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Nasty Woman, a Trump inspired fragrance


One of the most memorable moments of the final presidential debate Wednesday night came late in the match, when Trump, as Clinton took a swipe at him while answering a question about Social Security, interjected, saying, Clinton is “such a nasty woman.” The moment immediately made waves on social media and, by early this morning, Vox senior correspondent and producer Liz Plank came up with an SNL-worthy parody inspired by the phrase: a new fragrance called Nasty Woman coming to stores soon. It’s full of brilliant quips, like, “Because a woman’s place is in the kitchen … of a restaurant that she independently owns and operates.” Watch it below.

SNL’s 2008 “Bitches Get Stuff Done” sketch foreshadowed Trump calling Clinton a “nasty woman”

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    Trump’s derogatory remarks continue as the campaign draws closer and he increasingly is being despised by the public. His male hegemony should be deplored.

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