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NOMOre Wasted Votes in Indian Elections #NOMOre_2014


We are frequently being asked, ‘If not Modi, then who should we vote for?’ Many are also saying they want to vote against Modi, but are confused about which candidate/party to support against NDA. These voters are afraid of splitting the anti-Modi . They know that BJP is banking on this in many seats.

We don’t want to see Narendra Modi leading the NDA coalition in May 2014. Hence, we too want to help avoid a split in the anti-Modi votes. So these are the tactical voting strategies which are guiding NOMOre’s seatwise recommendations.

1) Vote for the candidate in your constituency who is in the strongest position to beat the BJP-led NDA coalition candidate. This is why NOMOre Campaign will not endorse any candidate or party. Because we are not suggesting to vote for the best candidate, if it is not likely that they will win. Simply we are suggesting to the undecided voters, to vote for the candidate most likely to beat the NDA candidate. We are looking at ‘winnability’ factor.

2) In some cases you may see us recommend a candidate whose party might join hands with NDA post election, eg AIADMK. NOMOre would have recommended these candidates ONLY IF they are the ONLY party capable of winning the seat and there is no close contest with a secular rival. Victories of such parties will help restrict the size of the BJP parliamentary party, which is highly crucial. This will greatly hamper Modi’s control over government, should he have to lead a government in partnership with strong allies. Allies cannot be brushed aside and have their careers ended, as he has done with so many elders and rivals in his own party. And allies are unlikely to tolerate any fascist attacks on minorities, institutions, etc.

3) By voting for the kind of party in point 2), which may join the NDA post-election, you are also improving chances of a Third Front alternative to UPA and NDA, which is any day a better alternative than fascist rule.

4) If an NDA candidate is definitely going to win in your constituency, for example in a seat like Vidisha, MP which has been with BJP for the last nine consecutive , do register your anti-BJP vote anyway. Vote for any party you like.

All recommendations NOMOre is making are in line with the strategy stated here. So do expect some surprises and remember, these are purely strategic choices. Not endorsements.

And whatever happens, come voting day, make your voice heard!

#NOMOre_2014 NOMOre


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Comment (1)

  1. Abhay Dixit

    I wonder why Modi is held responsible for 2002 riots and called communal when SC has cleared him of all charges. You may have twisted logic to say SC erred or was misled. This logic will allow each one of us to stick to our biases irrespective of all court judgements. Is that rule of law and constitutional? Also why not call Akhilesh Yadav communal for riots in UP?

    IS Congress Govt in Maharashtra secular because it takes no action against Muslims who molested Police women two years back? 422 Muslims died in Gujrath in 1969 when congress was in power. Was then PM communal? I need not repeat Sikh genocide.

    Do you want to support Mulayam who implies that rape is a casual crime and passes derogatory remarks about Mayawati? And his party colleague who declares rape victims as criminals deserving punishment?

    Do you think Mamata is secular because(or in spite of) offering salary to Muslim clerics? Or announcing huge funds for Muslim community?

    Can you support DMK whose ministers have huge corruption charges against them?

    Is Mayawati secular because she is asking votes in the name of Dalits/Muslims and neglecting other sections?

    I think only communists come close to (but not there) to be called secular. Unfortunately, their economic policies have plunged societies in poverty and chaos
    .(Russia, China, WB, Kerala)

    IS AAP secular when Kejriwal visits Muslim clerics for vote?

    I can go on on.

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