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Chai Pe Charcha – Musical Activism – Sur Suri si chai hai

swaangWe sipped tea and we sat in our warm quilts

They took away the lights from our homes

We didn’t protest, we didn’t raise our voice

We just sat there and relished our high tea!



SWAANG is a Mumbai based cultural group, whose members include actors, writers, directors, singers and composers primarily working with the Hindi Film Industry in Mumbai. The members come from different parts of India and have been associated with progressive arts in the past.

Sursuri, their melodious new song, its melody in stark contrast to the bitterness of the lyrics, reflects on the indifference to growing injustice and intolerance in our country. It asks – What do you do when freedom, pluralism and rationalism are under relentless attack? Relax, don’t speak up, slurp up that hot tingling tea…and fall asleep.


Music : Rohit Sharma
Lyrics : Ravinder Randhawa
DOP : Savita Singh
Director : Ravinder Randhawa
Choreography : Aparna Daswani
Vocals : Rohit Sharma, Pankaj Badra, Ravinder Randhawa
Featuring : Pankaj Badra, Prabhat Raghunandan, Kanwwal, Sharmistha Saha, Aparna Daswani, Arpit Singh, Saurabh Pratap


Sur Suri si chai hai

 Surup Surup key pee” –

We sipped tea while they took the lights away from our homes!

Sur suri ye chai hai…sudap sudap ke pee
Le gaye kharid ke wo ghar se roshni
Humne na baval kiya, na koi sawal kiya
Biath ke lihaf mein re thodi…thodi thohdi chai pee
Sur suri …sur suri….
Desh inke baap ka hai…chahe jo karein
Chahe jisko thok dalein…jail bhej dein
Raja jee ke logon ne to rotiyon ko noch daala
Junglon ko bech ke zameen ko kharonch daala
Kya karogejungolon ka khaoge kya ghaans?
Sur suri….sur suri…
Desh booda ho chukka hai..saath saal ka
Phir bhi roop…hai iska hai kamaal ka
Ek gaal gol gol laal laal hai
Doosra gutter pe jaise koi chaal hai
Sad raha hai doosra…phenk do bahir…
Sur suri…sur suri…
Raat badi kali thee…kash pe
Sur suri…suri suri…

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