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Aamir Khan lodges complaint over defamatory campaign against him on Facebook #SatyamevJayate

Sunday, 9 March 2014 -| IANS
It has been alleged in the messages on social networking site that that when at the end of the show, Aamir asks for donations for , the money is used for masjid construction assistance and placement assistance for Muslim youth.
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Bollywood star Aamir Khan has registered a with the Mumbai police in the wake of a defamatory campaign against him on social networking website Facebook. The “malicious messages are wrong and baseless”, he has said.

Aamir Saturday met Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria and Joint commissioner (law and order) Sadanand Date. The officials have assured swift investigation and action. The of the Crime Bureau will investigate the case, said an official statement.

Aamir made his TV debut with “Sataymev Jayate” (SMJ) in May 2012 and the show, dealing with sensitive social issues like female feticide, domestic violence and child abuse, received a warm welcome from the TV viewers after it went on air on Star Plus. Some of the episodes dealing with female feticide and malpractices in medical field recorded the highest ratings. He launched the second season March 2 on STAR India channels with a sensitive issue of rape, and the second episode, beamed Sunday, talked about police force.

It has been alleged in the messages on social networking site that that when at the end of the show, Aamir asks for donations for Humanity Trust, the money is used for masjid construction assistance and placement assistance for Muslim youth.

Aamir took to his page and clarified that he is associated with Humanity Trust, Hanspukur, West Bengal, not the other Humanity Trust. “False and malicious messages are circulating through various electronic media. including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, alleging that donations are being sought in my television programme ‘Satyamev Jayate‘ Season 2, in relation to an entity by the name of Humanity Trust, which is claimed to be working in the field of Masjid Construction Assistance and placement assistance for Islamic youngsters. This is entirely false,” Aamir said in his March 7 post.

“I would like to clarify that ‘Satyamev Jayate’, in Season 1 was associated with Humanity Trust, Hanspukur, West Bengal, a charitable hospital run by Ajoy Mistry and his mother Subhashini Mistry. Humanity Trust, Hanspukur, West Bengal, is doing excellent work in the field of health care and provides free medical facilities to the poor. More information can be found on their website and our website.  Please note that Humanity Trust, Hanspukur, has nothing to do with Humanity Trust referred to in the malicious messages. I would like to clarify that all donations sought in SMJ are used and channelised for entirely deserving and secular causes, contrary to the content of the highly mischievous/malicious insinuations in the messages, being circulated by vested and unscrupulous interest.”

“These malicious messages are entirely false, wrong and baseless. I categorically deny that SMJ has anything to do with Humanity Trust as stated in the malicious messages or that we have called for donations in the name of the said entity. I urge the members of the public to disregard the said malicious message,” he wrote.

He also urged viewers to seek information on all NGOs featured on the show on “Spread the love guys,” he wrote.


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  1. angela alvares

    Amir Khan should take the comments with a pinch of salt…If you are a public figure there will always be all kinds of malice from individuals or corporations who feel side lined by your activism…To avoid these comments, videos uploaded on youtube, can disable comments. Otherwise just flag them off as spam and they will be hidden, though one can press show and they are then shown…..Everyone, even the ruling top brass have snide comments on Facebook etc…but don’t waste time losing sleep over what people say…..the ones who count in society are busy working and contributing to society….the lazy ones who have nothing much to do troll and leave nasty comments but few even bother to read the comments and eventually the nasty comments get buried in the volume of views or viewers…Be cool Amir….if you know in your heart you are honest and doing the right thing that is all that should matter to you.
    Right now there is a pro hindutva aggression in India putting down citizens who are not hindu as these fanatics think they are on the brink of ramrajya or whatever, with their lameduck PM aspirant from the bogus janata party…bogus because their focus is on power only for themselves and not for the janata….2014 elections should burst their bubble of arrogance hopefully and things will then return to normal….Good of you to put those ads to clean up India….cheers and keep smiling….it suits you.

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