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Kerala HC grants bail to 78 year old, human rights activist Ravunni

It asked Ravunni to execute a bond of Rs 25,000 with two solvent sureties.

Kochi: The Kerala High Court has granted bail to M.N. Ravunni, 78,  a human rights activist, who  was arrested under the  Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. The Vellamunda police and Thalappuzha police had registered two separate cases against him alleging Maoist nexus.

The court observed,  “on an anxious consideration of materials in the case diary and after hearing both sides, the allegation, if taken in its entirety, will not reveal the offence prima facie and that the investigation had not been completed. The appellant is 78 years. The court does  not find any reason to detain him in further custody,” it  said.

It  asked Ravunni to execute a bond of Rs 25,000 with two solvent sureties and told the petitioner to appear before the investigating officer and directed him to co-operate with the investigation.

The case is that he along with other activists of CPM Maoist Party had shouted slogans to boycott the Assembly elections and affixed posters exhorting to boycott the elections. They also distributed pamphlets against the government and thereby committed offences, it was alleged.

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    Release of the human rights activist Ravunni by the high Court is a positive step towards upholding constitutional rights of citizens. He should be acquitted of all charges

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