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#India – Danish woman gangraped near Paharganj, Delhi #Vaw


Subhajit Sengupta,CNN-IBN
Jan 15, 2014 at 08:43am IST

New DelhiA day after a German woman alleged molestation in a train, a Danish national has now filed a complaint with the police alleging gangrape.

The 51-year-old woman had lost lost her way and was assaulted when she tried asking for direction on Tuesday night. A complaint has been registered with the Paharganj police.

The woman has been touring India for past one week. More details are awaited in the case.

This incident adds to the alarming surge in crime against foreign nationals in the past two months.

A German woman on Tuesday lodged an FIR alleging molestation in the Chennai-bound Mangalore Express.

Earlier in January, a Polish woman was allegedly raped by a taxi driver in Mathura. The woman in her police complaint said that she was abducted at knife point by a taxi driver in Mathura who later drugged and raped her. When the victim regained her senses, she found herself in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area.

Back in December 2013, a Yoga instructor was arrested for raping his 25-year-old student, a Dutch woman in Goa. The accused, Krishna Sharma, who is in his thirties and hails from Uttar Pradesh, was arrested at Dabolim airport when he was trying to escape after the incident, police said.

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Comment (1)

  1. The Midnight Drama

    Bravo , Somnath Bharati

    Bravo for that brush with the Delhi Police at midnight , yesterday

    You managed to conclusively establish , what people of Delhi suspected all along , viz :,

    > If Delhi Police cannot care a hoot , even for a Minister , the poor stand no
    chance to get them to act on their complaints

    > Delhi Police are hand-in-glove with the drug mafia / pimps / rapists /
    swindlers / murderers / smugglers / all anti-social elements

    > Delhi Police are the most corrupt department


    Next time you conduct such a ” surprise raid ” ,

    > do it in daytime

    > under the glare of 100 TV cameras

    > in the presence of the people of Delhi

    > telecast LIVE on news channels

    TV editors will be too glad to oblige !

    That is the only way to expose Police-Mafia nexus !

    Forget the proper procedures – which only succeed in alerting the Mafia !

    But don’t expect things to change much till AAP manages to get FULL STATEHOOD status for Delhi , and make the Police report to the Delhi government , instead of the Central Home Minister

    Of course , the Centre will do everything to prevent this !

    In the meantime , a word of caution to the Delhi Police :

    Remember ,

    > Somnath is only a symbol of people’s anger / frustration

    > If you don’t mend your ways fast , this anger will boil over

    > At that time , your lathis / tear gas / water cannons will not be able to
    control the people

    > People have witnessed what happened in Arab countries recently

    > They are desperate to try anything that they think , will get them justice

    > Do not stretch your luck

    > Next time you fail to act on their complaints – or a complaint of any
    Minister of Delhi government , you will run out of luck !

    > With 2014 elections approaching fast , Congress Home Minister will not
    come to your aid – for fear of an ” ANTI – CONGRESS ” wave over ”

    Remember , Ram Lila Maidan in 2011 ?

    * hemen parekh ( 17 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

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