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IMMEDIATE RELEASE–Narendra Modi replies to RTI query of Rohit Prajapati

English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World E...

English: Image of Narendra at the World Economic Forum in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

15 October 2012
  • An open letter to the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Modi by Rohit Prajapati.
  • In reply to Rohit ’s RTI application dated 23-04-2010 the of ’s office states that “In addition, would like to inform you that about point no. 1 & 2 of your RTI application dated 23-04-2010, information sought by you is about the period before date 25-1-2007 and government’s term was over in December 2007 and after new government came in as per our working method, old records were destroyed so demanded information can not be made available to you.”
  • “With your (The Chief Minister) emphasis on ‘information technology’ in governance, the soft copies of the correspondence should be present in some official databank, or one would assume that you or your office are deliberately withholding or denying information that should be in public realm and your public accountability as the chief minister stands questioned, following such a stand of destruction of official records on the mere pretext that it happened because of change in Government.” –


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