Engineer Rashid, an independent MLA from Jammu and Kashmir, was attacked with ink and oil by three men at Press Club of India premises on Monday afternoon.

The attack took place minutes after Mr. Rashid addressed the media on the issue of death of one of the three persons attacked in Udhampur over beef rumours earlier this month.

Two people behind the attack in Delhi’s Press Club were detained by police.

According to news agencies, Vishnu Gupta-led Hindu Sena has claimed responsibility for the attack on Mr. Rashid.

The legislator later told the media that “the world will see what India has turned into.”

“They say Pakistan has been taken over by Taliban but look what’s happening here,” he said.

Only a few days back, Mr. Rashid was assaulted by BJP legislators in Jammu & Kashmir Assembly, for hosting a ‘beef party’.

Prior to the attack, Mr. Rashid had hit out at the Central Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their “intolerance” towards the minority community. He had demanded that Mr. Modi apologise for the Dadri and Udhampur incidents.

The families of the victims have demanded compensation equal to that paid to the kin of the Dadri lynch victim. They have also sought that the case be fast-tracked and the guilty hanged soon.