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Appeal – Rise and strengthen the Mrauti Workers Fight against Injustice !

Appeal from revolutionary mass organisations








In the midst of continuing attacks on the rights and livelihood of the workers everywhere by the desi-videsi capitalists and the central and state govts governed by political parties of different shades, workers in a number of factories in the recent times are struggling to form their unions and resist the onslaught of their employers. The struggle of Maruti Suzuki Manesar factory workers is one among the forefront of such struggles, their struggle continuing from when it came out into the open in May 2011 riding through many ups and downs, facing numerous assaults of the Maruti employer and govt.-state-machinery combine. Post the 18th july 2012 violent incident in the Maruti Manesar factory, through which the employer craftily attempted to drown the voice of protest of the they are busy branding the workers as criminals with open aid and collusion of the govt. Hence it has become a still tougher uphill task but the fighting have not given up. With 148 of their comrades in jail, bail denied to them for a long one and half years, both the labour and criminal cases lingering for months, and the workers’ families bearing great hardships, the fighting are continuing their struggle against great odds and repeated threats and harassments of the state machinery and Maruti management. As a part of this ongoing struggle from this 15th of January the Maruti workers with their families and support of other trade unions, workers organizations and students have started a Jan Jagaran Yatra appealing to the common masses to rise and lend stronger support for their fight against injustice. It has started from Kaithal in Haryana on the 15th and will pass through   several districts of the state with mass meetings and demonstrations at different spots such as Rohtak, Jind, Gurgaon, and ultimately culminating in a big demonstration and presentation of memorandum to the President at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on the 31st of January.

We appeal to all organisations and individuals, who feel that the banner of revolt raised by the Maruti Manesar factory workers against the assaults on their rights by the management and the state govt., like all such revolts against these capitalist class policies that are being adopted by all govts. of all kinds of established political parties from the so-called left to the right, must be supported with all possible effort, to rally in support of the Maruti workers’ continuing endeavour to turn against the powerful tide of  capitalists onslaught and particularly free their jailed 148 co-workers, who have been randomly picked up and put behind bars foisting concocted charges on them; to participate in the true spirit of solidarity in the Padayatra specially with full strength on the 31st January demonstration and mass-meeting at Jantar Mantar bringing along with them workers of other factories and common toiling masses to further strengthen that voice of revolt.


All India Federation of Trade Unions(New), Indian Council of Trade Unions, Inquilabi Majdoor Kendra, Krantikari Naujawan Sabha, Majdoor Ekta Kendra, Majdoor Patrika, Nowruz, Sanhati, Shramik Sangram Committee, Shramjivee Pahal, Trade Union Centre of India,and pdfi

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