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Basirhat Riot Victim’s Son Denies BJP’s Claim to Him

Soon after 65-year-old Kartik Ghosh was killed in the communal violence in Basirhat, West Bengal, BJP state chief Dilip Ghosh said that Kartik was the local ward president of the party.

But in an exclusive interview to The Quint, Kartik Ghosh’s son, Prabhashish, has rubbished the BJP’s claims.

My father wasn’t into politics. Our nine-member family depended on his income for our daily bread. He had no time to do politics.

Prabhashish Ghosh, son of Basirhat riot victim Kartik Ghosh

Kartik Ghosh’s  widow Namita holds up an old photograph of the two of them.
Kartik Ghosh’s widow Namita holds up an old photograph of the two of them. (Photo: The Quint)

Kartik Ghosh was lynched by a mob in Basirhat on 5 July, while on his way back from the local marketplace. Close to a week later, the politics around the violence that killed him rages on.

Those at Ghosh’s residence in Bhyabla, Basirhat though are still in mourning. His widow Namita is weeping. “He was a very good man. His hard work filled our stomachs. We were dependent on him,” she says.

Now that he is not there, I don’t know how the household will run. I hope the government helps us in some way.

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    The killing of the old manin the rots must be condemned The right wing party is intent on attacking other religious people

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