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India – #Aadhaar Card Expose #UID

India – #Aadhaar  Card Expose #UID

By- Sushrut Mane A)What kind of technology is it? Aadhaar collects the demographic as well as biometric data of whoever who has it. Section 33 of the Aadhaar...

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India – Has Nandan Nilekani sold #Aadhaar to the Japanese? #UID

India – Has Nandan Nilekani sold  #Aadhaar...

Social Security and Tax Number System 英語(English) その他(Other Languages) The Japanese government adopted the Social Security and Tax Number System...

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India – #Aadhaar is not an Identity, But an ‘Identification’ Project #UID

UID ISN’T AN IDENTITY, BUT AN ‘IDENTIFICATION’ PROJECT’ By Satish Nandgaonkar, Mumbai Mirror |  iNTERVIEW Dr Usha Ramanathan, Expert on Lawand...

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A Beginners Guide to Aadhaarspeak #UID #Biometrics

The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation....

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#Aadhaar The Greatest Trick Yet, By The Greatest Magician #UID

— by Prem Kumar Vijayan   The Italian Kautalya, Niccolo Machiavelli, is supposed to have said that ‘Politics is the art of deception’ (or...

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India – #Aadhaar and multiple identity disorder #UID

What is primarily required is political and administrative will for effective delivery of services Rajendran Narayanan J Agantuk (The Stranger) was...

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Open letter to the designers and implementers of #UID. .. #Aadhaar

Nikhil Dey and Aruna Roy  We write this letter to you as a question, a comment, a complaint, and finally an appeal. We do want to clarify at the outset...

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The “Compelled Free Consent ‘ in #Aadhaar is a contradiction in terms #UID

Two writ petitions challenging the latest amendment to the Income Tax Act are being heard at the Supreme Court by a bench comprising of Justice A.K. Sikri...

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India – Misusing Aadhaar Data #UID

In an unfortunate development, the Unique Identification Authority of India has filed a complaint against three companies for the unauthorised use of biometrics...

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Aadhaar: To be mandatory, or not to be #UID

Aadhaar is as voluntary as voluntary retirement schemes – usually leaving you with little choice Pratap Vikram Singh |    Ever since the unique...

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