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Kerala Minister – Farming can prevent rape #Vaw #WTFnews

: Kerala min
Public works minister G Sudhakaran has come up with a couple of tips to ensure safety of women.Inaugurating the renovated office building of the district child welfare committee here on Saturday , he said if men were to engage in farming, the number of rape cases would come down.

Rapping women who use mobile phones while walking on the roads, Sudhakaran said such women were not conscious of their surroundings.“Anti-social elements use such opportunities,“ he said.

Explaining the link between farming and reduced number of rapes, the minister said farmers seldom get time to abuse women.

“He will be busy with farming and won’t get time even to think of rape,“ he said.

Advocating the need for society to practise self-control, Sudhakaran suggested that the local self-government institutions should intervene and teach people self-control.

He blamed the media for “the rumours that Kerala was not safe for women and children. “It’s wrong,“ Sudhakaran said.

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    The statements issued by the politician reflect the unscientific attitude of the male hegemonic political system

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