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India’s Nuclear Graveyard- Jadugoda

Haunting images show the devastating

effects of uranium mining in Jadugoda

For years, the local population has suffered from the extensive environmental degradation caused by mining operations, responsible for the high frequency of radiation related sicknesses and developmental disorders found in the area. Increases in miscarriages, impotency, infant mortality, Down’s syndrome, skeletal deformities, thalassemia have been reported. With raw radioactive ‘yellow-cake’ production to increase and more than 100,000 tons of radio-active waste stored at Jadugoda the threat to the local tribal communities is set to continue.

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    The environmental degradation caused by mining uranium and nuclear reactions has affected the people of the area. The pictures reflect the damage to human life and sufferings of the poor. These are heart – wrenching pictures.

  2. Such news stories have been appearing in press for the past several decades. The present story contains only pictures. When Mr Adrian Levy wrote an article on Jadugoda a few years ago, he also used some of these pictures. I responded to that article in Eurasia Review. The Asian Age reproduced that article. Here is the link:
    An extract from my article:

    “Since the 90s when unfounded allegations of adverse health effects due to radiation started appearing in news papers, Government of India set up specialist committees to verify the claims. Twenty-six specialists including specialist-physicians, scientists and academicians, many of them from outside the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) carried out three separate health surveys in Jaduguda. In one such health survey, medical teams examined over 3000 inhabitants from nearby villages. Specialists concluded that the alleged health effects are not caused by radiation. Their frequency in Jadugoda is the same as that elsewhere in the country with similar socio-economic parameters / conditions.”

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