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Open Letter to Facebook- to take action on gender-based hate speech #FBRape #Vaw

May 21, 2013 An Open Letter to Facebook: We, the undersigned, are writing to demand swift, comprehensive and effective action addressing the representation...

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The Unsafety Net: How #SocialMedia Turned Against Women #Vaw

Under the banner of free speech, companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been host to rape videos and revenge porn—which makes female users...

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Violence against Women

Compiled by UN Women in 2011, presents data available for 86 countries on the prevalence of physical and sexual violence against women, forced sexual...

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Social Media Campaign Finally Forces Facebook to be Less Pro-Rape #Vaw #Womenrights

It took some convincing, but they did it. A feud which started on Facebook ended with the early-morning slaying of a young Tennessee couple, found shot...

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