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JNU rusticates Umar, Anirban; Kanhaiya fined for Rs. 10,000


File photo of JNU students Union President Kanhiya Kumar with Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya at JNU campus.

File photo of JNU students Union President Kanhiya Kumar with Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya at JNU campus.

Summary of punishment handed out by the cowardly JNU administration, which had to wait till the onset of holidays to make their decisions public:


Umar Khalid, rusticated for one semester + 20K fine.
Anirban Bhattacharya rusticated till 15 July & from 25 July, out of bounds for 5 years. Another Kashmiri student rusticated for two semesters.

Ashutosh Kumar, former JNUSU President, removed from hostel for one year + fine.

Chintu Kumari, former JNUSU Gen Sec: 20K fine
Rama Naga, current JNUSU Gen Sec: 20K fine
Anant Prakash Narayan, former JNUSU Vice-President: 20K fine
Aishwarya , current GSCASH representative: 20K fine.
Gargi, current JNUSU councillor: 20 K fine

Kanhaiyya, current JNUSU President: 10K fine

Other organisers fined from 10K to 20K

Two ex students declared out of bounds from campus.

We completely reject this farcical enquiry report, as it is based on sheer vendetta and a biased enquiry. These are all innocent students, coming from extremely humble and underprivileged backgrounds. They are all dedicated activists and this is a conspiracy to crush anti-Modi voices.

Not only will we not remain silent against this anti-people government, we will also challenge this sham of a report.

The punishments are all based on one-sided statements from ABVP members, and our repeated calls to conduct a fair enquiry were ignored.

The VC is taking directions from the Central govt. He should have acted first as an academician and then as an RSS loyalist. Rakesh Bhatnagar, the head of the committee, is the treasurer of anti-reservationist Youth for Equality, and most students who have been punished belong to Dalit, Muslim and backward castes.

Students across the country have assured support to us. People from all walks of life are supporting JNU students against this targeting. We will launch a countrywide campaign to expose this government’s anti-student, anti-Dalit character.

There will be no more Eklavyas. There will be no more Rohiths.
AISA – All India Students’ Association

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