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Mirza Ghalib – The soul healer


Mirza was the master of creating master pieces because he was astute in using right words at the right time, what is referred to as ‘khayalbandi’.

“The world of Shayari has been be divided into two parts – before and after Ghalib,” once stated famed lyricist Gulzar . The more I read Ghalib the more assured I become of his own words. “Hain aur bhi duniya mein sukhnwar bahut acchey kehtey hain ki Ghalib ka hai andazey bayan aur.


Happy Birthday Mirza Asadullah Beg Khan

(By Naved Ahmad)

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    The great post has not only promoted secular ideals but also wrote about the poor and the needy. His poetry has inspired posts of all religions in the world. His birthday should be celebrated as universal day of great poetry

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