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Inshallah Kashmir : Living terror – till midnight 26th Jan- Must Watch



This is a compilation of live interviews. The statements of the interviewee are completely their own. The explicit nature of the content may affect the viewer’s sensibility and therefore viewer discretion is advised. Please proceed to click only if you wish to watch the contents. The viewer shall be fully responsible for the access to and viewing this content.

We apologize for the low resolution of the – it has been impossible to upload larger files. We’ll continue trying.


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Comments (3)

  1. premiela

    this video was forwarde4d to PHM.
    Human rights watch would have been a more appropriate forum for these messages…

  2. Everyone should watch this film. I’ve re-posted it on my blog at As for the various critical comments posted on the film’s You Tube page, see my remarks on my blog.
    Congratulations, Ashvin!

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