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The LGBT page has disappeared from the White House’s website


Posted by Josh Withey in news
Picture: GETTY

Barack Obama’s LGBT legacy is unquestionable. 

Under his leadership marriage equality became a reality in all 50 States, the US army set out to lift the ban on transgender service personnel, and in 2014 he issued an executive order banning LGBT discrimination by Federal contractors across the board.

Unfortunately, that looks like it could be set to change.

As the old administration departs the White House, change is underway.

Trump’s new staff have begun to take over offices, Twitter accounts and the White House’s official website.

It’s on this website that a certain page has been deleted.

When you attempt to access the page, at time of writing, you’re greeted with this message:

The requested page “/lgbt” could not be found.



Here’s what was there before the deletion.




This is a worrying sign for America’s LGBT community, and the change hasn’t gone unnoticed.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Trump just became president and the LGBT section of the White House’s site is already gone

WTF. Within 1 hr of his Trump had removed the WH pages on civil rights, LGBT rights & climate change. 

Photo published for Trump’s WhiteHouse.Gov Disappears Civil Rights, Climate Change, LGBT Rights

Trump’s WhiteHouse.Gov Disappears Civil Rights, Climate Change, LGBT Rights

The minute Donald Trump was sworn into office, the White House’s web site changed—dramatically.

White House website scrubbed climate change and LGBT rights pages. There is, however, a new page on “Radical Islam”.

Nice going, America.


Back in December, Trump reportedly gave his ‘assurances’ that laws protecting LGBT people would be scrapped when he reached the Oval Office.

Worryingly almost all of Trump’s cabinet, including his Vice President Mike Pence, share anti-LGBT views.

During his time as governor of Indiana, Mr Pence advocated siphoning off government funding for HIV treatment and instead putting it towards gay “conversion therapy”.

LGBT charity Stonewall told The Independent last year:

During this period of increased change in the US, it is imperative that the incoming government continues to build upon recent legislation which has strengthened equality for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people – such as equal marriage.

Equality cannot be allowed to recede, either in the US or globally and we hope UK and US governments will continue to work together to support international LGBT communities.

This election campaign has also revealed that there are some deep divisions in the US, making it essential that the new president and his cabinet are proactive in unifying communities and fighting discrimination.



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Indian Novelist writes an Open Letter to PM of Pakistan to release Poet and bloggers


Rahman Abbas


SUBJECT: Appeal to ensure safety and release of missing poet and bloggers.
Dear Sir,
I’m an Indian Urdu novelist and a person who has spoken against fanatic elements of my own country when they had indulged in activities against principle of democracy and secularism. I have also taken part in protest against fundamentalist groups who had been accused of killing writers and critic of rotten religious practices in our country. In addition, I was one of those Indian writers who had returned their respective Awards as symbolic protest against fundamentalism and intolerance.

With this brief introduction about my concerns for principles of secularism and creative fraternity, I am drawing your attention towards missing of the poet and bloggers in your country. Since, Pakistan is a wonderful & cherishing democracy and a country where human dignity and freedom of thought is revered and valued this is saddening that the poet and writers have been made disappeared. Sir, I needn’t to say that it is a serious threat to what you stand for i.e. freedom of thought and freedom of dissent. I have witnessed that you take position for rights of minorities in your country and value contribution of writers and poets.

Sir, it is true that one can disagree with someone’s views on social changes and reforms but in that case we have laws and legal process to punish people who hurt emotions of others or use offensive language But there is no situation in which silencing thinking and disappearance of person would be acceptable as it is against basic principles of Islam and democracy. Sir, you must be aware of ‘mysteriously’ missing of the poet and academic Salman Haider, Waqas Goraya, Aasim Saeed, Ahmed Raza Naseer and Samar Abbas and must have also felt pain of families of these young minds.

Sir, The Interior Minister of Pakistan, Chaudhury Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday 19th January had also taken notice of the matter and stated that there was negative propaganda ongoing on social media against the bloggers. Interior Minister has also stated on 10th January that he was in contact with intelligence agencies and was hopeful of recovery of Salman Haider but now disappointment is increasing with every passing day and hence your intervention is needed in safe and sound recovery of all human rights and social activists.
Sir, I’m appealing to you to look into this critical matter with personal interest and ensure safety of people who want Pakistan a true democratic and secular nation.

Yours sincerely
Rahman Abbas
[email protected]


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In India, even cows to queue up for Aadhaar-like cards #WTFnews

Reportedly, these tags are tamper-proof and cannot be easily opened

Cow aadhaar

Cow aadhaar
Not just citizens, but in India will also be given the 12-digit unique identity. In an innovative move, the government of India has initiated a drive to tag AADHAAR-like identification numbers to so that they are vaccinated on time and scientific intervention is made available.

According to a report published in The Economics Times, the animal husbandry department has assigned technicians to affix a tag with a 12-digit unique identification number inside the ear of cows.

Continuing with the digital drive enthusiasm, the government intends to reach out to almost 88 million and buffaloes this year. For this, Rs 148 crore has been set aside, officials say.

So, how is the government milking the Aadhaar idea on cattle?

The Economics Times reports, nearly one lakh technicians have been armed with 50,000 tablets. Their mission is to affix a polyurethane tag on the ears of the with a tag applicator.

The yellow-colored tag is fixed in the centre of the ear lobe. These tags cost Rs 8 apiece and are light weighted.

Once the tag is fixed, the technician will use a tablet to update the number in an online database. He/she will also provide the owner with an ‘animal health card’ recording the UID number, owner’s details, status of periodic deworming and vaccinations of the animal as well as breeding details. This will help track the along with all relevant details.

Reportedly, these tags are tamper-proof and cannot be easily opened.

The government has fixed targets for all states to completed the task within 2017. For instance, in Uttar Pradesh, 14 lakh have to have the tags every month while Madhya Pradesh has to tag 7.5 lakh per month. State governments will be provided funds for undertaking the programme. At present, just around 0.8 to 1 million are tagged are India, reports Business Standard.

Is it safe and will it cause inconvenience to the cattle

The tag is made from thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. According to a report published in Medicaldevice by Prakash Vizzeswarapu, commercial development manager, NAFTA TPU Resins, Bayer Material Science, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers are now being increasingly used for medical applications due to the material’s desirable chemical properties, excellent mechanical characteristics and biocompatibility.

And no, it does not cause discomfort to the as the tag weighs just eight grams.

What good will these tags do?

India has nearly 41 million buffaloes and 47 million indigenous and cross-bred that produce milk. UP has the highest population (16 million) in the country, followed by Madhya Pradesh (9 million), Rajasthan (8.4 million), Gujarat (6.2 million) and Andhra Pradesh (5.4 million).

According to Business Today, Indian milk economy is worth Rs 5 lakh crore, growing at a CAGR of 15-16 per cent, out of which the organised milk economy is worth Rs 80,000 crore. Hence, by tagging the cattle, the government aims to ensure that scientific intervention is made available for better breeding and assist in augmenting milk yields. The government wants to double the country’s milk production by 2020.

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How Russia Decided to Allow a Little Domestic Violence #WTFnews

On Wednesday, the Russian parliament gave preliminary approval to a bill decriminalizing domestic violence. It’s part of President Vladimir Putin‘s push for a return to traditional family values.

Vladimir Putin

In the summer of 2016, Russia got its first law specifically directed at domestic violence. The parliament introduced the notion of “close ones” to Article 116 of the criminal code, which deals with battery. That group includes the suspect’s children, spouse, parents, siblings and other relatives. Beating them without any consequences to their health became punishable with a jail term of up to two years. Many in Russia saw this as a necessary measure: according to women’s rights activists, 10,000 Russian women a year die as a result of domestic violence. Official statistics say 40 percent of all serious violent crime takes place in the home.

But the purveyors of a traditionalist, conservative ideology that has become fashionable during Putin’s third presidential term immediately started working to undermine the law. To them, it was an example of impermissible interference in family affairs.

On the surface, Russian traditionalists are practically libertarians. Their rallying cry is resisting juvenile justice, a concept introduced to Russia by the European Social Charter and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of a Child: They argue it destroys the concept of family by legitimizing government interference in the home. But their tolerance for domestic violence — only in the mildest forms, they claim, the rare but necessary spank or slap — is descended from a medieval literary work called Domostroi (Homebuilding), known in a 16th-century version edited by Ivan the Terrible’s confessor. The book has a chapter on “how to teach children and save them with fear” that tells parents: “Do not weaken when hitting a babe: If you punish him with a staff, he shall not die but will be healthier since, by beating his body, you will save his soul from death.” Another chapter instructing husbands on how properly to beat their wives: Never in anger, not on the face or chest, not with a stick — and no kicking!

No one, of course, accepts those instructions as valid today. An official Russian Orthodox Church site carries an article saying Domostroi is not a canonical text and beating family members is not Christian behavior. But traditionalists say it’s no biggie in moderation.

Arguing against the domestic violence law, Yelena Mizulina, the legislator responsible for Russia’s laws against discussing homosexuality in the media, recalled a specific case. A 17-year-old girl frittered away some family cash put aside to pay off the mortgage. When her mother discovered it, she slapped the young woman, who then went to the police. Even after the mother and daughter patched it up, it was too late to roll back the prosecution, and now the mother risks losing custody of a younger child. Mizulina also argued the law unfairly punished a parent more harshly than a stranger for spanking a child.

Mizulina introduced legislation, but it did not become a priority until an intervention by the ultimate arbiter of family values in Russia: Vladimir Putin.

At his annual press conference in December, Putin perhaps all-too-conveniently received a question from a journalist representing a little-known site that specializes in bashing juvenile justice. Would the Russian leader to get rid of the law that “allows a father to be sent away for two years for spanking a child who deserves it, purely as a traditional Russian educational measure”?

Initially, Putin appeared to bristle. “Look, it’s better not to spank children and not to cite any traditions as justification,” he said. “There’s too little distance between a spanking and a beating.” But then he agreed with the reporter in the broadest of strokes that “unceremonious interference with the family is impermissible.” He promised to check with the parliament why the law was still on the books and what was being done about it. Inside the room, there was applause. Less than three weeks later, the parliament passed an initial version of the decriminalization bill. Its passage is all but guaranteed, and a petition demanding a tougher law against domestic violence is likely to be ignored, though more than 174,000 Russians have already signed it.

In 2015, the German public-service broadcaster ZDF aired a documentary about Putin that cited a “Western intelligence dossier” that said Putin drank and beat his wife, Ludmila, during his service as a KGB officer in East Germany. The couple is now divorced, but Putin claims allegiance to traditional family values, with all the baggage that notion carries in Russia.

International experience proves that aggressive legislation against domestic violence tends to reduce its incidence. As a result of the legislative change, Russian rules will be among the most lax in Europe: The first reported instance of battery against a spouse or a child that doesn’t result in injuries will only be punishable by a fine as an administrative transgression, although subsequent instances or heavy beatings will remain crimes.

The problem with that approach is that violence becomes permissible in small doses. Nothing will stop some “traditionalists” from getting carried away.

Putin’s new conservative ideology is pushing Russia further and further away from the West and its values. To Putin, the decriminalization of domestic violence is just another step in the direction of ideological sovereignty. But it is actually backsliding into an earlier time, one that left women and children exposed to the whims of men with little or no repercussions.

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BSF Jawan’s Wife Claims Husband Missing Since His Video Went Viral

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Tej Bahadur Singh)

Tej Bahadur Yadav, the Border Security Force (BSF) jawan who alleged that Indian soldiers are living under deplorable conditions in a Facebook post has gone missing, his wife said.

In a Facebook post, supposedly posted by the wife on his personal page, she claimed that Yadav has been missing since Monday evening.

“I haven’t spoken to my husband since yesterday evening,” she wrote Hindi, “and we have no idea where he is or how he is doing.”

Screenshot of the post.

Screenshot of the post.

The Facebook post was removed later on.

The page also had another post where his wife says that it is her who was using his Facebook account.

Screenshot of the second post.

Screenshot of the second post.

Yadav’s Facebook video describing the problems that soldiers have to go through went viral recently. Home Minister Rajnath Singh also responded to it, saying that a probe was initiated.

BSF, however, has denied all charges. BSF claimed that Yadav was an alcoholic and a regular offender.

BSF Jawan’s Wife Claims Husband Missing Since His Video Went Viral

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NHRC finds 16 Chattisgarh women victims of rape and sexual assault #Vaw

NHRC finds 16 women prima facie victims of rape, sexual and physical assault by police personnel in Chhattisgarh; Asks the State Government why it should not recommend interim relief of Rs. 37 lakh to the victims (07.01.2017)

The National Human Rights Commission has found 16 women, prima facie victims of rape, sexual and physical assault by the State police personnel in Chhattisgarh even as it awaits the recorded statement of about 20 other victims. It has issued a notice to the Government of Chhattisgarh, through its Chief Secretary, to show cause why it should not recommend interim monetary relief of Rs 37 lakh to them. This includes, Rs.3 lakh each to eight victims of rape, Rs. 2 lakh each to six victims of sexual assault and Rs. 50,000/- each to two victims of physical assault.

The Commission has observed that it is of the view that, prima-facie, human rights of the victims have been grossly violated by the security personnel of the Government of Chhattisgarh for which the State Government is vicariously liable.

The Commission, after careful consideration of the material on record, found that there are in total 34 victims mentioned in FIR Nos. 22/2015, 2/2016 and 3/2016. The material includes copies of statement of victims recorded by the NHRC Team as well as those recorded u/s 164 CrPC in case FIR No. 22/15, FIR No. 2/16 and FIR No. 3/16 in respect of 15 victims, sent by the IGP, Police Headquarters, Raipur vide letter dated 12th November, 2016.

It also found that the grave allegations of physical as well as rape/sexual assault committed by security personnel of Government of Chhattisgarh, made in the FIRs, were reiterated before the NHRC Team, which conducted spot investigation and/or before the Magistrate u/s 164 Cr.PC or both.

The Commission has also noted the following:- (a) The NHRC Team could record the statements of only 14 victims out of the 34 victims mentioned in the FIRs. Thus, statements of 20 victims are yet to be recorded by the NHRC Team; (b) The statements u/s 164 Cr.PC have been recorded by the Magistrate only in respect of 15 victims. Thus, statements of 19 more victims are yet to be recorded u/s 164 Cr.PC; and (c) Almost all the victims in these incidents, covered under the three FIRs, are Tribals. However, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act has not been invoked in any of the cases. As a result of this, the due monetary relief under the SC/ST (PoA) Act has not been paid to the victims.

Therefore, the Commission has directed its DIG (Investigation) to depute a team of officials from the Investigation Division and Law Division to record the statements of 15 victims whose statements were not recorded either by the NHRC Team or by the Magistrate u/s 164 Cr.PC and submit the same to the Commission within one month.

The Additional Director General of Police (CID), Government of Chattisgarh has been directed to get the statements of 19 more victims u/s 164 Cr.PC recorded before the Magistrate and forward the same to the Commission within one month.

The Additional Director General of Police (CID), Government of Chhattisgarh has also been directed to ensure that SC/ST (PoA) Act is invoked in all the cases the victims belonged to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes.

The Chief Secretary, Government of Chattisgarh has been directed to ensure that monetary relief, if any, under the SC/ST (PoA) Act is paid to the victims at the earliest.

The Commission has also made it clear that the above directions are of interim nature and a final view will be taken in respect of other victims and also with regard to other issues involved in this matter in due course of time.

It may be recalled that the Commission initiated suo motu proceedings on the basis of news report published in the Indian Express dated 2nd November 2015 under the caption “Bijapur: “Policemen raped women, indulged in loot”. It was reported that women from five villages Pegdapalli, Chinnagelur, Peddagelur, Gundam and Burgicheru had alleged that State Police personnel had sexually harassed and assaulted more than 40 of them and gang raped at least two in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh. It was also reported that belongings of many villagers were destroyed, stolen or scattered by the forces passing through the villages.

The news report depicted other brutalities of the security forces also. Pursuant to the notices issued, the Commission was informed that case crime No. 22/2015 u/s 376 (2) (c), 395/354 B/323/294 of IPC and section 6 of POCSO Act was registered in PS Basaguda on 4th November,2015 and investigation was in progress.

During the course of this enquiry, Commission received another complaint dated 21st January,2016 bringing to its notice more incidents of sexual violence by the security personnel against women that took place between 11-14 January, 2016 at Bellam Lendra (Nendra) village, District Bijapur and at village Kunna, Sukma District and village Chotegadam, Dantewada District. The Commission sought reports from the State Authorities regarding these incidents also.

Considering the gravity of the allegations and brutality of sexual violence upon hapless women, the matter was considered by the Full Bench of the Commission on the 22nd February,2016. The Commission, on a careful examination of the material on record, directed a spot investigation by a team of the Investigation Division and Law Division of the Commission.

The NHRC Team submitted its inquiry report which was sent to the Chief Secretary and DGP, Government of Chhattisgarh for their response to the findings and recommendations contained therein.

The enquiry report of the Investigation Division, NHRC revealed that FIR No. 2/2016 u/s 294/354 (B)/323 IPC dated 27.1.2016 was registered at PS Kukanar, District Sukma regarding the incident at village Kunna between 10-12 January, 2016 and FIR No. 3/2016 u/s 376(2)(c),376 (D), 354,354 (B),323, 395 IPC was registered at PS Basaguda regarding the incident between 11-13 January, 2016 at village Nendra, District Bijapur.

The Investigation Team of the Commission recorded statements of several persons including the security personnel and some of the victims. The Team could not however, record the statements of all the victims that were mentioned in the three FIRs in question because of the time constraint, prevailing security situation, non-availability of victims and physical barriers.

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Fresh guidelines on #SexualHarassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 

Department of Personnel & Training |


WCD Ministry will hold consultations on a regular basis on issues pertaining to the Act: Maneka Sanjay Gandhi


The Minister for Women and Child Development,  Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, had held a review meeting on implementation of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 on 26.10.2016. During the meeting, some cases of sexual harassment pending with certain ministries/ departments were also examined. On the basis of the discussions, it was decided that DoPT will issue fresh instructions so that some of the issues can be suitably addressed.

On the basis of the decisions taken, DoPT has issued fresh guidelines regarding Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace vide their Office Memorandum dated 22.12.2016. According to the O.M., following have to be observed by the ministries/departments and Internal Complaints Committees:

(i)         Brief details of the implementation of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act including the number of cases received and disposed shall form a part of the Annual Report of all ministries/ departments and authorities there under.

(ii)        The enquiry of cases must be completed within 30 days and under any circumstances within 90 days from the date of the complaint.

(iii)       The ministries/ departments etc. have to keep a watch on the complainant so as to ensure that she is not victimized in any manner because of her having filed the complaint. The aggrieved woman has been given further option to send representation to the Secretary or head of the organization in case she feels that she is being victimized because of her complaint. The concerned authority will be required to dispose of this complaint within 15 days.

(iv)       All ministries/ departments etc. are now required to submit a monthly progress report to the Ministry of Women and Child Development so that the progress can be monitored.

Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, while appreciating DoPT for having quickly issued the guidelines, stated that the WCD Ministry shall continue to work on issues related to sexual harassment of women at workplace and she will be holding further consultations to see if there are any other areas which need to be looked into. The WCD Ministry will be coming out with a comprehensive plan to train the heads of Internal Complaint Committee under the Central Government Ministries/ Departments, the Minister added.

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Top Ten Under-Reported News Stories of 2016

What would George Orwell have made of 2016? Some of the biggest news stories of the year, promoted by pro-Establishment media, were either false, such as the claims made in December that a ‘Holocaust’ was taking place in eastern Aleppo, or not backed up by any hard evidence, such as the allegations that Russia interfered in the US election.

Ironically, these stories were pushed most aggressively by media outlets that expressed the most concern about ‘fake news’ and the urgent need to take action against it!

At the same time some very important real news was either ignored altogether — or given only the scantiest coverage.

Here are ten of the biggest under-reported news stories of 2016. I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions as to why they didn’t get the coverage they should have.

The War in Yemen

BBC describes Yemen as a forgotten war, yet the reason it’s forgotten is failure of BBC etc to cover it @The45Storm @medialens @markcurtis30 — Charles Shoebridge (@ShoebridgeC) December 9, 2016

While Syria made the front pages, the US-backed war in Yemen received nowhere near the same attention.

Documented atrocities carried out by the Saudi-led coalition have been largely ignored. British Blairite MPs, so keen to show their concern about a non-existent ‘Holocaust’ in Aleppo in December, failed to support a Labour motion — calling for an independent UN investigation into violations of international law in Yemen, in October.

And the ‘Something Must be Done’ media brigade weren’t too interested either. “Since the rejection of the motion, ‘Do something!’ crusaders like Aaronovitch, Freedland and Cohen have printed not a word about ‘our’ ‘responsibility to protect’ civilian life in Yemen,” noted Media Lens on 3rd November.

Libya in Ruins

In early 2011, Libya was ‘the’ big news story as concerned ‘liberal interventionists’ urged NATO to enforce ‘no-fly zones’ to stop the “New Hitler Colonel Gaddafi.”

The son of a retired Libyan academic who spoke out against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime says he fears the worst for his father and three of his brothers after they were “killing his own people” and carrying out “a Srebrenica-style massacre in Benghazi.”

Well, NATO did intervene and Libya was destroyed. And guess what? The ‘Do Something’ crusaders in the western media are silent. The transformation of the country which had the highest standards of living in Africa into a terrorist-ridden “failed state” is not deemed to be newsworthy. In the words of Leslie Nielsen in the film Naked Gun, it’s a case of: “Nothing to see here- please disperse!”

Tunisia — failed state
Libya — failed state
Yemen — failed state
Syria — failed state
Obama admin had a hand in shaping each one. — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) December 21, 2016

Reconciliation in Syria

Good news from Syria doesn’t get much, if any coverage- particularly if it shows the Syrian authorities in a positive light. But the Syrian government has implemented truce and reconciliation programs in and around Homs and Damascus and in other parts of the country too.

In July, President Assad offered an amnesty to antigovernment ‘rebels’ laying down their arms — and this was repeated in October.

@ianbremmer Moreover, Assad is being astonishingly lenient. Most of the “rebels” captured have been given amnesty straight-away @manosiat — Stavros Hadjiyiannis (@StavrosHadjiyia) November 30, 2016

Many rebels have taken up the offer and resumed their lives as civilians. The fact that reconciliation was underway in Syria should have been a big news story in 2016, but — surprise, surprise — given the pro regime-change bias of much of the media, it wasn’t.

#2017 could be beginning of end for #ISIS. But w/o political reconciliation in Iraq/Syria, another violent entity, or entities, will arise — Colin P. Clarke (@ColinPClarke) January 1, 2017

62 People Owning Half of the World’s Wealth

Yes, that’s right — 62. Surely this is something news channels should have been giving major coverage to in 2016?

Surely Oxfam’s Davos report should have kicked off debates about how the world’s economy needs to be restructured in order to make the distribution of wealth more equitable? But the story didn’t have legs.

How very convenient for the 62 people!

The Exoneration of Slobodan Milosevic

In 2016, the man who neocons and Blairites labeled “the Butcher of the Balkans”  and whose “genocidal crimes” were used to promote the globalist doctrine of “liberal interventionism” was effectively declared “not guilty,” by the very court which tried him.

The exoneration of a man accused of genocide made no headlines this month. Neither the BBC nor CNN covered it… — John Pilger (@johnpilger) August 23, 2016

As I wrote in August:

“The ICTY’s [International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia] conclusion, that one of the most demonized figures of the modern era was innocent of the most heinous crimes he was accused of, really should have made headlines across the world. But it hasn’t. Even the ICTY buried it, deep in its 2,590 page verdict in the trial of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic who was convicted in March of genocide (at Srebrenica), war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

The exoneration of the western elite’s number one bogeyman of the late 90s did make front page news in Serbia, but in the western MSM the news was ignored, and those, like Andy Wilcoxson, John Pilger and myself, who did dare to write about it, were subject to vicious personal attacks by Establishment gatekeepers.

Rather like Sherlock Holmes’ dog that didn’t bark in the night-time, the non-coverage of this very important story told us everything we needed to know.

Global Warming: Another Record-Breaking Year for Temperatures

2016, according to the UN, is “very likely” to be the warmest year on record — meaning that 16 of the 17 hottest years on record will have been in the 21st century. In July, NASA revealed that each month from January to June in 2016 had been the warmest respective month globally — since modern temperature records began in 1880.


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Bengaluru Molestation: On New Year’s Eve Horror, Politician Abu Azmi’s ‘Naked Women’ Shocker

In a shocking statement, Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi on Tuesday blamed ‘short dresses’ of women for the incident of mass molestation in Bengaluru on the New Year’s Eve.

By: |
In a shocking statement, Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi on Tuesday blamed 'short dresses' of women for the incident of mass molestation in Bengaluru on the New Year's Eve. (Express Photo)In a shocking statement, Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi on Tuesday blamed ‘short dresses’ of women for the incident of mass molestation in Bengaluru on the New Year’s Eve. (Express Photo)

In a shocking statement, Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi on Tuesday blamed ‘short dresses’ of women for the incident of mass molestation in Bengaluru on the New Year’s Eve. In an offensive sexist remark, Azmi claimed, “It was bound to happen. Woman call nudity fashion. They were wearing short dresses,” according to TV reports. Asking women to ‘follow Indian culture’, Azmi said, “Women must step out with family.” Azmi said that “it won’t be right for my sister or daughter to go out at night without male members of the family.”

Notably, Azmi is not the first one to blame the women for the unfortunate incident. Karnataka Home Minister G Parmeshwara reacted in a shocking manner to the incidents on Monday saying, “Such incidents do happen on New Year day and on Christmas. We take a lot of precautions.” Meanwhile, commenting on the incident, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, “Protecting modesty of women is duty of state government.

Watch this video

Taking strong exception to Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara’s remarks that youngsters’ “western ways” were reason behind the incident of mass molestation in Bengaluru on the New Year Eve, the National Commission for Women (NCW) has issued notices to the minister and state police. NCW has taken suo motu cognisance of the incident. More than 15000 police officials were on duty on streets of the country’s technology capital and yet they failed to stop the hoodlums, saying they were outnumbered. This allowed hooligans to maul women who came to celebrate New Year with impunity.

Watch this video

Yesterday, NCW chief Lalitha Kumaramangalam sought Parmeshwara’s resignation and apology to the women of the country for making such remarks. “Such remarks from the Home Minister is unacceptable and regrettable. I want to ask this Minister are Indian men so pathetic and weak that when they see a woman in Western clothes on a day of revelry, they get out of control? When will the Indian men learn to respect women? The Minister should apologise to the women of the country and resign,” Kumaramangalam said.

However, Abu’s verbal spat and inherent misogyny dates back even further. A year prior to that, he had said, “Women are precious like gold. If you expose them, they’ll be looted. Women should not move around like men late night. They are weak, so they should think before they venture out.”

“When villagers come to big cities they see women with lesser clothes and make-up… that’s why such incidents happen in the country,” he went on to say.

Earlier that year, weeks after the unfortunate Jyoti Singh rape case, Abu had issued a similar horrendous statement, “If you keep petrol and fire together then it will burn. There should be a law to ensure that there should be no ‘nangapan’ (nudity). Those who wear less clothes should also be banned.”

At that time, his son Farhan, another SP leader, had condemned the statement by saying, “I retract the comment on my father’s behalf, it is highly condemnable and I apologise to all the people in the country. The remarks have deeply disturbed me and my wife Ayesha and my mother and even my father is embarrassed.”

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Scrap Rampal Power Plant, Save the World’s Largest Mangrove Forest- The Sundarbans

A Call for Global Day of Protest for the Sundarbans

January 7, 2017
Mangrove Action Project
The Sundarbans- the largest single tract mangrove forest, extraordinarily rich in biodiversity, a Ramsar Site, the UNESCO-declared World Heritage site is now in grave danger of losing its unique biodiversity and extra-ordinary eco-system for the planned coal fired power plant along with many other commercial projects in and around the forest. The Sundarbans, to preserve its outstanding universal value, now demand global public action for its survival.
The joint project of PDB (Bangladesh) and NTPC (India) for 1320 MW Rampal coal-fired power plant has become a deadly threat for the survival of Sundarban. In addition, it is inviting a range of national and international vested interest groups to grab forest and set up hundreds of commercial projects in and around the Sundarbans that clearly issued its death warrant. This has not only put the livelihood of at least 3.5 million people at risk, it has made the lives of around 50 million coastal people vulnerable to natural disasters as the Sundarbans have also been a huge natural safe guard against frequent cyclone, storm and other natural disasters in the country.
We hope you are aware of our 5 years long peoples movement for the cancellation of this Rampal Power plant, many friends from around the world have already expressed their solidarity for the campaign to save Sundarbans. Now it is urgent to consolidate public opinion around the world to make the resistance global. A grand rally on November 26th, 2016, in CentralShaheed Minar, Dhaka organized by the National Committee and attended by more than 15 thousand people from different parts of the country, has made a call to everybody in this planet to observe a Global Day of Protest on January 7, 2017 to raise collective voice to save the Sundarbans. We believe the observance of a global day would strengthen our unity, uphold our common spirit, and take our struggle to a new level to protect the mother-nature from the disastrous profit hungry projects. We believe that the global solidarity would also open up the opportunity to create worldwide awareness for environment and ecology-friendly power generations and sustainable development that put people and environment before corporate profit.
We hope that our fellow activists, environmental groups, political parties around the world would join our cause by expressing solidarity and taking up various forms of activities and action programs on that day. In this respect, we would like to appeal you to consider either of the following:
  • Staging demonstrations/human chain and sending written appeals to the embassies of Bangladesh and India.
  • Cycle rally, boat rally, theatre, songs, cartoons, masks.
  • Appeal to United Nation.
  • Campaigning to International Press/Media
  • Sending us your protest/solidarity video messages.
We welcome any other effort or ideas from your part.
Let us raise our voice together on January 7 2017 in different parts of the world to save the Sundarbans and to make a step forward to save our mother earth from projects of mass destruction. We look forward to your participation and hope that our common struggle would further bind us together, and contribute to a stronger global movement for upholding public interest.

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