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Maharashtra Human Rights Commission fines Govt , Recommends suspension of Doctor #MedicalNegligence

Two years after farmer forced to amputate leg, doctor held responsible

In 2015, Balasaheb Dengde was diagnosed with varicose veins disease, in which his veins in the legs had widened and bulged out

Observing that a doctor’s negligence forced a 32-year-old farmer to amputate his leg in Shirur, the Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission (MSHRC) has directed the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) to suspend or cancel the licence of Dr Mannan Singh, and ordered the government to pay a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the patient.

In 2015, Balasaheb Dengde was diagnosed with varicose veins disease, in which his veins in the legs had widened and bulged out. In September 2015, he was operated on for the disease at Yashwant Rao Chavan Hospital, Pune. According to his wife Sonali Dengde, during the surgery, operating doctor Singh damaged the femoral artery in the right leg that carries blood supply to lower limb. The artery damage led to excessive bleeding forcing Dengde to undergo amputation.

“I was given two days to decide about amputation. The doctors said I can lose my life because my leg had turned black and infection could spread,” Dengde said. The commissioner of Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation directed Pune’s Sasoon Hospital to investigate the case. A committee of five doctors that was formed observed, “Considering the injury to femoral artery and vein, operating surgeon Dr Mannan Singh is responsible for the complications. Improper treatment technique seems to be the cause of the injury.”

Singh, an MS in surgery, works as registrar in the surgery department of Yashwant Rao hospital. The Sassoon hospital committee in its report added, “Injury caused during the surgery indicated gross negligence.”

Following this report, the human rights commission observed that Dengde lost his right leg for no fault of his. In the last two years, the sugarcane farmer has not been able to work on the field any more. His wife works on another farm and earns Rs 150 per day. Dengde has three daughters, eldest in ninth class and youngest in nursery.

The MMC has now been directed to take action against doctor Singh for medical negligence. In addition, Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, this week, has been directed by MSHRC to pay a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to Dengde. Doctor Singh also paid a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to Singh taking the compensation amount to Rs 10 lakh.

“But what will I do once this compensation money gets over? I have to educate and marry off my daughters and I can’t even work. My farm is lying barren,” the 32-year-old says.

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    The human rights commission holding government responsible for the negligence of doctor us a welcome step. The government should be fined and doctor should be suspended for amputation of leg of a farmer by negligence treatment

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