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#India – 300 Municipal Corporation Workers Arrested-Detained by Modi’s Police

Sea of 'Safai' Workers Demand their Rights


Three hundred sweepers of were arrested and detained by Gujarat Police to scuttle their legitimate agitation for the demand of higher wages and permanency in employment. The who were on a indefinite strike since 31st December, 2013, under the banner of Gujarat Mazdoor Sabha, the sister organization of Jan Sangharsh Manch which is the driving force behind TruthOfGujarat. The were suddenly picked up by the police of the Satellite Police Station though there was absolutely no breach of law. Hundreds of other workmen who had come to protest against the of their co- were also detained by the police and have been presently confined in the police stadium without any authority of law. The union and the have however decided not do be cowed down under any circumstances and would be starting a “Jail Bharo” Andolan (To Court Arrest as Civil Disobedience).Thousands of sweepers of (AMC) felt that the attitude of BJP ruled AMC and the Commissioner of AMC Guruprasad Mohapatra was absolutely anti-poor and anti-dalit and the police action was at the behest of the commissioner and amounted to an offence under the Atrocities act. Despite this action, the workers are determined to continue the strike indefinitely till their demands are met.

Jan Sangharsh Manch, Gujarat Federation Of Trade Unions

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