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All Indians are Hindus – culturally and scientifically, says Swamy #WTFnews

LUCKNOW: If for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, all Indians are culturally Hindus, for BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy, all Indians are both scientifically and historically Hindus. While RSS came up with its theory at Saraswati Kunj on the eve of its three-day national meeting beginning Friday, Dr Swamy came up with the conclusion while speaking at a programme organised by a local Youth In Action Forum.

Stressing further, Dr Swamy began referring to Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackrey’s anti-UPite politics, and said once during his trip to Mumbai he had urged one of his friends to bring hair sample of Raj Thackeray. Surprisingly, his friend and Raj Thackeray had a common barber, hence hence he managed to bring the sample.

He then got the hair sample of a taxiwallah from UP in exchange of Rs 100, Swamy said and added that both the samples were sent to Hyderabad forensic laboratory for DNA sampling. To everyone’s surprise, DNA of both Thackeray and the taxiwallah from UP were the same, Swamy said leaving the gathering mostly of students from IIM, Lucknow, KGMU, Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya Law University and other private institutions in splits. Continuing in the same vein, he said DNA of Muslims and Hindus is also the same as there were no Muslims but only Hindus 800 years ago, when Mohammed Gauri finally succeeded in invading India on his 17th attempt.

That is why, Swamy said, he had been urging the Muslims to relinquish their demand for mosques at Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura, as there were temples at all these sites. Dr Swamy might have sounded like an RSS men, but he didn’t mince words in cautioning the Modi-led government on the issue of black money. “Approximately Rs 1.20 lakh crore is stashed on foreign countries as black money,” he said and added that the BJP had promised to bring it back, however, they have not until now. “I will wait for some more time before I do something on the issue,” Swamy said.

Hitting out at Nehru-Gandhi family, Swamy said it was first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s love for Russian economic model that the country did not progress. He also criticised Nehru for taking the issue of Kashmir to the United Nations. What was the need to do so, he questioned and added that he has urged Modi to withdraw the issue from the UN and dub it as illegal.

Coming to Sonia Gandhi, Swamy — citing a newspaper ownership case — said that Sonia Gandhi was destined to go to jail. “I don’t get moved by her wearing a sari and putting on a bindi to pretend herself as an Indian which she is not. Even Ravana came to kidnap Sita in the garb of a saint,” Swamy said and added he had to chase former Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha for 18 years to prove her guilty in corruption case. Now people ask him to go after Mamata Bannerjee, Swamy said amidst demands from the gathering to go after BSP chief Mayawati. Smiling on hearing Mayawati’s name, Swamy said she was his good friend and he would go after her in the last.


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  1. Indians are Indians. That’s all. Hindu is only a religion. There is factual error in the statement of swamiji ”there were no Muslims but only Hindus 800 years ago, ”. In fact, before Islamic invasion, there were Buddhists and Jains in India and they were definitly different from the people practicing vedic religion(hinduism).
    In fact, my friends, there was a time when there were no hindus in India. I am talking about the time of Great Indus Valley civilization in the north-west, Dravidian civilization in centre and South India, other civilization in N. E. India. We all know that hinduism in India began after the aryan invasion of India.
    Even before hinduism, there was India, and there were Indians, and there will be until human life exists on earth. Religions have come and gone, but, people living in the land of India have been called Indians and will be called so, no matter if they be hindus, or if they be muslims or any religion or atheists.
    Foreign elements have come to India and have been absorbed by the native population since time immemorial. There was a time when there was no hindus, there came a time when there were hindus and dravidians, then there came a time when there were only buddhists in India, then there came a time when there were hindus and muslims in India, now is the time when there are hindus(practicing vedic religion in one form or another) , muslims, sikhs, buddhists, christans, other religions and a considerable number of atheists.
    So, mr. Swamiji, hinduism is not a race, rather, it is just a religion.

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