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India – Our repeated intervention has made tribal communities unhappy

Soumya Dutta has been the National Convener of the Indian people‘s science group Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha and the Convener of the Climate and Energy Group in the Beyond Copenhagen collective in India. He’s also lent his experience to engage with different communities on sustainable development, while also playing a major role in people’s movements over the past years. In this interview with Catch, Dutta gives his take on how best to connect with tribal communities and how the definition of happiness and progress is relative for different people.


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Comments (2)


    The views expressed are crucial for understanding the real meaning and implication of growth and development. The fruits of economic progress are being enjoyed by few people while vast masses are reeling in poverty.

  2. Bhalchandra Kango

    Integration of tribals in a humane way is a challenge we need to focus on it . However neo liberal discourse of development has blinded people and they think that tribals have to pay a price and would be benefitted In the end.

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