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Novartis case: Supreme Court’s historic decision on Section 3(d) #TRIPS #Patent

Anand Grover | Apr 2, 2013, After 2005 India started granting product patents on medicines. However, Section S ection 3(d), one of the safeguards introduced...

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Access to Medicines in Rajasthan, after Novartis Ruling

In the backdrop of the Supreme Court judgment against Novartis trying to seek patent on its anticancer drug Gleevec used for treatment of CML and the granting...

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#India – The Law That Saved a Billion Lives

4 May 2013 A portrait of a fearless piece of Indian legislation that assures affordable medication to the world’s poor BY Achal Prabhala, Sudhir Krishnaswamy ,...

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Novartis and Health – An analysis

  Rajeev Dhavan on April 11, 2013 – 1   The Novartis judgment has started a huge war of words. The patent drug producers are livid. They...

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Debunking Pharma’s Cant Against the Novartis Judgment: Myth and Fact

Professor Brook K. Baker, Senior Policy Analyst Health GAP April 2, 2013, IP Novartis, its fellow Big Pharma multinationals, Chambers of Commerce, and...

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