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It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong: Sanjiv Bhatt


Sanjiv Bhatt

“It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong,” Bhatt said in a Facebook post, quoting French writer Voltaire. “And all the more dangerous when the government is diabolically devious as well!” the 1998 batch IPS officer said on a day after being dismissed from his Gujarat Government service.

Reacting to his dismissal from duties for “unauthorised absence from duty”, the IPS officer said, “Mind you, this so-called ‘unauthorised absence from duty’ pertains to the period when I was deposing before the SIT (investigating into the Zakia Jafri complaint) and the Nanavati Commission (inquiring into the Gujarat riots). Be that as it may, the bottom-line is that if the Government of the day does not require my services…so be it,” he wrote in another Facebook post.

Down but not out, Bhatt claimed that he has enjoyed each moment of his journey in the service. “All I have to say is that, at the age of 24, with a passion and fire that still continues to rage in me, I chose the Indian Police Service because I saw it as a career that would add action and purpose to my life. And I have not been disappointed one bit. In fact, I have enjoyed every moment of the last 27 years in the IPS,” he said in a Facebook post.

While Bhatt’s removal had been recommended by the Union Home Minister in September last year, final orders came now.

Bhatt’s son, Shantanu Bhatt, has offered his support to his dad.

Sharing his thoughts on Facebook he said,

“I have principle and no power
You have power and no principle
You being you
And I being I
Compromise is out of the question
So let the battle begin…
I have truth and no force
You have force and no truth
You being you
And I being I
Compromise is out of the question
So let the battle begin…
You may club my skull
I will fight
You may crush my bones
I will fight
You may bury me alive
I will fight
With truth running through me
I will fight
With every ounce of my strength
I will fight
With my last dying breath
I will fight…
I will fight till the
Castle that you built with your lies
Comes tumbling down
Till the devil you worshipped with your lies
Kneels down before my angel of truth.”

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