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Disability activists demand Govt’s Clear Stand on RPD Bill


The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill – RPD Bill  was disabilityintroduced in the Rajya Sabha in February 2014 was sent to the Department Related Standing Committee, which submitted its report and recommendations in May 2015.


It is regrettable that even after the passage of eighteen months the government is still to spell out its stand with regard to various concerns about the Bill that disability rights organisations have raised; the recommendations of the Standing Committee and the action that it proposes to take. This is inexplicable. In its absence, disability rights organisations are unable to frame their response.


A countrywide campaign has been launched by national level disability organisations centering around the demand that the government should make public its stand with regard to the Bill and the amendments it proposes to make through an Action Taken Report. It should be taken up in the forthcoming Winter Session of Parliament for discussion.


  • As part of this campaign, representatives of these organisations would be meeting Members of Parliament urging them to raise the issue in parliament and exert pressure on the government.
  • Demonstrations will be held in all state capitals on November 21.
  • Coinciding with World Disability Day, on December 3, 2016, thousands of disabled persons will rally in Delhi for a huge demonstration before parliament.



  1. National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled
  2. National Federation of the Blind
  3. All India Federation of Deaf



  1. National Association of the Blind
  2. Rashtriya Viklang Manch
  3. Parivar- National Confederation of Parents Organisations of PwIDDs
  4. Human Rights Law Network
  5. Federation of Disability Rights
  6. Disabled Employees Association of Railways
  7. Sense International
  8. The Leprosy Mission Trust of India
  9. CREA
  10. JNU Visually Challenged Students Forum
  11. Yes We Can
  12. Delhi Viklang Adhikar Manch


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    The delay in clarifications and passing of the bill is causing many inconveniences to disabled persons. The committee report should be analysed and clear instructions regarding the doubts should be given to dispel doubts of the disabled

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