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Music Video #ChalChaliye on bans and ‘honour’ diktats for women #Vaw


Majma, a progressive arts platform, based in Delhi, have released a music video of their song, ‘Chal Chaliye’.

This song is a part of their music album ‘Aaj Ke Naam’, which comprises original compositions based on the writings of legendary poets such as Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Pash, as well as other contemporary poems, that speak of the many struggles and hopes of our times.


The songs are in Hindi and Punjabi.

Chal Chaliye 

The song, written in Punjabi, sketches a picture of the world that we all need to create together. This is a world free of communal divides and bloodshed, the borders of caste, gender and class; where reside, Bulla, Farid and Kabir, and peace inhabits our hearts (See English translation below). The lyrics are written in a colloquial idiom and the composition is in a perky, reggae beat, as an attempt to reach wider constituencies, especially young people, and to possibly also counter the mainstream Punjabi music, devoted to the pleasures of consumption!


Majma was founded in September 2013. It is a platform committed to creating and promoting progressive arts and media, including music, films and publications. It also seeks to bring together these cultural forms in the shape of campaigns and festivals. Recently Majma has produced a protest music album titled ‘Aaj Ke Naam’. Earlier, in December 2013, Majma co-organised ‘Jurrat‘, a campaign against gender based violence, in association with Swaang, a Mumbai based cultural group. The campaign included a repertoire of discussions, poetry, music, theatre and exhibitions.


Majma collaborates with a wide range of individuals for all its initiatives. These include writers, singers, musicians and graphic designers, as well as academics and cultural activists. Additionally, partnerships are made with cultural groups and voluntary organisations that are engaged on allied issues.


This  slick, engaging video, uses satire as a tool of representation, making references to current issues such as bans and ‘honour’ diktats for women. Both the song and the video have received a tremendous response from a cross-section of audiences. Take a look!


Chal Chaliye (English Translation) 

Come, Together… 


Together, we shall make a world…

Where, dwell, Bulla and Farid

Where also live, Ranjha and Heer

And which, is the home of Kabir


Together, we shall make a world,


Communal divides are not inflamed

And rioters not cheered, acclaimed…

A world, without bloodshed

And blind laws

A world, where

Peace and serenity prevails…


Together, we shall make a world,

Unfettered by caste orders

Shackled not by wires on borders

A world, without khaps

‘honour’ diktats

And glories of masculinity

A world, where women are equal,

and valued with dignity…


Together, we shall make a world…


Betrayed not by religious faiths,

Where, hunger, is not a call of fate

A world, without frontiers, of disparity…

Or islands of property, plush prosperity

A world, where reside,

The spirited messengers of equality


Together, we shall make a world,

Where, dwell, Bulla and Farid

Where also live, Ranjha and Heer

And which, is the home of Kabir…

Come, Together…

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