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Mukesh Ambani’s son allegedly kills 2 in a car accident. Media blacks out the news #WTFnews
Is Mukesh Ambani and family above the law? His son, Akash , allegedly kills two with his Aston Martin car running over them fully drunk. Arnab Goswami; Rajdeep Sardesi and Barkha Dutt shamelessly blanks out news! How can they when their boss’s son is allegedly involved? Neither is Kejriwal’s AAP or Anna’s India Against Corruption raking up the issue. Or for that fact, the Congress, the BJP or another political party in the country.
Zee News and DNA carried the news but it was deleted later but Google Search still carries their headlines and readers comments.  A Reliance employee now media reports apparently paid to own up the .
“A Reliance spokesman said a chauffeur was at the wheel and that the car was on a routine maintenance spin early on Sunday as it had not been used the previous day.. But one of the occupants of a car hit by the speeding Aston Martin told Mirror that she saw a young man in the driving seat and that he didn’t look like a chauffeur.. Bansilal Joshi, 55, a Reliance driver, presented himself at the Gamdevi police station,nearly 12 hours after the accident that left two other cars — an Audi and a Hyundai Elantra — badly smashed and eight people injured. He claimed responsibility for the crash..”
TV 9:
Mukesh Ambani might own the mass media but he doesn’t own social media.Join the campaign. Retweet and republish this news. Force mass media to carry the news and seek justice for the victims.
(Arunbha Sakia in Newslaundry) An Aston Martin Rapide – “a four-door high-performance sport saloon” -rammed into two cars late Saturday night, December 7, 2013 at Peddar Road in Mumbai, transforming itself from a Rs 3.5 crore-worth luxury sports car into ugly metal scrap. What has followed since has ranged from subtle innuendos to outright allegations against some of the most powerful and rich of Mumbai – and India.
A black Aston Martin Rapide (MH-O1-BK99) – driven at a very high speed according to eyewitnesses – rammed into an Audi (MH14-DN-6666) from behind as reported here. As a result of the impact, the Audi, driven by Foram Ruparel, a resident of Ghatkopar area, jumped the divider on the road and hit a private bus coming from the opposite direction. The Aston Martin, then hit a Hyundai Elantra belonging to Vikram Mishra. In the ensuing chaos, the driver of the Aston Martin managed to flee in one of the two SUVs which were trailing it. A hit-and-run case like this is pretty routine nowadays in Delhi and Mumbai. However, what is not routine – and has been very conveniently overlooked by many in the media – was the fact that the Aston Martin was registered in the name of Reliance Ports and Terminals Limited which is owned by Mukesh Ambani.
Foram Ruparel, who was driving the Audi, lodged a complaint. Bansilal Joshi, 55, a driver employed with Reliance, presented himself at the Gamdevi police station on Sunday afternoon – December 8, 2013 – and accepted responsibility for the accident. This was almost 12 hours after the accident. However, as word spread, witnesses have started popping up with their version of events. A version of events, which makes this entire episode seem uncannily similar to the plot of Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger where the protagonist, Balram, who works as a driver for a rich family, is made to own up to a very similar car accident his boss’s wife is involved in.
One of the occupants of a car hit by the speeding Aston Martin was quoted by Mumbai Mirror – one of the very few media outlets to have covered the story in detail – as saying that she saw a young man in the driver’s seat. Another witness, not willing to be named, told Newslaundry that the person helped out of the Aston Martin after it finally came to a standstill

“was a young guy and not a moustached old man as everyone is being made to believe”.

In a telephonic conversation with Newslaundry, Varish Mishra, who was in the Elantra which was pulverised in the accident and which had a pregnant lady as one of its occupants said, “the Aston Martin continued to travel on three wheels for a long time and came to a halt more than 400 metres away from the original spot of accident, so you can imagine its speed”.
The media’s rather cautious and measured approach to the story, particularly in light of its aggressive coverage of other recent hit and run cases, is difficult not to notice. Hindustan Times’ report on the accident says that the driver worked for a “private firm” and never once mentions the car’s Reliance affiliation. The Times of India which published a story on December 9, 2013 with the headline –

“Reliance employee takes responsibility for accident involving Aston Martin” has removed the report from its website without any corrigendum. While Google still contains the link to the story, clicking on it leads to a dead link. On the evening on December 11, 2013, TOI published an edited version of the same report on its site without any mention of Reliance, choosing to call it “a national-level firm”.

We tried contacting TOI for an explanation for this editorial decision, but received no response. Times Now, which is based out of Mumbai, has totally ignored the story as well. DNA has also removed their news report on the incident.
We SMSed Rajdeep Sardesai, Editor-in-Chief, CNN-IBN on December 11, 2013 to ask why the channel had not yet reported on the incident. He informed us that they would be carrying the report that evening. The report was also carried on December 11, 2013 at 7.30pm on Reliance Group has investments in Network 18.
The facts as reported in the news are as follows. Reliance Industries has released a statement that the driver was out at 1.30 a.m. all by himself for a test run. The Aston Martin which was on a test drive, manned by a driver, was trailed by two SUVs – one of which whisked the driver away after the accident. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a young, clean-shaven, portly man being helped out of the damaged Aston Martin. The man who presented himself in the police station is 55 years old and has a moustache. The only resemblance he has to the eyewitness’ description of the fleeing driver is his hefty build.
The Mumbai Police has been trying to gather forensic evidence – which will be a difficult task, considering more than five people handled the car after the accident – and hasn’t made any arrests. What is curious is that most media houses have chosen not to report on the incident and why the ones that did do so, have removed the reports since.
Dear Sir!,
This story of a Reliance Ashton Martin Rapide car crash appears to be a classic case study of confirming the PUCL assertion. Accordingly the Press Council has to institute an independent enquiry to ascertain into the reason why these articles have been deleted without a formal retraction by such media agencies viz. to determine what kind of pressures led to these deletion
– was it the inducement of money
– was it political pressure
– was it the effect of both – inducement of money and political pressure


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Comments (26)

  1. bnm

    bade bap ka beta. kuch bhi kar sakta hai. this is india. jai ho

  2. Leo DSOUZA

    Those responsible for the death should be punished. Irrespective of who they are

  3. How come the police has been so silent. If this is true why has no action been taken against the suspect.Is it because he is the son of a influential person?

  4. Sunny

    For much clarification Mumbai police shall obtain for CCTV installed at the spot let not blame without we seeing it.

  5. fakhera

    lets participate in spreading the news…. lets become the media via social media ……..lets participate in disallowing the media in blocking this information…..

  6. Moncy Simon

    Some years ago, SalmanKhan also allegedly kills some people with his vehicle. But he did not received any punishment for what he had done. These people are never going to punish. Onlt think we can do is to forgive Ambaani’s son and SalmanKhan, as they are rich

  7. joseph

    They may be rich but let them remember that we made them rich. If Junior Ambani has done it then he has to go thru the consequences. Very clear on that. If the police or the government support then the public will take the action.

  8. Reliance Ashton Martin crash: Open Letter to Justice Markandey Katju Press Council of India..

  9. sandip

    Shame on arnab goswami

  10. Neehar

    This sort of corporate high-handedness towards law enforcement and the media is extremely intolerable. Although I want to know exactly whether two people actually lost their lives? I read Mumbai Mirror’s front page article on 26th December which states there aren’t any casualties. Whether this is another evidence of media quashing by the super-rich folk or it actually is true doesn’t really shun the matter that an alleged rich, drunk kid was allowed to be behind the wheels of a supercar and cause an accident that could’ve been fatal for others. But every information out there must truly represent what exactly happened out there because everyone has a right to know whether the alleged felon who is allowed to roam about scot-free in his daddy’s riches is a murderer as well. And if he is not, well it won’t be long before we see another crash somewhere in downtown Bombay, with casualties this time and, yet again, a young, large bloke being ferried away in daddy’s security vehicles while witness’ evidence go unnoticed.

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  12. Can you confirm: 1. He was drunk, 2. He was driving the car, 3. The people who got killed were not drunk, 4. It was killing and not actually a real accident? (People have made it habit to target sons of politicians and industrialists these days).

    Thanks for the clarifications in advance.

  13. unni

    superb…their law is always above the law of india…

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  16. […] There seems to be a clear bias in mainstream media against reporting (in other words, non-reporting of) new-items about corporate crimes. In this context, it is pertinent to also mention the case of non-publication of any news about the alleged involvement of Mukesh Ambani’s son in an accident in Mumbai on 8th December, 2013 that killed 2 people. (Posted by Kamayani Bali Mahabal – Mukesh Ambani’s son allegedly kills 2 in a car accident. Media blacks out the news) […]

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  18. Armaan

    This is what is done by rich & infleuntial people and then they are praised. Take up responsibility if he has done it. All Sell for a price with usch incidents it clearly shows Money RULES and specially we make them powerfull. I wish this accident would have happened with him by someone then what would have been the result?

  19. Kuvar

    Dis is just bull shit.. how can da law forgve a murderer who has killed two person just bcoz he is filthy rich or son of ambani.. noone sld be above da law of India.. if it is den anybody who’s rich can pee on da face of our country’s law & order.. its really vry shameful..!!!!

  20. Dear “someone without preconceived notions”. This incident has happened in the city of Mumbai. The police could reach the spot soon after the accident and ensure that the crucial evidences are not tampered with. Moreover the CC TV clippings could have been used as supplementary evidence. That none of these happened only shows how well connected the culprit is. Seems you are very much “worried” over the fact that people are ” targeting ” sons of industrialists and politicians. If you have any valid point to make shed your pseudo identity and come out publicly.

  21. Puranchandra Pant.

    This is called smart management for which reliance has made its name and fame.

  22. Dilip Jaya

    A society which cannot protect its many poor can not save it’s few rich.

  23. dhru

    Mukesh Ambani is chor,father a gunda, what do you expect from the son!

  24. Suman rudra

    dont blame media only for this. Equal blame goes on the young Indians of India who instead of asking justice for victims asked to free Salman. Salman bought his freedom through his charity. Ambanis son bought his freedom through his fathers money. No difference. Today’s youth is forgetting that law is to protect victims but public doesn’t want to support victims. They are too busy with saving celebrities

  25. Abdul ghaffar

    Bullshit.hypocrate.people mostly egoist think law is underthem.But no one is above the law.All student come forwad and control this country people

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