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तुम #भारतीय बनने पर अड़े रहना !

वो तुम्हे #गौमूत्र पर ले जाने की कोशिश करेगें, पर तुम #पेट्रोल पर अड़े रहना !!
वो तुम्हे #हिन्दू_मुस्लिम पर ले जाने की कोशिश करेगें, तुम #जॉब_गैस_राशन पर अड़े रहना !!
वो #मंदिर बनाने की बात करेगें, तुम #हॉस्पिटल पर अड़े रहना !!
वो #स्टैचू बनाने को सही साबित करेंगें, तुम #स्कूल बनवाने पर अड़े रहना !!
वो #दल की बात करेंगे, तुम #दाल के दाम पर अड़े रहना !!
वो कहेंगें #New_India बनायेंगे, तुम #अच्छे_दिन की डिलीवरी पर अड़े रहना !!
वो तुम्हें #जय_हिंद के नारों में उलझायेगें, तुम #हिन्द के वासियों के #वेलफ़ेयर पर अड़े रहना !!
वो #कश्मीर की बात करेंगे, तुम बढ़ती #कीमतों की बात पर अड़े रहना !!
वो #मदरसों की बात करेगें, तुम #किसानों की बात पर अड़े रहना !!
वो #मन_की_बात करेगें, तुम #काले_धन की बात पर अड़े रहना !!
वो #गौशाला खोलने की बात करेगें, तुम बच्चों के #पाठशाला पर अड़े रहना !!
वो #टैंक लगाने की बात करेगें, तुम अपने टैंक में #पानी की सप्लाई पर अड़े रहना !!
वो #हिंदू_मुस्लीम की बात करेगे मगर तुम #भारतीय बनने पर अड़े रहना !!
By -मिर्ज़ा

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India -Violence Of Politics That Damns the People  

LUCKNOW: The Prime Minister’s birthday was celebrated by dedicating the Sardar Sarovar dam to the nation. There are 244 villages and one town going to be submerged by this dam. The cost of the dam is nearing Rs. One lakh Crores. Of this estimated Rs. 1,500 crores was embezzled in the process of rehabilitation. An enquiry commission headed by Justice S.S. Jha was established to look into the corruption in rehabilitation. The government is not ready to make the report public.

Because of closure of sluice gates of the dam, 40,000 families faced submergence at once. The Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal had ordained that any family before being submerged should be rehabilitated six months in advance. However, these 40,000 families are being made to evacuate their homes like rats, by the deliberate flooding of their homes. This is akin to inflicting violence on people. And that too on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s own birthday.

On the other hand Medha Patkar and 37 other people affected by the dam were standing in rising Narmada waters protesting the inauguration of the dam. Earlier she was on fast with others and was sent to jail on false charges of causing damage to government property. Till the PM’s birthday not a single official of either the Madhya Pradesh government or the central government has met Medha Patkar. This demonstrates the Bharatiya Janata Party government’s lack of faith in democracy and the tendency to curb all dissent with brute force.

Violence seems to be part of this make up.The assassination of Gandhi in 1948 is probably the most gruesome and cowardly act which is still justified by some Sangh supporters. The rath-yatra of Lal Krish a Advani which culminated in the demolition of the Babri mosque in 1992 was responsible for the birth of the problem of terrorism in India. The first serial bomb blasts took place in India in 1993 in Mumbai. People have been convicted for this but not for the demolition of the Babri mosque which instigated the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993.

After Narendra Modi took over as PM at least 20 persons, including Mohammad Akhlaq and Pehlu Khan, have been killed in public lynchings. Rationalists and intellectuals like Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, M.M. Kalburgi and now journalist Gauri Lankesh have been targetted and murdered. Even a seemingly innocuous programme of the PM – the clean India campaign – took the life of one Zafar Khan in Rajasthan in an incident related to open defecation when government employees beat him to death.

The inauguration of Sardar Sarovar dam has made 40,000 people landless and homeless in one stroke. Do they not enjoy the fundamental right to life enshrined in our Constitution?

The Sangh is enamoured of Indian culture in which the value of sacrifice is held very high. Who can be a better symbol of this than Medha Patkar? The BJP governments of Madhya Pradesh. and the centre are indulging in the humiliation of Medha Patkar by ignoring her. The moral force of Medha Patkar is bigger than most of the so called leaders. To become a leader by winning the elections is quite apart from being accepted by the people as a leader because of her participation in people’s struggles. Whether it is the arrogance of Narendra Modi or that of Shivraj Singh Chauhan the Sangh cannot escape the blot of submerging 40,000 people forcibly. This is violence against the people.

PM Modi’s concept of development is purely materialistic without concern for the human element. And the approach demonstrates parochialism and insecurity.

(Sandeep Pandey is a Magsaysay Award recipient, and a well known social activist based in Lucknow)

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Drama of Dedication of Sardar Sarovar Dam to the Nation Was a Complete Failure

Medha Patkar

Badwani, September 17 We believe that the drama of dedication of the Sardar Sarovar Project to the Nation on Prime Minister’s Birthday was a complete failure. This was evident not only by the fact that except for Gujarat Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani, no one else turned up, as was announced that all BJP ruled CMs will participate. The grand aarti with 2,000 priests from Varanasi who were to come also didn’t turn up finally. We believe this is a victory of our struggles and massive criticism raised from all over the country, decrying this cruelty on his birthday, when 40,000 families are facing submergence in 192 villages of Madhya Pradesh and also in the resettlement sites of Gujarat and Maharashtra.


The ceremony is a failure since SSP remains incomplete, given that more than 50% of the canal networks is incomplete, so does the CAD and CAT and R&R of the PAFs in three states. The failure can’t be hidden because BJP has been in power in Gujarat for close to two decades now. 41,000 KMs long canal network is to be completed for realising the full potential and Prime Minister Narendra Modi can’t blame it on the opposition.


The benefits being touted by the Prime Minister is far fetched since they are all a bunch of lies and propaganda. The 56% electricity to Madhya Pradesh, even if it gets it, the question remains, does MP needs more electricity, and certainly not at the cost of destruction of 192 villages and 1 township. Is it worth it ?


When Modi ji is claiming the credit for it, he needs to be reminded of the history that it was Jan Sangh and Madhya Pradesh which challenged the dam when it was first proposed under the banner of Nimad Bachao Andolan in 60s. The claim that for 56 years the dam was stopped, we need to look at the history, since, the foundation stone laid by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was not for the Dam of today, it was for a much smaller dam of 162 feet height. The present dam, a result of the Narmada Water Dispute Tribunal Award (NWDTA) is 455 feet i.e. 138.68 meters high, declared by the Tribunal after 10 years long enquiry into the serious conflict among 3 riparian states, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The dispute got settled only after the NWDTA award, which till date hasn’t been fully complied with.


The Dam, claimed to be the country’s highest dam or world’s second biggest dam, is only on the basis of the volume of concrete going into the Dam. It is one of the biggest, no doubt and the decision on the same came in December 1979, the date of the Declaration of the Award (NWDTA), not in 1961 as claimed by Modi ji.


Even after the Award the work on the same was soon stopped and the clearance to it, following River valley guidelines of 1993 and Environmental Protection Act, 1986, came only in June 1987. The said clearance too was conditional since studies and plans on not less than 8 critical aspects of the project were not conducted nor completed till now. These conditions included rehabilitation, Flora and Fauna, seismic risks, catchment area treatment, command area development, downstream impacts among others.


In light of all these factual inaccuracies we can only say that, either they are ignorant or wilfully misleading the nation primarily for upcoming Gujarat elections, as has always been done by those in power in Gujarat. It is only as a result of our struggle that for the first time in the history of any dam project atleast 11,000 families got land for land, even though 40,000 families remain to get their complete due as per NWDT award and SC judgements.


Sardar Sarovar dam for us is a testimony to the resolve of the people of narmada valley who have fought for more than three decades for justice, people centric development and their rights.  On the other hand, it is also a monument of corruption, government’s apathy and complete disdain for the rule of law on part of the various government’s over the years and judiciary helplessness in implementing their own orders.


Our struggle is also for the farmers of the Gujarat and those on Kutch in whose name all the politics has been played over the years, since neither the canal networks has been completed nor the water is being given to the farmers or those on Kutch. The water is being diverted for coca cola factories and for the car factories and also for the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). It needs to be noted that 60% of Gujarat is under the influence of DMIC.


Thankfully, not everyone is convinced by this lie and drama, since people protested in Varanasi, Bhopal, Indore, Delhi, katni, and even in Baroda and Kevadia, Gujarat. Today, those protesting and exposing this lie were picked up from kevadia colony, right next to the dam, so much for the celebrations.


We would like to ask the Prime Minister that if the question of nation’s sovereignty is important and is invoked when World Bank withdrew funding for the Project in 1993 because of its feasibility and massive social and environmental impacts, then why does he remain silent when the Indian Constitution and rule of law has been violated at every step ? Our national sovereignty has been impinged by our own, every time we refused to implement the NWDT award; everytime we didn’t follow the SC directive on completion of R&R six months prior to submergence; and every time we denied the legal entitlements of the project affected families. Our national sovereignty is lost when we continue to sacrifice lakhs of poor farmers and adivasis and workers at the altar of development primarily to serve the interests of the corporate houses.


Hence, we wish to convey that our struggle will continue. Prime Minister may want to close the chapter, but it is not, since the people of the Narmada Valley have’t received their full entitlement and not all is lost. Our loss will be a loss for the people fighting all across the country, who are opposing displacement, submergence and forcible evictions all in the name of development. We call everyone to join us in this struggle all across the country. The question of development at what cost and for whom and what kind of development remains unresolved and we will keep the battle going.


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“The Worst Day” Says Patkar as PM Celebrates Birthday “At Cost of 40,000 Drowning Citizens”

BARWANI, MADHYA PRADESH: It is becoming increasingly clear that people do not matter. Despite the protests, the statements, the fasts, the satyagraha’s the BJP government is speeding ahead with preparations to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday as he arrives to “dedicate” the Sardar Sarovar dam to the nation even as thousands lose their homes and their livelihood with the rehabilitation program barely off the ground.

In a last desperate move Narmada Andolan’s Medha Patkar who has just emerged from a fast, forcible arrest and harassment, has started a Jai Satyagraha protest with local women on the banks of the Narmada river, at Chhota Barda village in Dhar hours before the scheduled inauguration of the dam she has spent a lifetime opposing. Last heard the water was over their waist

The river waters are gradually rising and already expected to submerge at least one two and 192 villages in the region. Patkar along with the village women told reporters, “People will drown in the Narmada river but they will not move. Planning is being done for the massacre of thousands of families so as to celebrate Modi’s birthday with great pomp and show.”

“People will be on the verge of dying on one, celebrations will be held in Gujarat on September 17,” she said adding, “This will be one of the worst days in the country”. The people, despite the warnings, have not left their homes and as many say, “where do we go to, this is our home.” Barwani is also expected to come under water.

NBA leader Rahul Yadav told reporters that due to surge in Narmada waters, around 30 villages have already been inundated. NBA leader Rehmat Ali pointed out that the rehabilitation of the impacted people has still to be completed, but instead the state government is preparing only for the celebrations and inauguration of the dam.“For us, this inauguration event is ‘Jashn-e-maut’ (celebration of death). While thousands of families here are on the verge of drowning in 214 km stretch of Narmada, there will be celebrations in Gujarat where PM will inaugurate the newly constructed SSP gates. Our demand is that the water level in SSP should not be increased beyond 121 metres until the rehabilitation process is complete,” he told reporters.

The struggle by Narmada Andolan is getting widespread support but there is no break in government plans. The Bhumi Adhikar Andolan, that held a press conference in protest said in a statement :“This grim celebration entails the closing of the gates to fill the dam with water. This particular process will lay havoc on the villages and communities that reside in the valley, they haven’t been rehabilitated as promised by the government and as directed by the courts. Currently, the water level has risen more than to 128.96 meters and has submerged several villages including Rajghat and Nisarpur. The people residing in these villages have vowed to not leave their homes, ready to drown if it comes to that. Furthermore, the courts had directed the government to rehabilitate everyone by the end of July. Far from being rehabilitated, these communities are now at the risk of losing their lives, their dignity, their homes and their history. With a largely electoral propaganda behind this move, our Prime Minister is about to celebrate his birthday at the cost of 40,000 families who now await their deaths.”

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Narmada #JalSatyagrah – Agitating villagers’ skin and blood shedding after continually standing in water


Agitating villagers’ skin starting to remove and blood shedding after continually standing in water in protest

People of Narmada valley ready to take on the challenge of submergence

Skin starting to remove and blood shedding of all those 36 villagers and Medha Patkar who are standing in water of Narmada river to protest the birthday celebration of Prime Minister Modi by inaugurating the construction of Sardar Sarovar Dam on the river when rehabilitation of lakhs of project affected people (villagers) remained to be done.

Jalsatyagrahis (mode of protest by standing in water) held a meeting earlier in the day today and decided to keep on standing in water until the level of water stop from rising. The raising of water level will submerge 192 villages and one township having 40,000 families. This may claim around 2 lakh lives.

A public meeting will be held tomorrow near the site of the Jalsatyagrah in Chhota Barda, one of the 192 affected villages in Badwani district of Madhya Pradesh will take place. In this meeting the oustees of Sardar Sarova Dam will berate the celebration of Prime Minister’s birthday celebration by risking the lives of lakhs of people.

एक दिन से खड़े पानी में जल सत्याग्रहियों की खाल और खून दोनों निकलने लगी |

सरदार सरोवर बाँध प्रभावितों डूब की चुनौती लेने को तैयार

जो जल सत्याग्रही कल से पानी में खड़े है मेधा पाटकर के साथ, एक दिन के समय में पानी में खड़े रहने के कारण उनकी खाल और खून निकलने लगी | ये जल सत्याग्रह देश के प्रधानमंत्री मोदी द्वारा उनकी जन्मदिन को सरदार सरोवर बाँध के उदघाटन करके मनाने का विरोध कर रहे है क्योंकि आज भी बाँध प्रभावितों का पुनर्वास नही हुआ है |

आज शाम जल्सत्याग्रहियों ने मीटिंग लेकर तय करा है कि अगर पानी का लेवल बढ़ता रहा तो वह पानी में से नही निकलेंगे | पानी के लेवल बढ़ने से 192 गाँव और 1 नगर डूबेगा जिसमे ४०,००० परिवार डूबेंगे | इससे लग-भग २ लाख मारेंगे जायेंगे |


कल छोटा बरदा में जल्सत्याग्रह स्थल पर एक जन सभा होगी | छोटा बरदा, मध्य प्रदेश के बडवानी जिला का  १९२ प्रभावित गांवो में से एक गाँव है | इस जनसभा में सारे गाँव वाले मोदी जी के जन्मदिन के मनाने को धिक्कार करेंगे जिससे २ लाख लोगों की ज़िन्दग खतरे है |

Contact/संपर्क: 917917513

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Government of India Starts Drowning Narmada Valley to celebrate Modi’s Birthday!



 Life of more than 40000 families in danger!


– Water Level rises to 128.50 meters, Water enters into Rajghat, Nisarpur and other villages.

– Villagers determined, will not vacate house, ready to get drowned.

– People of Narmada Valley declared MP Government Dead for Narmada Valley.

– Water released from unfilled reservoirs to fill the Sardar Sarovar, murder for celebrating Narmada Mahotsav and dedicating the Dam on Modi’s birthday is shameful tactics amidst upcoming polls in Gujarat.


Badwani, Madhya Pradesh | September 15, 2017: In an unprecedented turn of event, Madhya Pradesh Government coercive measures resulting drowning of more than 40000 families living in the submergence area of Sardar Sarovar Dam. Since yesterday, water level is continuously rising and now reached to 128.50 meters drowning Rajghat, Nisarpur and other villages. Water level is continuously rising after release of large amount of water from unfilled dams just to celebrate the Narmada Mahotsav on Modi’s birthday. This is nothing but a shameless show of personal obsession by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and disastrous submission by Shivraj Singh Chouhan to the dirty politics supported by Gujarat and Maharashtra Government. Water being released from other dams to fill the Sardar Sarovar, resulting drowning of thousands of families, Houses, bridges, Cattles, trees and large tracts of forest and prime agricultural land.


A large number of affected families haven’t received the house plots and compensation entitled to them, thousands of applications remain unheard before the Grievance Redressal Authority (GRA), leaving no options to the families but to protest on streets.


In Gujarat, the Narmada Canals is also not complete and only able to construct nearly 30% of the total length of Canal network, which exposes the claims of Government to bring water to Kutch and other districts of Gujarat. This is nothing but a politics of giving false hope to people of Gujarat to win elections at the cost of life of lakhs of people of Narmada Valley.


This cannot be more shameless act by the elected Government of any democratic country. WE APPEAL TO THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY TO STAND WITH PEOPLE OF NARMADA VALLEY AND CALL OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES and ask them to immediately stop filling Sardar Sarovar dam till the rehabilitation is complete as per the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal Award (NWDTA), state policy and many court judgments. Please call to the following contact numbers, email them and held them accountable for safeguarding the constitutional right of life and livelihood.

Important Contact Details of Authorities and Officials who can avert the tragedy are mentioned below: 

Sriman Shukla (Dhar Collector/Magistrate) –  +91 7292234702 (Office), +91 7292234701 (Res.)

Tejaswi S Naik (Barwani Collector) – +91 7290224001 (Office), +91 7290224002 (Res)

Ashok Kumar Verma (Collector, Khargone) – +91 7282223263 (Office), +91 7282232364 (Res)

Ganesh Shankar Mishra (Collector, Alirajpur)+91 7394234400 (Office), +91 7394234500 (Res)


President of India

Shri Ramnath Kovind – [email protected] – +91 11 23015321 ( Off.), +91 11 23017290, 23017824 (Fax)

Tweet @rashtrapatibhvn

Secretary to President

Sanjay Kothari – [email protected]+91 11 23013324, +91 11 23014930

Write to Prime Minister of India
click on the link and register your grievance 
Tweet @narendramodi

Tweet @PMOIndia

Principal Secretary to Prime Minister 
Sh. Nripendra Misra – 011 – 23013040

Addl. Principal Secretary to Prime Minister
Dr. P. K. Mishra – 011 – 23014844

Ministry of Water Resources

Shri Nitni Gadkari – [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]+91 11 23714200,23714663 ( Off.)

+91 11 23710804 (Fax)

Twitter @nitin_gadkari

Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change
Minister of State (Independent Charge) Shri Dr. Harsh Vardhan – [email protected], +91 11 24695136, 24695132 (Off.), +91 11 24695329 (Fax)
Tweet @drharshvardhan

Hardik Shah, PS to Minister – [email protected]

Ministry of Law and Justice
Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad – [email protected], +91 11 23387557, 23386615 (Off.), +91 11 23384241 (Fax)

Tweet @rsprasad

Ministry of Rural Development
Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar – [email protected], +91 11 23782373, 23782327 (Off.), +91 11 23385876 (Fax)
Tweet @nstomar

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
Minister Shri Thaawar Chand Gehlot – [email protected], +91 11 23381001, 23381390 (Off.), +91 11 23381902 (Fax) 
Minister of State Shri Krishan Pal – +91 11 23072192, 23072193 (Off.), +91 11 23072194 (Fax)
Minister of State Shri Ramdas Bandu Athawale – [email protected], +91 11 23381656, 23381657 (Off.), +91 11 23381669 (Fax)

Ministry of Tribal Affairs
Minister Shri Jual Oram – [email protected], +91 11 23388482, 23381499 (Off.), +91 11 23070577 (Fax)

Tweet @jualoram

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chauhan – [email protected] – Office Phone : +91 755 2441581, +91 755 2441033, Office Fax : +91 755 2441781, 
Tweet @ChouhanShivraj

Gujarat Chief Minister
Shri Vijaybhai R. Rupani – Office Phone : +91 79 23232611
+91 79 23232619, Office Fax : +91 79 23222101
Tweet @vijayrupanibjp

Maharashtra Chief Minister
Shri Devendra Fadnavis – [email protected] – Office Phone : +91 22 22025222, +91 22 22025151, Office Fax : +91 22 22029214, 
Tweet @Dev_Fadnavis

​National Human Rights Council of India

Send Complaints to National Human Rights Council of India​ at [email protected] 

Secretary General / Chief Executive Officer of the Commission – [email protected]

Director General (Investigation) – [email protected]

National Commission for Women in India – [email protected]

Complaint Cell – [email protected]

National Commission for Scheduled Castes

Prof. Dr. Rameshankar Katheria (Chairman) – +91 – 24620435, +91 – 24606802

Shri L. Murugan, Vice Chairman – +91 – 24654105, +91 – 24606828

National Commission for Scheduled Tribes

Shri Nand Kumar Sai, Chairperson – [email protected]

Mr. Vinod Kumar Nagvanshi, APS to Chairperson – [email protected]

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Land grab in Amazon jungle threatens dispossession, violence and murder

The Wayapi people face disaster after the protected status of their land was removed.

President Temer is courting the mining companies and their political backers by breaking into pristine rainforest

On 23 August it emerged that the president of Brazil, Michel Temer, had issued a decree abolishing the protected status of an immense area of the Amazon forest. The area is in the north of the country, beyond the Amazon river, going up to the frontiers with French Guiana and Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana). The estimated size is 4.5 million hectares, the size of Denmark or Switzerland.

The decree was shocking, but not entirely unexpected. Temer is in political difficulties, facing corruption charges and needing political allies. There are more than 30 registered political parties in Brazil, and to get anything done in Congress they form bancadas (“benches” or coalitions). One of the most powerful is the bancada ruralista, consisting of powerful, wealthy agribusiness interests (mostly cattle and soya) together with those who represent mining and other extractive industries. And, making things gloomier, the evangelicals attach themselves to this bancada.

For years now the ruralistas have loudly condemned environmental laws that protect the Amazon forest. The national parks protect biodiversity and the “áreas indígenas” (Indian reservations) protect the indigenous peoples. The ruralistaswant rid of the lot. Specifically, they want to abolish Funai (the Indian Protection Service, a government department) and get rid of, as they put it, “NGOs and anthropologists”. Temer needs the support of this bancada and is seeing to their desires.

Temer made his move at the end of August, centring on Amapá and the Jarí river. Although it is on the Atlantic coast, the state of Amapá is to many Brazilians as remote as you can get. There is no access by road, except one to the north into French Guiana, still not wholly paved. A mining enterprise called Icomi (Indústria e Comércio de Minérios), a subsidiary of the US company Bethlehem Steel, began extracting manganese in a remote mine from the late 1940s onwards. Icomi pretty well owned Amapá. In 1973 geologists from Icomi exploring westwards came across uncontacted Indians. They alerted Funai and a team arrived to establish what was known as an “attraction front”, finding out who these people were and getting them under some sort of control.

They had found the Wayapí people, occupying territory that went westwards across a watershed into affluents of the Jarí river. It was a kind of resurrection, as their presence in that area had been recorded historically. Their language is of the Tupi-Guaraní family. They are excellent gardeners, hunters and fishers. When contact was made they were hunting with bows and arrows. Many shotguns were handed out as part of the “attraction” process. Today they are wholly dependent on guns and ammunition. Fishing with canoes is more important in the west, where waters flowing into the Jarí are much richer in fish than the eastern waters that flow into the Atlantic. They practise “slash-and-burn agriculture”, felling trees and burning out the garden area. Bitter manioc is the staple crop along with a range of potato-like tubers. Bananas, pineapples, and various other fruits are grown. They wear scarlet loincloths and use two kinds of body paint – urucú (arnotto), a red, sticky paste, and genipa, a black dye which is applied carefully and dries into patterns which can’t be washed off. Women make manioc beer, called caxiri, and the social high point is the regular caxiri spree, sometimes accompanied by rather wonderful dances, sometimes just leading to what one might call the usual high spirits.

There was an urgency about this contact because the military dictatorship that took over Brazil (from 1964 to 1985) had embarked on a large programme of road building in the Amazon, the most famous being the “Transamazônica” running through the centre of the country. The Wayapí were in the way of a planned road called the “Northern Perimetral”, which was to run along the Guiana frontier and all the way to Venezuela. The 1973 oil crisis wrecked the Brazilian economy and grandiose schemes had to be abandoned.

The Wayapí had made sporadic contacts with outsiders before this. Some had wandered north and found a small Brazilian air force base near the Jarí river. Those returning from there to their villages brought back devastating diseases – dysentery and measles. Their land had also been invaded on occasions by gold prospectors both from the east side and from the west via the Jarí. These contacts always resulted in epidemics, respiratory complaints being particularly serious. What might be a slight cold or a cough to us can be fatal to those with no immunity. When Funai began its operation in 1973 the situation was already precarious.

Funai’s record in its dealings with Brazil’s indigenous people is not good. Chronically underfunded, often poorly staffed, often failing in elementary procedures, careless, offhand, the organisation certainly deserves the criticisms it gets. But like so much else in Brazil, muddling through in some way or another does eventually get some sort of result. In this case it’s clear that had Funai not intervened, the Wayapí would have faced extinction. There were 152 souls in the area in 1974. Now there are more than 1,000. Everyone has muddled through and they’ve made it. And although health programmes may not be particularly good, they are significantly better than the healthcare available to poor Brazilians.

Protecting the health of the Indians goes along with the other priority – protecting their land. During the 1970s and 80s gold prospectors continued to enter Wayapí territory. Confrontations sometimes became violent. There was an urgent need to get the land demarcated and recognised with legal protection. Largely through the relentless and indefatigable efforts of an NGO based in São Paulo, the Wayapí reserve was legally secured by 1996. The estimated area is about 600,000 hectares.

Muita terra, pouco índio (“much land, few Indians”) is the grumble you hear on the streets of local towns from frustrated prospectors. But it’s not just Indian land that’s involved in the crisis. For a number of years organisations at all levels, municipal, state, and national, have shown remarkable initiative in creating (with legal protection, it should be emphasised) a network of “conservation units” under various headings: national parks, areas of ambiental protection, biological reserves, sustainable development reserves, and so on. These now form a continuous block from the Guiana frontier southwards, enveloping the reservations of the Wayapí and the Wayana-Apalai further to the west, giving these two reserves extra protection.

But Temer discovered Renca. This is the “Reserva Nacional de Cobre e Associados” (National Copper Reserve), established in 1984 by the military dictatorship, not to protect the environment, but to secure possession of minerals in the area and make sure that the government could control their extraction. This is the targeted area that Temer wants to open. It includes eight “conservation units” and the two Indian reserves (Wayapí and Wayana-Apalai).

A federal judge, Rolando Valcir Spanholo, has blocked Temer’s decision pending consultation by Congress. This cannot be more than a holding move.

The Wayapi were facing extinction until a state agency intervened.
 The Wayapi were facing extinction until a state agency intervened. Photograph: Alan Tormaid Campbell

Why destroy the Amazon forest? Why remove protection from Indian lands? The motive is simply opportunistic greed: “Enrichissez-vous.” Dressing up the project in economic terms comes close to lying. When the BBC World Service broke the Renca story on 24 August the commentator went “over to our business reporter in Hong Kong”. The wisdom from Hong Kong (about the fate of Amapá) was that “the government needs the money” and that the initiative will “create jobs”, and “raise revenue from taxes and royalties”. The stupidity of this response should make comment unnecessary. Given that the levels and layers of corruption in Brazilian political life are stupefying, where will the taxes and royalties go? Temer claims that “only a third” of the area is to be opened for mining. Only? The disruption will be colossal. Frontier violence will spread. Land-grabbing will be rife. And once the process is begun it is very difficult to stop or control. The damage is permanent.

It is also claimed that the indigenous reserves will be protected. How, precisely? The grimmest aspect of Brazilian expansion into the interior of the country concerns the dispossession of Indian lands, so often by violence and murder. There are particular struggles going on now in a number of places where the various authorities appear incapable of defending those who are attacked. It was ever thus. On top of that, being “Indian” in Brazil means that you will frequently collide with intense habits of prejudice and racism.

It’s more protection that’s required, not less – protection for the land and protection for the people – the obvious point being that everyone benefits. All the reservations, natural and indigenous, are enormous assets to the country. All Brazilians deserve better than to have these assets trashed by this surge of corrupt greed.

Alan Tormaid Campbell first stayed with the Wayapí from 1974 to 1976. He returns regularly. His best-known book on the Wayapí is Getting to Know Waiwai

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Action Alert – Soni Sori Admitted in Hospital

Lingaram Kodopi


सोनी सोरी आज जिला दन्तेवाड़ा के हॉस्पिटल में भर्ती हो गयी है। गीदम हॉस्पिटल से डॉक्टर ने यह कहते हुए रिफर किया की सोनी सोरी को अनीमिया हुआ हैं , इन्हें तत्काल खून चढ़ाया जाए । सोनी सोरी को तत्काल दन्तेवाड़ा लाया गया लेकिन अस्पताल प्रशासन को ये नही पता कि सोनी सोरी का ब्लड ग्रूप क्या हैं? दन्तेवाड़ा में सोनी सोरी को खून देने के लिए कई लोग मौजूद है , लेकिन दन्तेवाड़ा जिला अस्पताल का बल्ड बैंक ही बंद हैं।


पिछले दिनों एक छात्रा की मौत खून की कमी से दन्तेवाड़ा जिला अस्पताल में हो गयी थी। तत्काल उस छात्रा को खून चढ़ाया होता तो मौत न होती। हमे डर हैं कि कहीं एसी अनहोनी सोनी सोरी के साथ न हो । मैं सोनी सोरी को ब्लड चढ़वाने व पता करने के लिए अस्पताल प्रशासन नर्स कर्मचारियों से पता करने को गया तो पता लगा कि सोनी सारी का ब्लड ग्रूप ही पता नही हैं। मैंने पूछा की फिर सोनी सोरी को खून कब चढ़ेगा तो अस्पताल कर्मचारियों ने बताया की सोमवार को चढ़ेगा।कही सोरी को जान से मारने की कोई साजिश तो नहीं हैं। सोनी सोरी की हालत अभी गम्भीर हैं। जिला अस्पताल ध्यान नहीं दे रहा हैं।


आप सभ से उम्मीद हैं कि आप अस्पताल के सी.एम.ओ. से पहल करे , फोन नंबर 09425591953 आप सोच सकते हैं कि एक जनप्रतिनिधि व सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता का ये हाल जिला अस्पताल में हैं तो आम नागरिक का क्या हाल होता होगा।

बिजली भी जिला अस्पताल में हमेशा बंद रहता हैं। मरीज पूरा परेशान हैं।

जिला अस्पताल सी. एम. ओ. फोन नम्बर 09425593287, डॉक्टर एस. पी.एस. सांडिल फोन 09425517375, डॉक्टर संजय बगेल 09425591860 . कृप्या आप सभी सामाजिक} कार्य करने वालो से मेरी अपील हैं कि फोन कर अस्पताल प्रशासन को अपने कर्तव्यों से अवगत कराने की कृपा करें।

जिला अस्पताल दन्तेवाड़ा के मुख्य अधिकारी डॉक्टर गगेश फोन 09406003826 इन्हें भी पों करने का कष्ट करें।

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Puyallup tribe and friends battle unsafe fracked gas plant

Thanks to public pressure, felony charges against Tacoma Direct Action activists who protested Puget Sound Energy LNG were reduced to misdemeanors. Photo: RedLine Tacoma

Megan Cornish
August 2017

The Puyallup tribe and other environmental activists are waging a heroic and determined fight against a disastrous liquid natural gas (LNG) plant at the Port of Tacoma, Wash. Planned and approved virtually in secret, it would feature a 140-foot-tall, 8 million gallon tank of liquid natural gas stored at –260ºF. The facility would be located in a populated area — within the city. The site is also adjacent to tribal land, mere feet from its salmon restoration project. Close by is the NW Detention Center, a for-profit immigration prison, whose 1,500 detainees would be trapped in an emergency.

Dangerous, toxic, treaty violating and climate changing. Parallels to the Dakota Access Pipeline fought by the Standing Rock Sioux last year are striking. The Puyallup’s treaty right to be consulted was ignored, along with its fishing rights, which depend on clean water. Preliminary construction has already started, even though the all-important fire permit and others have not even been obtained, and the tribe is still fighting the project. Only residents within 400 feet of the site were even notified, an end run around the public’s right to know. The environmental review was a cruel joke that only admitted the possibility of a pipe leak, not a tank leak. Major changes were made to the plan after the Environmental Impact Statement was finalized, yet the city refuses to require a supplemental review.

Like Dakota Access, even the need for the project is debatable. The only customer signed up in advance with Puget Sound Energy (owned by Australian financial conglomerate the Macquarie Group) has since canceled, announcing it doesn’t know whether or when it may retrofit its ships to use natural gas fuel after all.

A majority of the gas will come from hydraulic fracturing, which pollutes enormous amounts of fresh water, contaminates ground water, and typically leaks significant amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Contrary to the claims of the industry, that makes fracked gas environmentally devastating.

The liquid natural gas will be cooled to –260ºF by using toxic chemicals that will also be stored in huge tanks on site. The plant would essentially be a giant bomb. Besides being extremely flammable, liquid natural gas expands 600 times when it leaks to the atmosphere. Steve Storms, a retired chemical engineer in environment and energy, and an activist with RedLine Tacoma, says, “that makes it explosive two ways.”

Furthermore, the facility is being built on the Tacoma Tideflats, a landfill, between two superfund sites. Toxic chemicals already in the soil can melt steel! Compounding existing pollution — especially next door to Puyallup tribal land — is outrageous.

People’s warriors fight on. “As tribal members, we never shy away from the fight when our treaties are being violated. It’s just a little unsettling, how often the fight is homed right on our doorstep,” says Sarah Rizer, a member of the Puyallup tribe.

The tribe has sued over the violation of its treaty rights. It sponsored a November 2016 march in support of Standing Rock and against the liquid natural gas plant. With increasing public support, young tribal members led a 24-hour vigil next to the construction site for five days in June. In early July, they held a three day 100-mile Save the Salish Sea walk from Seattle to Tacoma.

Holding ongoing protests, the “No LNG” activists have attended many Tacoma City Council meetings, and local health department and Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission hearings. Two objectors sued successfully to force the plant’s emergency response plan to be made public, and exposed its serious inadequacy. During a May 2017 demonstration, six protesters with Tacoma Direct Action chained themselves to drill equipment and halted construction. Originally charged with felonies, they still face misdemeanor allegations.

Continuing public pressure is vital. To get involved, visit the RedLine Tacoma website, or check out Tacoma Direct Action or RedLine Tacoma Community Forum on Facebook.

Feedback: [email protected].

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MP Govt wilfully delaying the release of Medha Patkar, Case dairy not produced in the High Court on time

Various Organisations from Madhya Pradesh and People of Narmada Valley write letters to Prime Minister; Demand unconditional release of Medha Patkar, Santu, Vijay and Dhurji

MP Govt wilfully delaying the release of Medha Patkar, Case dairy not produced in the High Court on time

Rehabilitation related cases by Narmada Oustees faces judicial delays, Next Hearing on September 7

Please  take action and sign this petition and spread the word


Non-cooperation continues in the rehabilitation work as Govt maintains silence on Andolan’s demands

Badwani, Madhya Pradesh | August 21, 2017: A letter writing campaign to Prime Minister was undertaken in numerous villages of Narmada Valley demanding withdrawal of all criminal cases and unconditional release of Medha Patkar, Santu, Vijay, and Dhurji, NBA activists lodged in jail since August 9th. They gave detailed picture of the incomplete and unjust rehabilitation work and asked, “will the lakhs of people be drowned without complete and just rehabilitation? Will the lives of lakhs of people be sacrificed to pay the price of Development? Will you accept the drowning of lakhs of trees and cattle in independent India ?”

Along with these critical questions, they also requested the prime minister to take a serious note of the demands raised by the 32-year-long struggle, Narmada Bachao Andolan, and direct the Madhya Pradesh government to accept the ground-reality and complete just rehabilitation as per the NWDT Award and Supreme Court judgements of the 192 villages and one township affected from Sardar Sarovar Dam in Madhya Pradesh. Kisan Sangharsh Samit and many other organisations held demonstrations and also wrote letters to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan with similar demands.

Administrations delaying tactics, keeping Medha Patkar and other activists in jail

NBA condemns the Madhya Pradesh government’s attempts to keep Medha Patkar in prison through various delaying tactics. She has been in prison since August 9th. She was jailed after her release from the Indore Bombay Hospital same day. Since that day, administration has wilfully delayed and also imposed a number of false charges aganst her including that of kidnapping government officials on Day 7th of her indefinite fast. Last week, she was produced in the Kukshi court through video conferencing after a days delay on account of link failure where she was denied bail. Even today, the government delayed the bail proceedings in the Indore High Court by not producing the case diary. The bail application will now be heard later this week sometime, as we write there is no clarity on this.

NBA intensifies struggle 
On August 19, 2017, approximately 5000 people marched to the office of the SDM, Kukshi, and submitted a memorandum detailing about the illegal arrest of Medha Patkar, Santu, Vijay, and Dhurji, and asked for their unconditional release immediately. The march was organised as part of jail bharo andolan  by the NBA, challenging the numerous false cases filed by the Badwani and Dhar police against 2500 people from different villages. These are nothing but the intimidation and an attempt at muzzling the dissent and provoking the non-violent struggle of the people. NBA demands that State immediately withdraws these cases otherwise whole valley is ready to voluntarily go to jail. The Andolan remains committed to the struggle for justice and warns the government of non-cooperation in rehabilitation work if it does not release the arrested people immediately and withdraws cases. The project affected people have already started to refuse any assistance in the official work unless there is concrete dialogue on the demands raise by the Andolan. Yesterday, people politely asked the rehabilitation survey team to go back as MP government has still not acted on the people’s demands.

In High Court Today

Today, on August 21, 2017, the case regarding the arrest of Medha Patkar under section 365 was scheduled for the hearing. However, the office of Advocate General deliberately misinformed the Kukshi police station to produce the case diary (case no. 9029/17) on 22nd August, and not on August 21 – the day of the hearing. Thus police failed to produce the case diary on time and thereby delaying any decision on the case. Senior advocate Anand Mohan Mathur brought to notice this delay to the court at 10:30 AM and requested to proceed with the trial, the Honourable Justice then asked the government lawyer to arrange the case dairy by afternoon and adjourned the hearing till then. But till 4 PM, government lawyers didn’t produce the case diary in a clear attempt to delay the hearing in the matter. As per the latest reports, the hearing of the case has now been rescheduled to August 23, 2017. This only shows the desperation of the government and every attempt at keeping Medha Patkar in jail. NBA would like to make it clear that the governments delaying tactics is not going to dampen the spirit of struggle. They can delay proceedings but can’t defeat us.

Case in Indore High Court on the R&R

The Indore High Court has now given another date in the ongoing SLP filed by the Oustees of Narmada Valley, with regard to incomplete R&R as per the orders of Supreme Court and NWDT Award. The next hearing will be on September 7, 2017. The question on our minds is, can the lives of lakhs of people be sacrificed in the name of development? Will the people of Narmada Valley get justice before the government fills the Sardar Sarovar Reservoir to its full capacity by October 10, 2017 ? Can we silently allow the drowning of the age old Narmada Valley civilization, with lakhs of people, centuries-old villages, millions of trees, livestock, sites of religious and archaeological importance this easily ?


Narmada Bachao Andolan remains steadfast in its resolve to fight this injustice and is not going to allow the governments to perpetrate this injustice. Our struggle has inspired many across the word and we know that they are all with us in this time of crisis.



Please  take action and sign this petition and spread the word


नर्मदा घाटी के गाँवगाँव से लिखी गई प्रधानमंत्री मोदी को चिठ्ठीमेधा पाटकर व अन्य तीन को रिहा करने की मांग


मेधा पाटकर को जेल से रिहा ना होने देने की हो रही शासकीय साजिशकोर्ट में नहीं पेश की गई केस डायरी


नर्मदा बचाओ आन्दोलन के पुनर्वास संबंधित याचिका में सुनवाई टलीफिर मिली तो सिर्फ एक और तारीख


जेल भरो रैली में सरकार को दी चुनौती पर नर्मदा घाटी बरकरारपुनर्वास के किसी भी कार्य में नहीं दिया सहयोग


बडवानीमध्य प्रदेश | 21 अगस्त 2017: आज नर्मदा घाटी के गाँव-गाँव ने देश के प्रधानमंत्री, श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी को चिठ्ठी लिख मेधा पाटकर, संतू, विजय, धुरजी की गैरकानूनी गिरफ़्तारी पर उन्हें बिना किसी शर्त रिहा करने की मांग की। प्रत्येक गाँव में चिठ्ठी लिख प्रधानमंत्री को अपने-अपने गाँव का चित्र बताते हुए पुनर्वास की स्थिति का विवरण दिया और साथ ही “क्या बिना पुनर्वास नर्मदा घाटी के लाखों लोगों को डुबाया जायेगा?”, “क्या विकास की कीमत लाखों लोगों की जिंदगी से लगायी जाएगी?”, “क्या लाखों की संख्या में जो पेड़ और मवेशी डूबेंगे, वो आपको मंजूर होगा?”, ऐसे कुछ सवाल करते हुए सभी गाँव के लोगों ने प्रधानमंत्री से यह निवेदन किया कि 32 सालों से चल रहे नर्मदा बचाओ आन्दोलन और उसकी माँगों को गंभीरता से लेते हुए जल्द से जल्द मध्य प्रदेश सरकार को नर्मदा घाटी के 192 गाँव और 1 नगर के लाखों लोगों का NWDT Award और राज्य की पुनर्वास नीति के तहत पूर्ण और आदर्श पुनर्वास करें।


मेधा पाटकर को जेल से रिहा ना होने देने की सरकार की लगातार कोशिश चल रही है। जिस तरह मेधा पाटकर की 9 अगस्त को इंदौर के बॉम्बे अस्पताल से छुट्टी मिलने पर नर्मदा घाटी की तरह बढ़ने पर पीथमपुर बायपास पर ही गैरकानूनी ढंग से हुई गिरफ़्तारी, 11 अगस्त को कुक्षी कोर्ट में वीडियो कांफ्रेंस में तकनीकी बाधाओं के नाम पर सुनवाई अगले दिन के लिए बढ़ाना, 16 अगस्त को कुक्षी कोर्ट में बेल देने पर डूब प्रभावित क्षेत्र में ना जाने का बांड भरने की शर्त रखना और आज,उच्च न्यायालय की सुनवाई में केस डायरी पेश ना करके तारीख आगे बढ़वाने की शासकीय साज़िश से सरकार की बिना पुनर्वास नर्मदा घाटी के लाखों लोगों को डूबाने की मंशा स्पष्ट होती है।


19 अगस्त 2017 को लगभग 5 हज़ार लोगों ने कुक्षी में एस.डी.एम कार्यालय तक रैली निकाल,अपना ज्ञापन सौंप कर सरकार को यह साफ़ सन्देश दिया कि मेधा पाटकर, संतू, धुरजी और विजय की गैरकानूनी गिरफ्तारी हुई है और उन्हें जल्द से जल्द रिहा किया जाये। साथ ही 2500 अन्य नर्मदा बचाओ आन्दोलन के कार्यकर्ताओं पर जो गलत व झूठे मुक़दमे लगाये हैं उन्हें सरकार वापस ले नहीं तो यहाँ जितने भी उपस्थित महिला, पुरुष व बच्चे हैं उन्हें भी सरकार जेल में डाल दे। साथ ही साथ यह भी सन्देश दिया गया कि अगर जल्द से जल्द ऊपर कथित व्यक्तियों की रिहाई नहीं होती है तो घाटी का एक भी डूब प्रभावित सरकार की पुनर्वास के काम में सहयोग नहीं देगा। तब से लेकर आज तक जब कड्माल में पटवारी के साथ अन्य अधिकारी पट्टा आबंटन की प्रक्रिया के लिए पहुंचे लेकिन गाँव के लोगों ने अपनी मांग को सामने रखते हुए प्रक्रिया में भाग लेने से मना कर दिया। सेमल्दा और पिछोड़ी में भी कल पुनर्वास संबंधित सर्वे के लिए आये अधिकारियों को अपनी मांग ना पूरा होने की बात रखते हुए वापस भेज दिया गया।


आज 21 अगस्त 2017 को इंदौर उच्च न्यायालय में मेधा पाटकर की धारा 365 के केस में सुनवाई होनी थी। लेकिन अधिवक्ता जनरल ऑफिस से 18 अगस्त को, थाने में, 22 अगस्त को उच्च न्यायालय में मेधा पाटकर की केस डायरी (केस नंबर 9029/17) पेश करने संबंधित गलत सूचना दी गयी। अधिवक्ता जनरल ऑफिस के इस मेसेज को लेकर वरिष्ठ अधिवक्ता आनंद मोहन माथुर ने सुबह 10:30 बजे कोर्ट के सामने यह बात रखी और सुनवाई करने की अपील की जिस पर उच्च न्यायालय के न्यायाधीश ने इस मामले पर दोपहर में सुनवाई रखने की बात रखते हुए सरकारी वकील को मेधा पाटकर की थाने से केस डायरी मंगवाने को कहा। लेकिन शाम के 4 बजे तक भी सरकारी वकील द्वारा थाने में केस डायरी मंगवाने संबंधित कोई सूचना नहीं दी गई। अगली तारीख की सूचना कल शाम तक कोर्ट द्वारा दी जाएगी। इससे साफ़ पता चलता है कि शासन कैसे-कैसे हथकंडे अपना रहा है मेधा पाटकर को हिरासत में रखने के लिए।


21 अगस्त 2017 को उच्च न्यायालय के सामने होने वाली नर्मदा बचाओ आन्दोलन की सुनवाई में भी अगली सुनवाई की तारीख 7 सितम्बर दे दी गई है। क्या विकास की कीमत लाखों लोगों की जिंदगी से लगायी जा सकती है? क्या देश का कानून सच में अँधा है? क्या इंसाफ की मांग करना भी अपराध है? क्या नर्मदा घाटी की संस्कृति, लाखों लोगों की ज़िन्दगी, सदियों से बसे घर, खेत खलियान, लाखों पेड़ और मवेशी, मंदिर-मस्जिद, पुरातत्व महत्व को इतनी आसानी से डूबाया जा सकता है?



भागीरथ धनगरदेवेन तोमरसनोबर बीकैलाश यादवसुर्भान भाईरोहित ठाकुरकमला यादव,रणवीर भाई

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