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#India- #Punjab bans vulgar songs in buses to stop accidents #Censorship #wtfnews

TNN | Nov 1, 2012, 02.31AM IST

: If the khap panchayats believe eating chowmein can lead to an increased libido and that spicy noodles were behind the recent rise in incidents in Haryana, then the transport minister of thinks playing “vulgar and provocative music” in buses can cause road accidents.

Punjab transport minister Ajit Singh Kohar on Wednesday banned drivers from playing “vulgar and provocative songs” in the state-run transport buses as a preventive measure against fatal accidents.

According to Kohar, vulgar music is a great distraction for those behind the wheel. “Frequent playing of vulgar music in buses not only generates mental pollution among passengers but is also instrumental in fatal accidents due to distraction,” he said.

The minister has issued the ban orders to the state transport department, asking officials to implement the same with immediate effect.

Kohar said strict action would be taken against drivers violating the order.

To keep an eye, and an ear, on the lovers of “vulgar songs”, special teams would soon be set up to conduct random surprise checks on the state transport buses, said a senior official of the transport department.

Agreeing that there has not been any accident caused by vulgar music in recent memory, the officials added that “prevention is always better than cure”.

The officials said the state censor board would be of great help in marking vulgar songs. The Punjab government has already constituted its own censor board following protests against many Punjabi singers, who are accused of demeaning women in their sexually suggestive songs.

The transport minister has also asked the passengers to inform him if they came across drivers playing vulgar music. The state transport department has a fleet of 3,500 buses for the state and inter-state travels.


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  1. […] #India- #Punjab bans vulgar songs in buses to stop accidents #Censorship #wtfnews ( […]

  2. […] #India- #Punjab bans vulgar songs in buses to stop accidents #Censorship #wtfnews ( […]

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