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Malala and the death of female education in the Swat Valley #Mustwatch

This excellent 32-minute documentary captures some of the reality of the situation that Fousafzai has faced in the Swat Valley, Pakisatan. The video shows Malala and her school master father as they deal with the threat and reality of violence from Taliban forces, and the closure of their school.  I believe that this video is a must-see.

The video is entitled Class Dismissed: The Death of Female Education in the .   The documentary was made in 2009 when Malala was just 11 and 12 years old but, with recent events, it seems even more relevant today.  The documentary was produced and narrated by Adam Ellick.

Warning: Some of the video show acts of violence, executions, beatings and dead bodies.

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Comments (3)

  1. Malala we are with you . never forget all people of bhakar we are praying for your best and healthy life you will cure soon

  2. videh kumar

    Malala is a great torch bearer in Pakistan which otherwise fearful of Talibans. A great hope for crores of Pakistanis who otherwise are very talented lot. Just a wonderful kid much more grown up than many many grown ups. We from India also salute her courage.

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