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How to Complaint Against errant Auto-Rickshaw Drivers in Delhi

It is very common with metropolitan of that an auto-driver refuses to take you to your destination or does not follow meter installed or over charge from customer. Now, is advertising the complaint policy and also started message service in which you can complaint about auto-driver by just noting his auto-rickshaw number and SMS to 56767. There is not only this step that you can follow but you can also use help of popular social networking sites like Facebook and twitter.

Steps to complaint against Auto-driver:-

1. SMS to 56767- if refuses service, harasses in any way, does not go where you want to go, you can complaint by using SMS service. Send SMS OVC or MIS or HAR vehicle Registration Location Time> on 56767.

Eg. Send SMS <REF DL1RC3000 Janapth 1000hrs> to 56767.

  • REF- Refusal – If auto-driver does not allow you to take any where, you can use this code to send SMS.
  • OVC- Over Charging- if an auto-driver charges without measuring meter and over charge from you, you can use this OVC code to send SMS.
  • MIS-  Misbehavior- If an auto-driver misbehave with you during your journey, immediately send MIS code SMS to 56767.
  • HAR-  Harassment- If an auto-driver harass with you, you can complaint immediately to Delhi Traffic Police. For, harassment, the auto-driver can more hard punishment than any other complaints.

2. Use Helpline Number- If problem is worst for you while travelling in an auto-rickshaw, you can immediately call on 1095 or 25844444. It is 24×7 started helpline by Delhi Traffic Police and complaint will be listened and reacted as soon as possible.

3. Follow Social Networking Sites– You can also register complaint later on against the auto-driver. Only you have to note down his auto-rickshaw number. Page on  is Delhi Traffic Police and follow on twitter – @delhipolice2. One can also use an email address-[email protected] provided by Delhi Traffic Police.

4. Online Complaint Card- You can use online complaint card started by the Delhi Traffic police on their website. One has to fill all details related to complaint and can also mention brief description of 100 character against auto-rickshaw driver attitude.

Delhi Traffic Police has decided to take action against auto-rickshaw drivers within 24 hours of complaint registered. They are also working out on modalities to send an auto-generated text message to the complainant, acknowledging the receipt of the complaint along with a complaint registration number, so that he/she can follow up on the action taken.

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Comments (2)

  1. shivakumar. N.S

    The allegations is that One Auto rikshaw, residing at Hulimavu village, Bannerughatta Road, Bangalore-76 .
    that this person is now driving an LPG Autorikshaw at Hulimavu village and from past 8 months he had not written number on the number plate of his autorikshaw. He was rude with several passengers without putting meter on ride. After alighting this to him by some persons he had written now only on the back side of number plate with his own hand by markable black pen as KA-02-AE-624 without clear view. it is violation of rules. He had also refused to me to come and asked double charge. It seems that he has not received any permit to drive on road and take on ride passenger in his LPG Auto rikshaw nor this number is to be fake. If anything happens who will be responsible. Kindly seize the vehical. This driver may be an doubtful person. Kindly check his identity also.

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