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Odisha – Headmaster kills a baby boy delivered by a tribal student #WTFnews

On 9th February, 2014, a tribal girl student of Class- V delivered a baby boy in her school hostel. The school authority denied that they were not aware of her pregnancy. The Headmaster killed the new born baby and buried and sent the girl back to her home without giving any medical care to her.

Petition before Orissa State Commission for the Protection of last evening.  A case was I argued  with urgent hearing and the Commission directed for FIR, medical care and investigation. Please find details

Fact finding and Action taken report, Sundargarh


For mroe details contact-  Subash Mohapatra [email protected]

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  1. Tara

    Inhuman is the first word that comes to mind with a tumble of other emotions that follow.

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