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History repeats, they say.

– Samvartha sahil

From the moment the news channels started telecasting the news of the attack in , Mangalore the memories of the infamous 2009 Mangalore pub attack was invoked.

A few youngsters were partying at a resort in Padil, and 50 members of the vigilante group Hindu Jagarana Vedike have attacked the boys and girls at the private party. The girls were manhandled assaulted and so were the boys.

The private party was called “rave party” by the media and was believed to be one by the group for which the private party was attacked. The problem the group had with ‘rave party’ was not legal but cultural, which is an insight to the fact that these groups are not concerned about law. In 2009 the attack on women in a pub in Mangalore was also for “cultural” reasons. In both cases was taken into hand by the vigilante group and was broken.

There are more similarities between the two incidents that have occurred in a gap of three and a half years. In the infamous attack of 2009 the media was informed beforehand. The cameramen from various channel had assembled at the to be attacked pub even before all of the attackers arrived! The coverage of the Padil attack makes us believe that the media here too were informed beforehand. Padil is not two meters away from the news channel offices for the camerapersons to reach there on time for the action had they not received information beforehand. But the media did not care to inform the police.

Like always, in Mangalore, the attackers have claimed, proudly, that the members of their group have attacked. Like always, questions have been raised about the victim to justify the acts of violence.

History repeats. Yes. But with some difference.

The 2009 attack made national news within no time. The 2012 one too did. But the 2009 images were censored the faces blurred. The images aired were not even censored. The faces not blurred.

In 2009 there was one brave Pavan who fought the vigilante groups, all alone, though with less success. But in 2012 there was no one like Pavan.

In 2009 there were mute spectators for the violence. In 2012 after the attack when the police arrived, the common men and women of Padil staged protest against the victims and not against the attackers or the attack. If being a silent spectator is also considered as being party to the acts of violence here in Padil the most common men and women extended their support openly to the attack and also welcomed it.

Saffronization and Talibanization of the collective consciousness. Legitimization of violence.

History repeats with some difference. But, as Gandhi said, if we want to change the course of history we should not repeat history.



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Comments (13)

  1. sreejalakshmi

    oh oh come my dear brothers and sisters its showing who is very decent person in this photo. first of all he is such a pig ,putting hand on her breast and pulling her dress.
    ahh he enjoyed a lot i think, who is he ??????? a parent to hit like this or a husband to put hand on her breast….
    dont worry u pig for every action there will equal opposite reaction. really god will make to pay this back.

    see i am not supporting about the party or dress those ladies have woren, i disagree it.
    but what that pigs are doing with them really that is shameful.
    50 persons of Hindu Jagarana Vedike —-this people why they didn’t inform police about party or about this place, if Hindu Jagarana Vedike informed police there come and arrest this boys and girls.

    oh no there want enjoy the movement by pulling dress, hitting girls , putting hand on breast.

    Hindu Jagarana Vedike i respect this group, there are so many problems and issues are faced by hindu family like dowry, harresment . please take cases from court check it how ladies are suffering by dowry, harresment, why cant you people these kind of issues solve them and give them life.

    reallly this not a good way.

  2. i guess yesterday all watched the porn video in front of our family members in all our famous NEWS channels………. Our Hinduism is not telling to pull dress and touch where ever we can, there should be some sense may be there ( Hindu Jagarana Vedike members) parents brought up them like it seems. If this is our culture that pulling dress and taking advantage like Touch B stuff am feeling shame to be an HINDU ……….this is only for those in the video, u r rocking in the video may be you r practicing with ur sister and mother right …………practice well buddy send your practicing video to me, just i need to know the progress

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  5. yogeshj

    I feel the males taking part in this have a psychological problem and this should be probed.

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  11. could this be part of a larger fascism campaign?

    5. Rampant Sexism – The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Divorce, abortion and homosexuality are suppressed and the state is represented as the ultimate guardian of the family institution.
    I Got My Love but Though I Feel Alone

    buying alcohol
    aray bhai 4 bottle daaru denaaa 😛

    आवर्जून पहा आजकालच जनरेशन “Gham Group Pune” _ “घम ग्रुप पुणे”

    Only masti

    woman smoking

    The time taken by a girl when she says ‘I’ll get ready in 5 mins’ is exactly equal to the time taken by the boy when he says ‘I’ll call u in 5 min’!!!

    dress sense

    comment on photo > ufrrrrrrrr kaya baat kaya baat kaya baat.

    Only masti

    offer simit samay ke liye hai!!
    jo pasand ho utha lo yaro fir mauka nai milega????

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