harassment case proceed to the court?

If we look at 2016, there were 34,186 cases for investigation by police, which could complete inquiry in 75.9% of these cases. Of the total 34,186, chargesheets were filed in 67.3% of the cases, which were sent for trial. Only 7,665 trials were completed during the year, which was 22% of the total cases investigated by police. The year saw 2,295 convictions, which was only 6.6% of the total cases that the police was supposed to investigate. If one calculates the conviction rate, then 29.9% of the total 7,665 cases in which trial was completed ended in conviction.

How widespread is the problem?

As of mid October, more than 100 people have been called out in India’s unfolding #MeToo moment. In US, where the movement on twitter started last year, more than 900 people have been named till October, 2018. While many have questioned whether the problem is as widespread as is being claimed, analysis of the data suggests that this could actually be the tip of the iceberg, as claimed by proponents. On an average, in the past three years, every hour has witnessed three cases of sexual harassment reported to the police. It has been observed that because of the social stigma of victim-shaming, a large majority of cases often go unreported. A 2018 survey by Stop Street Harassment (SSH), a non-profit, shows that 81% of women and 43% of men reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment and/or assault in their lifetime. The National Sexual Violence Resource Centre (NSVRC), another American organisation, estimates that 63% of sexual assaults are never reported to police.

What proportion of these cases are false allegations?

A study of eight US communities said that the prevalence of false reporting is between 2% and 10%. The data for India shows that false cases constituted 4% of sexual harassment cases disposed of by police in 2016. This indicates that nine out of every 10 complaints of sexual harassment are true.

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Muslims are Ram descendants, must back mandir: Giriraj


Union minister Giriraj Singh has made another controversial statement by warning Muslims of “consequences” if they did not support Ram Mandir. “Muslims are descendants of Lord Ram and not of Mughals, so they should support Ram Mandir. If they don’t support the cause of Ram Mandir, they know well that Hindus will hate them. If this hatred increases then Muslims can well imagine the consequences,” said Singh.

The minister of state (independent charge) for micro, small and medium enterprises was speaking at a press conference held in Baghpat on Sunday afternoon, where he had come to be a part of a population control rally.

“In this country, public participation is needed for every law. When this is done, the Ram Mandir issue as well as population control will have a proper law through which they can be dealt with. Right now, the issue of Ram Mandir is just like the second stage of cancer, which, if not treated now, will be incurable in future,” Singh said.

Singh further requested Muslims to take a step forward, support the cause of Ram Mandir and show public participation for this.

“India is a country, where on every subject, discussions face roadblock. It is time that the definition of minority should also be changed. Irrespective of the percentage they are present in different parts of the country, they continue to be a minority,” Singh said.

He also stressed on having a strict law for those who give birth to many children. “A strict law should be there against those who have more than a certain number of children. Those who do not agree, their voting rights should be snatched and action should be taken against them as per the law made for it – if and when that is done,” the minister said.

Giriraj Singh (L) said Muslims who do not support the Ram mandir will be hated by Hindus. He warned Muslims of the consequences they will face if the hatred increases

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Kerala nun rape case: Priest who gave statement against Bishop Franco Mulakkal found dead in Jalandhar

Father Kattuthara’s family alleged that the priest had received death threats for speaking against the Bishop. “We are 100 per cent confident that they killed him,” his brother said.

By: Express Web Desk | Kochi |

Father Kuriakose Kattuthara was considered to be a key witness in a rape case against Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal (in picture). (Express file photo)

Father Kuriakose Kattuthara was considered to be a key witness in a rape case against Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal (in picture). (Express file photo)A Catholic priest, one of the key witnesses in the rape case against Bishop Franco Mulakkal, was found dead under suspicious circumstances at Dasuya in Jalandhar, PTI reported on Monday.

Father Kuriakose Kattuthara (62) had served as a priest in the Jalandhar diocese and had given a police statement against Bishop Mulakkal, who has been accused of raping a nun 13 times in Kerala. The deceased had also served as a vocational trainer in a convent belonging to the Missionaries of Jesus and had offered assistance to the nuns who had expressed their grievances against the Bishop.

Speaking to a Malayalam news channel, Father Kattuthara’s family alleged that the priest had received death threats for speaking against the accused. “We are 100 per cent confident that they killed him. There must be a police investigation into his death,” Father Kattuthara’s brother Jose Kattuthara told the Mathrubhumi news channel.

Dasuya Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) AR Sharma told news agency ANIthat no injuries were found on the deceased’s body. “He (Father Kuriakose) used to live at St. Paul’s Church in Dasuya. He was found dead there. He was 62. The matter will be investigated. I have been informed that no injuries have been found,” the officer said.

The DSP added, “It was found that he had vomited over the bed. Blood pressure tablets were found at the spot. An investigation is underway. In our notice, no security was provided to him.”

Bishop Mulakkal, who has been accused of subjecting a nun to unnatural sex for two-and-a-half-years, is currently out on bail.  A large number of people, including his supporters and Independent MLA P C George, had greeted the 54-year-old clergyman as he came out of the sub-jail at Pala last week, 25 days after he was arrested following intense interrogation by the Kerala Police. The court, while granting the conditional bail, had directed the bishop to leave the state within 24 hours of his release from the sub-jail.

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