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Mr. Satyabrata Pal,
Honble Member,
The National Human Rights Commission,
Faridcourt House, Copernicus Marge,
New Delhi-1

Sub: For investigation and necessary action on a case of brutal killing of an innocent villager Mr. by the CRPF and District police in of Jharkhand.

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I would like to bring your kind attention on a case of brutal killing of an innocent villager Mr. Lucas Minj by the and District Police during the anti-Naxal operation codified as Operation Mocks near Nawarnagu village comes under Barwadih in Latehar district of on January 31, 2012.

Case details:

The CRPF personal brutally killed an innocent villager Mr. Lucas Minj resident of Nawarnagu village comes under police station in Laterhar district of Jharkhand on January 31, 2012. The incident took place during the joint operation by the CRPF and District Police against Naxalites codified as Operation Mocks. It was alleged that the CRPF and Police Jawans had discovered a Naxali camp near Nawarnagu village and proceeding further in search of after demolition the camp.

Meanwhile, they saw Mr. Lucal Minj, who was rearing cattle near Koel River.The CRPF and Police Jawans asked him about the locations but he could not respond them as he was a dump person. The Security Forces assume him as a Naxalite and fired on him. Consequently, he got bullet injury in his head and died at the spot. Finally, the Security Forces covered his dead body with sand and went away.

In the evening, when Mr. Lucas Minj did not return to his home, the family members started searching him but didnt find. On 6 February, 2012, somevillagers went for fishing in the river and saw a part of leg on the bank of the river covered by the sand. They pulled out the dead body and identified as the dead body of Mr. Lucas Minj. They found bullet injury in his head. They informed the family immediately. After sometimes, the police also reached to the spot. The Police threatened them to bury the dead body
immediately and dont inform anybody about it otherwise theyll send all the villagers to Jail in false cases. The Police forced them to bury the dead body. Consequently, they buried in fear of the Police atrocity. However, the family members approached to the local peoples representatives for raising the issue of brutal killing of Mr. Lucas Minj.

Mr. William Minj the elder brother of Mr. Lucas Minj went to the Barwadih police station on February 12, 2012 for filing a case against brutal killing of his brother. As a result, the police filed a case under section 302, 34, 201 and 27 of Arms Act against the unknown persons with the intention to shield the Police and CRPF Jawans.

Though Mr. Lucas Minj was dump person but he was physically fit to work in the agriculture field. He was one of the earning members in the family. He used to work in the agriculture and also taking care of the cattle. Hence, it is a clear case of brutal killing of an innocent villager Mr. Lucas Minj therefore, I request the National Human Rights Commission for the following actions.

1. A high level inquiry should be established on the case of brutal killing of Mr. Lucas Minj by the CRPF and Police Jawans.
2. A case of murder under the section 302 of IPC, Arms Act, etc should
be filed against the CRPF and Police Jawans.
3. A legal action and departmental action should be taken against the
Barwadih police, who had threatened and forced the family members of Mr.
Lucas Minj to bury the dead body with the intention to destroy the evidence
of brutal killing.
4. The family members of Mr. Lucas Minj should be compensated of Rs. 10
Lakh and a government job as he was an earning person of the family.
5. The should order for the CBI probe into the killing of 600
people in Jharkhand by the Security Forces since 2001 till the date.

I shall be highly obliged to you for the same.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Gladson Dungdung
General Secretary,
JHRM, Ranchi.

12th Feb 2012

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