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India can’t claim UN Seat withour repealing #AFSPA


Irom Sharmila appeared in the Delhi Court on 6th AND 7TH October for the trial of the 2006 Jantar Mantar Case where Delhi Police lodged a case against her in section 309 of attempt to suicide. During the hearing, she reiterated her truth that she is not committing suicide. She is not taking life; instead she is appealing to protect the right to life. In the hearing, she also reiterated the undemocratic and draconian effects of AFSPA and appealed for its repeal. SSSC volunteers met her during her court appearance.


SSSC considers these hearings as a way of suppression of voices of human rights. Everybody knows that fast of Irom sharmila is for a public cause, yet lodging her in jail with the reason of attempt to suicide , is a judicial failure and disrespect of human rights of world’s largest democracy. As Irom Sharmila also said in her statement, that at a time when India is advocating to ensure its permanent seat in UN, continuing with laws like AFSPA is extreme contradiction.  Ravi Nitesh, Convener of Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign told that If India is really serious to be known at global level with powers to take part in policy making and advisory for global issues through UN, it must have first and primary requirement of respecting human rights. SSSC supports Irom Sharmila in all her endeavor and struggle.


It is known through reports of government-appointed committees and national and international human rights’ organisations that AFSPA is discriminatory and a kind of unconstitutional and harsh act that provides extraordinary powers to security forces in disturbed regions, without asking for any accountability. These unstopped uses of powers by security forces have been used in serious situations of violations of human rights. By this act, security forces start behaving like criminals who have unchecked powers and accountability.


Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign, that is continuously working since last many years against AFSPA also advocates for its repeal from all areas. The campaign keeps its faith upon non violence struggle of Irom Sharmila and considers her as its leader. SSSC has worked nationwide in last years to highlight struggle of Irom Sharmila and have organised numerous events, public demonstrations and other activities in almost all states of India and in few other countries to advocate Repeal of AFSPA from all regions, including state of North East Region and of J&K, SSSC believes that its struggle is against state repression that anyone can see through AFSPA that is imposed in J&K and states of North east region, and therefore struggle will continue against all human rights violations by security forces in these regions.

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  1. Once again both Sharmila and I consider the hearings in Delhi her sole window upon the world. The only reason you have published this piece is because of the hearings. That is why they have been shut down without any character witnesses from among the great and the good taking the stand for Sharmila to generate media interest and why no medical experts were called from MSF or even Dr Binyak Sen who would have brought more interest to bear in Delhi. In the past Manipuris have complained they are ignored because their protests are done in Manipur where the press rarely venture. The current spate of attacks against Sharmila’s article 10 right to a fair trial come from those who want her unconditional release and therefore death within 7-20 days done quietly orchestrated in a death tent in Manipur so another small riot can follow and more money be made from her death while AFSPA becomes entrenched. Nobody really reads this stuff but for now only those who promote her death are published albeit not in mainstream media. Sometimes groups like yours offer to published a rejoinder. They never follow through even though so few read.

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