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Narendra Modi distinguishes between Hindu and Muslim Bangladeshi immigrants


Even after travelling to the opposite end of India from Gujarat, Narendra Modi couldn’t give up his Muslim-phobia. Speaking in the Assam rally on February 22, 2014, Modi raised a battle cry against the Bangladeshi immigrants (he calls them infiltrators) in India but Modi went on to add that all Hindus from Bangladesh were welcome and should be settled in every Indian states with dignity. He tweeted twice on this issue which are reproduced below:

Narendra Modi bares his communal fangs
bares his communal fangs

While no exception can be made that ‘infiltrators’ from a separate country are not welcome, can anyone in the same breath be heard saying that ‘infiltrators’ belonging to particular religion are still welcome and will be settled with dignity? Has Modi lost all sense of statesmanship? Imagine a scenario in which our Border Security Force jawans lining up the ‘infiltrators’ at the Bangladesh border and letting the Hindus cross over and pushing back the Muslims! May be the Modi Government will employ Hindu sadhus at the Border to certify the religion of the infiltrator!

The same communal bias can be noticed in his invitation to Taslima Nasreen , the rebel Bangladeshi writer who was hounded out of Bangladesh for writing against the Muslim fundamentalism. Way back on 27th November 2007, while speaking in an election meeting at Botad, Modi invited Taslim to come over to Gujarat. He said:

Taslima has been courageous in speaking out against fundamentalists. If the Central government cannot look after her, send her to Gujarat. The people and government of Gujarat will look after her. I have the courage to protect her.

Narendra Modi Invites Taslima to Gujarat
Narendra Modi Invites Taslima to Gujarat

While it is the duty of the Indian state to protect Taslima who is being hounded by the fundamentalist forces, but can that be the only reason to permit a Bangladeshi Muslim into India?
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