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Open letter to Arnab Goswami by Madhu Kishwar


Dear Arnab ji,

When you started your innings with Times Now by demanding that power wielders provide honest answers to the general public for their various acts of commission and omission, many of us applauded your public spiritedness.  “The Nation-is-angry-and-wants-an-answer” approach gave much-needed vent to citizens’ frustration at our political masters’ lack of accountability. Every today, once in a while, your head-on approach works well, as it did when you ably stonewalled the attempts of Congress leaders in giving a communal colour to the recent killings and mayhem in Assam. Being from yourself, you were on surer ground.  But trouble arises when you become an instant expert on a new subject every night and want your rage to be supported and echoed by all your panelists with the same intensity and fury as yours.

Over the years, you have let the success of your program make you forget the necessary dividing line between journalist and crusader and converted your prime time ‘News Hour,’ into a Kangaroo Court. Your jingoistic nationalism mimics the aggressive onslaughts of preachers of Born-Again Christian sects on North American TV channels.  Within the one-hour duration of your , you bully your guest panelists to participate in a summary trial loaded with self-righteous harangues, aimed not just at the targeted wrong doer but also at those who dare resist your requirement that the verdict against the targets of your ire be pronounced right then and there. Unfortunately, some of the younger anchors are also catching on this disease. Therefore, it needs to be controlled before it assumes epidemic proportions.

You made it fashionable to see every issue through a prism which allows only two colors to permeate– black and white. That prism enables the anchor to see himself as lily white knight in shining armor out to save  from its various real and imaginary enemies and ills and ensures that all those whose alleged misdeeds you expose or whose views you target come out pure black, pure evil. You become enraged if someone tries to introduce a degree of complexity to the discussion. The panelists are expected to simply come and lend further strength to the anchor’s delusion that the one hour of News Hour will rid  of all its ills.

Dear Arnab, it is time you get over the illusion that if you wrap yourself in the national flag, everyone will automatically accept the purity of your intentions and the workability of your prescriptions on every single issue. Plenty of people are becoming exasperated with such posturing and want news channels to provide them real news instead of organizing daily cock-fights in T.V. studios.

Your crusading zeal and the style of interrogation has the effect of dumbing down the issues you pick up for debate.  For example, you are very fond of picking up sensational cases of police tyranny and callousness.  But your panelists are not allowed to go beyond expressing pious rage at these routine misdemeanors of our lawless police.  Whenever you asked me to join any such discussion, I have pleaded with you to go beyond raging over random cases and start a serious discussion on police reforms to channel the energy and anger of concerned citizens to think creatively of the systemic changes required in order to make our police a people friendly institution designed to protect citizens’ rights rather than tyrannize, fleece and harass them.  But that requires a great deal of homework and serious thought.  You have no patience for it because it would not allow your daily dose of righteous rage.

It is clear you are still stuck in the Oxbridge style of debating you are likely to have learnt as a student, whereby one is allowed to speak either “for” or “against” the motion. A good “debater” is one who makes mince meat out of his opponent’s arguments, caricaturing the views of others while proving the absolute superiority of his own. Debating” of the kind, taught in our elite schools and colleges involves being one-up on your opponents, even if in the process you end up with pompous posturing.  Those  who remain stuck in this mode of interaction become incapable of engaging in a dialogue, leave alone promote genuine “samvad.

Samvad, as opposed to debating, requires that one gives equal (sam) opportunity to one’s opponent to present her viewpoint, (vad). In fact, in the Indian tradition of holding Shastratha there is well-respected code that you acquire the adhikar (moral right) to criticize or debate someone’s views or ideas only if you first demonstrate that you have understood their position in great depth and appreciate the complexities and nuances of the opponent’s argument.

Take the example of how you went ballistic when all four of us on your panel invited to the News Hour on July 11, 2012 surprised you by our refusal to join you in condemning and demanding strict punitive action against the Medical Superintendent who allegedly allowed a “sweeper” to play surgeon that fateful morning in the   Banarsi Das Government Hospital of Bulandshahar. In your high voltage zeal, you converted 41 year old Mohammad Ayub who has worked for 19 long years as a ward boy in the Operation Theatre of that hospital into a “sweeper” who had dared trespass into the hallowed territory reserved for MBBS ( and above) doctors. Do you know that in neighboring Bangladesh, which has a far superior primary health care system, illiterate and barely literate women and men have been trained as very effective paramedics? Suturing a wound is no rocket science. Nineteen years is a long time for an OT assistant to learn something as simple as putting 5 stitches to close a wound.

Even alleged murderers get a chance to defend themselves during the course of trial. But you thundered at us for suggesting that you pay heed to the explanations being offered by the representative of the hospital before reaching final conclusions. He tried in vain to tell you that on that early morning, 17 injured persons had been brought to the hospital following a bus accident. Of the 23 doctors, 7 were present in the hospital. The rest were either on leave or had left after doing their shift. The ward boy assisted in stitching up a wound because it was an emergency situation and all 17 injured persons had to be attended to at once. The Medical officer had sounded the emergency alarm which meant all the staff members in the hospital were to assemble and be assigned duties. But, instead of waiting for other doctors to reach the hospital, those on duty decided to make the best use of available resources. You were outraged that all 23 doctors were not there to attend to this emergency as if you have never heard of shift duty. It is likely that more than the permissible number were on leave that day. But that had to be established only after a proper enquiry. But you can’t afford to wait a day or two for facts to be established since you need a new issue and a new sacrificial victim every night.

Your fury and insistence on “instant justice” and punishment during the News Hour itself was based on a 20 second grainy footage taken by some local photographer covering the bus accident. Neither you nor your correspondent cared to find out whether the ward boy had done a good job or messed up the wound. Incidentally, neither the injured boy whose wound was stitched nor his parents complained of any wrong doing. If you had made up your mind to convict all of the hospital staff based on a 20 second borrowed footage, why did you bother to invite the concerned medical officer on your program?

We pleaded with you to contextualize the “offense”­­­—even  if a ward boy putting 5 stitches on a wound could be called an offense—by seeing it as a symptom of the pathetic state of our public hospitals with their perennial shortage of doctors and nurses. If today, the country is short of 6 lakh doctors and 1 million nurses, it points to decades of government mismanagement and neglect of the health sector. But for you that meant we too had become guilty of the “Chalta Hai” attitude which you are determined to beat out of Indians.

Do you know what has been the net result of your crusade of July 11, Arnab ji? If not, please read a report filed by Shone Shatheesh Babu in Tehelka of July 28, 2012.  Ayub, a low paid class IV employee and the only breadwinner of a 10 member family– including a wife, three daughters, ailing parents and an autistic brother– was suspended from his job to placate your fury. In addition to facing penury, he is devastated by the ignominy of being called a “sweeper” who dared play surgeon by a whole host of TV channels who took their cue from you. By contrast, the Chief Medical Supervisor has only been transferred to another hospital. In addition, the administration has “issued warning to every employee to only stick to his/her area of expertise.” This means in future no hospital staff will dare go beyond their officially assigned duty even in emergencies for fear of being punished. From henceforth a ward boy hired to pull stretchers will think a thousand times before daring to offer a glass of water to a thirsty patient. Likewise an attendant meant for changing bed linen will avoid letting the doctor or nurse know if he sees that a medicinal drip of a patient has stopped working, lest he be held guilty of overstepping his limits.

Serious Political Consequences of Prejudiced Attacks

Your narcissism and oversimplification of political issues has serious political consequences since it is not limited to raving and ranting against corruption and mismanagement in this or that hospital or thana.

Take for example the way you handle issues relating to Kashmir. To begin with, you think of Kashmir only when there is a major upsurge of anger on the streets, leading to violence or shut down. Without doing proper homework, without taking the trouble to go see for yourself or get the best of your reporters to feed you reliable reports, you invariably take at face value the information and slant provided to you by either your favorite politicians in the state or the Home Ministry in Delhi.

Having already made up your mind that any protest against the government or manifestation of discontent against mal-governance in the state is “Pakistan-inspired mischief” you invite Kashmiris to your program only to tell them what you think of them. Either you deliberately pick those who live up to the image of being stereotypical secessionists or if they don’t oblige, you try to push them into that camp.  Your energy goes into showing them up to be anti-national elements whose grievances or point of view does not deserve to be heard, leave alone heeded. Even when Kashmiris come out to protest the killings of innocent men or young kids by their own state police, you only pour contempt at them at having invited such killings.

Equally important, you and your tribe rarely, if ever, celebrate anything good the Kashmiris do. For example, you have never covered the great hospitality shown to Amarnath Yatris by Kashmiri Muslims, including when bad weather conditions lead to life threatening situations en route to the shrine. Recently you went ballistic over Syed Ali Shah Geelani opposing the creation of separate enclaves for Kashmiri Pandits but you deliberately paid no heed to the main point he was raising that Pandits should be assisted in returning to their original homes. He is opposed to creating ghettos for them and has repeatedly emphasized the need to for them to come reclaim their homes in old neighborhoods. Ask any of the Kashmiri Pandits living in the Valley. They will tell you that any time, they feel threatened, they depend more on Geelani than on the state police for their safety. And he does live up to his promise. This is not to deny that at one time Geelani contributed to conditions that led to the mass exodus of Pandits from the Valley. But would you rather Geelani stay forever the same? Why not acknowledge and welcome his new avatar? If you are seriously concerned about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits why not have a calm and thoughtful discussion with them and key Kashmiri Muslims leaders, including Geelani, on steps that need to be taken for a dignified and safe return of Pandits to the Valley?

There are a lot of positive signals coming from the Valley. But our national media has no time for actions and incidents that convey a positive message. For example, during the recent Amarnath Yatra, a Youth leader Bashir Ahmed Mir from Kangan in Ganderbal district risked his own life to save a mother-son duo from Bihar.  A young boy named Rohit Kumar from Bihar had accidentally slipped into the Thajwas River at Sonmarg. In panic, his mother also jumped into the fast flowing stream to save her child. But neither knew how to swim. Mir, who happened to be nearby, at once jumped into the waters and saved the life of both mother and son. (See link: Several friends from Kashmir wrote to me to say that “if a Kashmiri had picked up an argument or a petty fight with a yatri over some issue, Arnab Goswami would have raised hell for hours on end but such positive actions showing respect and care for Indian yatris and tourists do not receive even passing mention in his News Hour.”

The rough and rude treatment you give to senior and respected Kashmir leaders causes no less hurt than unjustified killings by the state police or paramilitary forces. Every time I have tried to present facts about Kashmir that you ignore you not only shout me down but also make it out as is I have joined in support of secessionists and Pak-supported terrorists.

You have no idea how much harm you cause in the process. Each such program leaves Kashmiris seething in rage. They are made to feel that they don’t have the basic democratic rights that people of other states have, and that they should neither protest police atrocities nor mal-governance and corruption of  the state , leave alone patently harmful policies adopted by the central government. Any manifestation of discontent on their part is invariably treated as an anti-national activity. In the process, you and your tribe weaken their faith in Indian democracy. As a result, what may have started off as a protest against the high handedness of the state government ends up turning into an anti-India protest. I have been repeatedly told in the Valley that Kashmiris would never be so estranged from Indian democracy if at least the Indian media learns had paid attention to their legitimate grievances.


The author is a spokesperson, Kashmir Committee

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Comments (156)

  1. s seshan

    a good article.but let us at the same time be aware that madhu is a RSS sympathiser.

    • Yayin

      Cheap comment Mr Seshan.

    • Sandy

      Of course u r used to view things through lens of a particular color. Change your glasses & see, i am sure u would feel better. 🙂

    • Siddhant

      I simply dont understand people like you Mr. Seshan. How does her being an RSS sympathiser affect the point that she is trying to make ?
      And in this article she has not made any point which is concurrent this RSS’ views.
      And even if she is a sympathiser so what ? Is it a crime to sympathise with the RSS?

      I mean just because you wrote this comment am I to assume that you are a Congress/ Sonia Gandhi sympathiser ?

      • MR.ARNAB is all time best anchor we have ever seen not only he has good looks but he possesses in depth knowledge of every subject he discusses and shows no mercy in asking questions.He is the only anchor who carry guts to speak head on and has ability to dig out the truth . So called critics have no point to prove against him , but alas some people blaim him as nationalist which according to them is a big disadvantage for him.He is INDIAN CITIZEN IST and then a journalist.Today he is the pivot of all tv news channels and we should feel proud of him. Mr. Arnab whole country is with you for your professionalism, fearless , selfless and daring attitude. You know tree with large and better fruits is always vulnerable to stones.we love you.

      • Karsh


        Yes, since good facial aesthetics is the most important characteristic a news anchor must possess. I’m not completely familiar with Arnab Goswami, since I’ve never seen his channel much. But he is not a champion of the downtrodden, a protector of the innocent, just a news anchor who knows how to raise his voice. If you want someone who actually cares for the truth, and journalistic integrity, then maybe you should look at Tarun Tejpal, and the rest of the Tehelka reporters.

    • You sadden me, Mr. Seshan. It is because of people like you that this country is being ruled by a vindictive, profit oriented shameless govt. Partition happened for a reason, and I think we should all respect that reason, especially the Muslims in this country. As for you, I dont think you have even an inkling of knowledge on the subject of Politics, or for that matter, Sociology.

    • Sagar Pattnaik

      irrelevant comment ? Please explain the connection between this post and madhu’s sympathy to RSS !

    • Nationalist

      So bloody what Mr.Seshan (Or whoever who are)? Does support for RSS diminish ones credibility? Would pseudo sickularists like you rather he support the LET or SIMI? Does the RSS commit terrorist acts or make people blow themselves up?

      It would be a boon for this country if kiss-asses like you are deported into the sea.

  2. Ashish

    I am agreeing, although my experience is limited for watching the said show. The points you have raised like lack of homework, instant decisions, ruthless behaviour, disrespect to facts, paying no attention to positive & productivity etc. by Arnab – are supported by quite no. of facts and described respectfully.

    And we strongly recommend that Arnab should read and respond. In fact first he should be sorry to that-hospital-suspended-guy and our dear kashmiri pundits.

    Finally I want to say Arnab, please take a break and do an introspection & then come back removing all those gaps.

  3. lol 🙂 Arnab never calculated so much for his show as much calculation u have done. I agree some of the time He wants all his guest to speak my way or highway but many of tume he is very correct with his reporting. I also wrote on post in past for same

  4. Ramesh

    I fully agree with your post. However, there have been several such “open letters” to Arnab, but he continues to get more popular and treats all this constructive criticism as “jealousy”.

    I would urge that the readers of this column should boycott Arnab’s show and guests should boycott his program. We should get him off his TRP horse, and only then, will he realize that his audience is not stupid, and that he needs to mend his ways.

    Until then, open letters will only be a waste of ink, and in this case, internet bandwidth.

    I stopped watching Arnab’s Goebellsian rubbish long time ago. But people like yourself continue to patronize his show with your presence. That’s why he doesn’t change.

  5. Inimak

    Arnab is an actor not a Journalist! What a comedian!

  6. sachin


  7. Rajat

    agree with your first part – very very relevant – not so with your second – again in that regard I do not see unbiased clarity in your thought – can’t differenciate between the extremities you possesss and what Arnab displays on TV.

    • Agree with your measured and concise comment. Have watches TV debates where Madhu Kishwar herself comes across as a female counterpart of Arnab, that too with a much shriller voice (a la Sagarika Ghose of CNN-IBN !). Also, like the law of physics – like poles repel each other !

      • Rajendra

        I agree with that she herself is a hard headed lady who rebukes and behaves likes of Arnab if you dont agree to her views. But I do see a point in what she is saying through her letter. Nowadays we see less of journalistic expression in News Shows but more of jounalistic adamantism to prove their own point during the news shows…this doesnt demonstrate responsible journalism.

  8. Is Arnab expected to lead any kind of revolution with his position as an electronic journalist or as an anchor, whose basic role is to keep the audience engaged, no matter what the topic is, its a highly specialized job, one that needs to be balancing all the pillars of advertisements and running those sponsored shows, its too immature to accept any individual to gate-crash the rules of engagement in today’s highly hypocritical world… we are educated to toe every line pre-set and pre-dominated by the stalwarts who have huge stakes in monetizing their investments… i feel so….

  9. Dude, this layout is almost unreadable. I cant believe you managed to mangle a blog like this! Please fix it as soon as possible so we can read your interesting thoughts.

  10. sandeep

    I doubt whether “HIS” program leaves anyone seething in rage, since no one can possibly understand the contents of his program amidst all the mayhem & cacophony.

  11. Vishal

    I agree that at times Arnab is ruthless to his panelists, but that’s what the ‘aam aadmi’ feels towards the callous attitude and misleading information arguments of some of the officials.

    However it does gets offending at times and takes away from the topic and the productivity of the discussion. Dear Arnab does needs to work on that.. also because we don’t want silly duplicates of our “Angry Young Man of the Indian Television”.

  12. Subash

    Even Arnab knows that he is putting up a facade.

    Why is he doing it?
    Pretty simple
    He is in the business of making money out of news.
    Q How do you money out of News?
    A By Garnering high TRPs.
    Q How do you garner high TRP’s?
    A By creating a sensation
    Q How do you create a sensation
    A By behaving like Arnab Goswami

    I am not surprised by arnab goswamis behaviour.After all its all about business.

    • Your comments are articulated out of your negative thoughts which have emerged from your empty brain and lack of vision. ARNAB is the voice of new Indian generation . We see ray of hope in him. I wish to see more and more ARNABS in future.

  13. Well said Madhu Kishwar. A journalist’s job is to do objective reporting. Unfortunately, many in the electronic media have succumbed to “ratings” and “sensationalism” game. Arnab seems to have taken his News Hour show to a level where the “discussion” has become more of a high school level shouting match. Jingoistic is an appropriate word that you have used. I hope the young journalists do read this blog of yours and realize “what” Not To Do as responsible journalists. Arnold’s excuse will be “I ask tough questions” rather than admitting “hey, I love being the Judge, jury and the executioner.” I remember how Arnold had jumped on to the India Against Corruption bandwagon last year and never shied away from ripping on any politician who appeared on his show. Anyway, hope maturity prevails and Arnold takes this blog of your as constructive criticism. Cheers 🙂

  14. Pathak

    Hi, Nice article….but why r u angry so much????what exactly do u want to prove???Is Times Now have stopped callin u on debate or had stopped ur payment…in both cases never bite a hand who gives u publicity or feeds u…….cheers….

  15. shyamal

    Arnab’s sales strategy was never in doubt . Jingoism is the name of the game .His role as a instigator is too evident . Majority of the panelists for the sake of publicity are too willing to play ball and the excitement goes on . Who cares for the ethics .

  16. While I agree with many of Ms. Kishwar’s views on Mr. Arnab Goswami’s style of anchoring / presenting news, and “moderating” TV debates, I am also aware of the extreme views Ms. Kishwar herself espouses on various issues, which she liberally shares during TV debates (when permitted by more favourable news anchors, mostly on NDTV 24×7).
    Also, though Ms. Kishwar castigates Mr. Goswami over pre-judging people on his NewsHour program on week-nights, I feel virtually all news channels are guilty of such shameful traits. However, with all his “vices”, I would any day prefer watching NewsHour on TimesNow than other ‘popular’ channels like NDTV 24×7 and CNN-IBN where anchors seem to choose news items close to the heart of their senior editors (such as the over-sensitiveness of Barkha Dutt / NDTV to anything and everything that happens in J&K or Pakistan). The same goes for Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN, who always tries to steer the debates on his program towards a pre-determined direction or conclusion. Any panelist who ‘digresses’ from this direction is summarily shouted down by fellow panelists or the anchor himself/herself.
    I would much rather tolerate an activist-anchor like Mr. Goswami, than get conned by wily anchors like Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai – both of whom figured prominently in the Radia Tapes. For all the criticism Ms. Kishwar has shared about Mr. Goswami, I wonder what she thinks of the program “We The People” anchored by Barkha Dutt on NDTV 24×7 on Sundays at 8 p.m.

  17. Percy

    Great article Madhu Kishwar….spot on…..Arnab Goswami for the most part make a mockery of news hour debates………

  18. Arup Sarbadhikary - Structural Consultant, Heritage Buildings

    One word sums it up for Arnab, – BULLY

  19. arun

    Well said Ramesh Iyer!! She is a well known symapathiser of PDP and always takes the same line of argument under the guise of an independent view. What about correcting yourself Madam Madhu Kishwar? She also has the same problem which she is attributing to Arnab. Any one dare to oppose your view will be shouted down.

  20. John

    How true about A TV Anchor who is judgemental and want to solve problems in half an hour without understanding the issues. He is suffers from knowledge poverty on issues he takes up most of the time. Just because he has a channel to his disposal, Arnab is arogan, and at times whimsical and does not believe respecting other people’s view. Sad for tghe society.

  21. Rajesh

    which is why one should have a large salt bowl besides you and helping yourself to large doses of salt when hearing any or all of them pontificating in the * name * of moderation

  22. Naseem

    Arnab is only a shade worse than other corporate anchors when it comes to serious political questions. Over all they all play up to the fascist moorings of the Indian middle class.

  23. aditya jha

    arnab really doesnt deserve to be a journo…..well written madhu

  24. I think in this blog every thing is not right written. No doubt Mr. Arnab is little rash but he is not so harsh as it is to be said by you. Debate moderated by Arnab on Assam problem or debate on the problem of Hindus migrated from Pakistan, the Muslims panelists were looking as they had a superiority complex that they had ruled on Hindus for 800yrs. Due to this sort of attitude and arrogance of money and power showing by the corrupt politicians make Mr. Arnab little rash.

  25. Sadaf

    Comments like this from a person like Madhu Kishwar ,hardly surprising , Earlier when Arnab was doing the same hard hitting journalism against Kalmadi or Against Umar abdulla Miss Madhu was sleeping . Now that Arnab is questioning RSS sympathizer Ramedev Madhu Kishwar is jumping up and down , very predictable. I do agree sometimes Arnab goes overboard but why this same kind of criticism is not aroused on those occasions / instances. In a recent debate when Ramdev broke his fast Madhu was arguing everyone uses black money in buying property so we should not focus on small corruption we should only focus on high ticket corruption . what kind of attitude is that ,. 1st you should get your own house in order then preach others . Before climbing a high moral horse you should get your act clean . Come to me i will show u a propert i bought with 100% hard earned white money . The attitude of ppl like MK only shows that If they indulge in corruption its ok but if someone else does its is blasphemy,. Ramdev evading tax , doing all sorts of foreign exchange violations, service tax violation, maintaining unregistered properties its ok . But he has right to instruct govt how and when it should bring back black money and it better be today otherwise hell will break lose .

    Totally biased views of Madhu , clearly showing her inclination towards RSS and its pinup boys . BJP is in serious leadership crisis when they are looking at Ramdev or Anna to lead the attack on govt . They know people like modi with their blood stained hands cant make a effective argument .

  26. Indian

    Arnab Goswami is ten times better than Burqha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai tainted with Radia tape scam.

    • My dear INDIAN, we can not compare MR.ARNAB with others especially with Burqa dutt who has her own selfish agenda based on appeasement for her personal gains. We can’t say Mr. Arnab is ten times better than others as you mentioned. Rather we can say that they have no place around him as he is UNIQUE personality having unique approach towards his profession .Some people feel annoyed with him because he speaks loud, is this a point of criticism ?.

  27. sunny

    If you think Arnab is horrible – you have the remote control… take a chill pill madhu and all arnab bashers….

    • Vinod Puri

      I mostly watch the English news channels… but Ravish on NDTV hindi is really good…i would think he is better than Barkha, AG or THE CNN-IBN guys.. Very patient and lets a discussion be well contributed too.. Unlike the three mentioned above he almost never completes what another speaker ‘has not said’ ..

  28. Sahit

    The problem with News media, across the world, today is that they are struggling hard to make profits. With the advent of internet, it has become difficult for them to afford the resources required to report a story like it should be and then profitably sell the story. Thus the news channels of today have just donned the avatar of a news channel but have essentially become entertainment channels. Panel debates on TV do not cost much and can go on as long as they want. The war for TRPs have introduced sensationalism into news and anchors like Arnab Goswami were born. I am mainly saddened at this deliberate sensationalism of news which were supposed to be analysed with a neutral perspective. Hiding behind the curtain of Freedom of Speech, the media has unfortunately induced bias in the minds of all its consumers.

    On the other hand of course, sensationalism has helped the news industry become one of the most powerful industries in the world. So I guess the media tycoons won’t be complaining, ever.

    Dear Arnab, we can see through you. Please don’t think we are stupid.

    • S.Eshwar

      see through him to the reformer he is please. if you are jealous that you cannot reach his audience or unable to answer his questions, please accept your cowardice instead of flaming at a good reporter and trying to depopularise him. it is people like you rather who are hiding behind the curtain of the internet and gutlessly trying to express hate for him. arnab need not struggle for profit in any way. kindly do not say any bitter truth is a story and a person whotells that to you is a rude monster

  29. Ravi Kishore

    Arnab is getting some real big popularity and With your Anaconda sized poisonous column dedicated to him you are re-establising the same fact. Whether good or bad whatever debator he is as per your self defined standards, the common man loves him because of the sole reason that he echoes their questions their feelings and shapes up the debate in a manner they want to see and not the way some b-school recruiters would like to where you get points for being diplomatically correct.

  30. rajanna raji

    MY TWEET TO ARNAB ON JULY [email protected] TIMES NOW has kild a man while a wardboy saved.irresponsibility is ur attude,bcs d dr didnot talk 2 u,u ran a camp 2 oust him

  31. Vinod Puri

    I watch AG many days as I use the REMOTE to switch between the news channels…. it is a nice noisy circus he runs… Just for Laughs and AFV is great fun too…

  32. Mahadevan

    Madhu’s description is a true reflection of how Arnab has changed from a journalist / facilitator of debates, into some who loves to hear his own voice. He hardly let’s a panelist complete their statement if its against his thought process. He gives one to believe through his highly emotional & animated theatrics that his one hour program is the only source of justice for the poor, downtrodden, under dogs of India & probably is trying to don the role of Amitabh in the 70s as the angry young man – maybe he should shift to Bollywood rather than professional journalism! Maybe peer pressure of successful programs on other channels with better TRPs could be a reason. Also his passion to allow another of his brethen “my voice is best” – Suhel Seth – to speak on every issue as a professional seriously confuses the viewer on the credibility of the whole debate. Frankly, I feel more discouraged on national issues watching Times Now debates & strongly suggest a new person be put in with balanced mind & less emotional theatrics which seems more like Arnab’s competing with the lady journalist on NDTV who cooked up many a story after her stint on Kargil war coverage!!

  33. Madhukar

    Arnab has a role to play in the scheme of things that goes by the name of democracy. This role is of as much relevance as what Madhu Kishwar’s role is. I think both need to have a say. There is only so much of complexities that the human mind can take. Cutting through the haze of these ‘nuanced’ views is what Arnab does. Let the critic do his job and let the commentator do her. Also, it is the weakness of the State Administration that it suspended the ‘wardboy’ and transferred the Medical Superintendent. Don’t blame Arnab for it.

  34. Really feel sorry for the hospital episode. Also for the plight of people regarding the Kashmir issue. There is is certain truth in whatever she says and i have seen Arnab’s program. He speaks gibberish or maybe martian. He is good but definitely it seems like a dictatorship. Arnab – a word of advice – people are not as dumb as you think they are. We have our own brains and we all rack it pretty well. You are on TV and we are not. Don’t make it sound like a discussion. Discussions are what we are supposed to do. You are supposed to throw light on issues. I thought journalism was for awakening but you make it seem like any other chai topic.

    What happens after you air an episode. What is the outcome. Where do we reach, what clarity do we develop. I always fail to gather this. Maybe i am not as intelligent but every one can make out the end result. YOUR DISCUSSIONS NEVER REACH ANYWHERE. PLEASE ADD A PURPOSE TO IT. COME OUT WITH SOME DECISION. THAT WILL GREATLY SOLVE THE PURPOSE OF YOUR PROGRAM AND THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP SITTING THERE TO WATCH IT FOR A WHOLE HOUR WITHOUT ANY PRODUCTIVITY.

    • S.Eshwar

      what decision? of he comes up with one you people call it dictatorship! if he doesnt, you say he is unproductive. remember he is not the prime minister( sadly). do not expect him to implement the ideas too! let politicians move their excessively large bellies to do SOMETHING!! all he can do is suggest something. what do you mean when you ask for an outcome from him and not the government!

  35. Nipun Kumar

    Arnab you are doing a great job. Don’t worry about Madhu Kiswar. I like to watch your program. People like him are politically motivated and are afraid of people’s andolan and anger they are facing everyday. Keep doing the awesome work.

  36. I fully support your views. Arnab considers himself to be a judge and not a journalist. Exactly why I don’t watch TIMES NOW anymore. You probably must have seen this video.

    Kapil Sibal being the crook he is, has got some points here. And he literally rapes Arnab and his team using words.

    • Some people claim that they do not watch TIMES NOW channel are telling lies, I am sure they watch this channel with greater enthusiasm especially to watch Mr. Arnab who has the huge potential and has been attracting most refined sections of the society.. Mr. Arnab has the distinction of being unique anchor who carry guts to reveal truth and never believes in cowardice and appeasement .MY dear critics try to understand him as he never discusses personal issues he never appease any one indeed he always highlights weaknesses , corruption and wrong doings of the govt. and its institutions.Is that wrong ?.

    • S.Eshwar

      Atul Pheno-Menon, sibal was raped worse than arnab.

  37. rahul

    I am in full agreement of your comments, observations and retort!
    In the race to reach the top, many newsreaders today have forgotten that their primary duty is to bring to the nation clear, unbiased news as and when it happens. Instead most newsreaders today have doned the attire of the judiciary and spend a lot of their energies in identifying their daily victims and issuing uncalled for judgements under the shadows of self generated and imaginary public outrage !!
    Newshour debate is one such program I have blocked out from my daily routine!

  38. This fellow is bad. Really bad. And stands for everything that is wrong with educated Indians – shallow and pompous and pretends to have a solution for all problems. But those who go to his shows to show their faces are worse. Worst are however, those who watch this nonsense for evening in and evening out. Without viewers this nonsense wouldn’t run for so long. At the end of the day as a nation we get what we deserve – including our anchors.

  39. SFA

    Times Now should look for some balanced person. Arnab is unfit as anchor. He love to speak & rest of the panelist listen and agree with him otherwise shutup.

  40. H. E. Donist

    Dare criticize Arnab all of you. He studied abroad, heads times now, he is the blue eyed boy with bifocals etc. Dare you criticize. Dare any of you criticize anchors of any kind or news channels. Dare you disagree. Aren’t you patriotic Indians? Don’t you want to change the world? So, only watch tv debates, shut up and sing Jana Gana or Vande Mataram. Thank God for the media. And the news…. It is all a part of our basic education as a people learning to keep pace with the world. So, study hard and don’t talk shit about Arnab. We should all marry him, provided he believes in polygamy. Otherwise we shall admire him from a distance. Same goes for all the others. and yes, we should be jealous of them. They are so successful. They are never going to die. But we will. So, let’s bow before them all. And if there is an error in this fan mail, plz contact an anchor to correct it. Hail Arnab and Barkha and all of them…. The nation needs you. I also would like to apologize for being an enthusiastic fundamentalistic with no leanings of any kind but towards news anchors. Life is so good when you are TV. Please, please someone put me on TV…… Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…… Sorry I shall stop now cos it must be time for a TV debate.

  41. what the hell….i love this show and many of us also…………….

  42. Archana

    There is this dangerous trend of journalists becoming larger than life, Arnab being a fine example! his programs are ill researched, lacking depth and contributing little to the subject at hand. I wonder why he calls experts on his program because he thinks he is an expert at every topic under the sun. he bulldozes into the program with premeditated ideas, and is least interested in an intelligent discussion.
    The incident of rabble rousing over the hospital attendant stitching up a patient was the height of idiocy! being a doctor myself, let me tell Mr. Know-all-Goswami that I laud the efforts of the Medical officer for acting in time and saving the patient, causing no more harm than maybe a bad scar that can easily be dealt with later. the way Mr. Know-all-Goswami was treating the Medical officer was shameful and insulting to say the least. That too without knowing a thing about Medicine. Let me tell you Mr Goswami that it is far easier to be a rabble -rouser than a responsible journalist, a route most incompetent professionals like you prefer to take, because the other route takes too much effort and does not give you an opportunity to be on the TV every night.
    Guys, the best treatment we can give this fellow is to stop watching his programs since the language of TRP’s is the only language these people understand. Everything ultimately boils down to that! After all isn’t Mr Goswami a victim of the same commercialization that he often so violently decries.

    • rajanna

      BUT they manipulate the TRP.

    • S.Eshwar

      maam anything he says that you cannot answer is a premeditated idea is it? it was a pathetic condition not having enough doctors in a hospital and it is shameful that medical experts such as yourself are trying to “laud” the efforts of an inefficient government . incomptence is something you should go through maam if your aim is to create hate messages to mr. goswami who merely stated the fact of the day. you dont need to be MBBS to know that an attendant turned surgeon is a pathetic position to be in for any country. please do not expect this to be a debate only for the doctors and the rest of the world has no cle about medicine. and maam if your profession involoves medicine, mr. goswami’s does involve knowing everything under the sun. please do not parade your ignorance and say arnab is a fool just because he gave your profession a bitter pill. rabble rouser? really? please see some truth in what he is saying and stop living in the ideal world maam.

  43. pasu.raghavan

    somewhere i heard that 20 doon school students and their 20 juniors hijacked the country’s political set up. i am sure that goswamy is one among those juniors. let us give him the least importance. nothing is important for him before his hidden ajanda – the improve the international media trade. its we to be aware of it. thats all.thanks for reading.–s.raghavan

  44. Pradeep

    I do not know what academic qualifications Arnab holds, but he seems to know more than all the experts or at least he projects that he knows more than all the experts. A good anchor would allow all panelists to have their say without interupting every 15 seconds

    • S.Eshwar

      sir his show is a fifteen minute debate. do you honestly believe that we should allow politicians to paint the heaven and the earth happy for hours together on a debate? besides he doesnt interrupt valid statements, just cover up attempts by certain people. its agood thing that he wont take something as simple as “we’ll look into it for an answer.”

  45. Payal Malik

    Kudos Madhu, Arnab Goswami has hit the rock bottom of media ethics. He started off as someone who can take the establishment, as other channels were the establishment. ( you know what I am hinting at) so initially it was good, but the problem is in delivering news he forgets that he is a messenger, but he wants to be news it self. His eulogizing of the Anna movement last year was more than in proportion to the merits of the movement.

    I just hope as they say that people those who view and those who appear vote with their feet and he becomes redundant

  46. sonika

    very well said indeed. Mr arnab has becum annoying lately. Evry indian wants a fair nd gud world arnd him,but most certainly negativity isnt the way forward.he needs to tone nd becum a journo bef he becums a judge.

  47. M.L.Suryaprakash

    It is surprising that Mr Arnab Goswami has not learnt anything from Mr Prannoy Roy during his stint at NDTV. I find Mr Prannoy Roy the best among all TV anchors in India. Arnab is really a pain to watch. I agree to most of Madhu Kishwars comments about him. Indian TV anchors in general have a lot to learn about anchoring. They are noisy, judgemental and biased. Thy should observe and learn from BBC anchors.

  48. SFA

    I Wish ‘Times Now’ management should read our comments and do some thing to get rid of
    this dangerous person for the channel.

    • Seithee

      Times and Arnab are being paid by Congress and there is no question of times reading our comments and act upon it.

  49. Atul

    is it a crime or sin to be an r RSS sympathiser !!!!

  50. KKS - Bangalore

    I have to take exception to a couple of lines. – Several friends from Kashmir wrote to me to say that “if a Kashmiri had picked up an argument or a petty fight with a yatri over some issue, Arnab Goswami would have raised hell for hours on end but such positive actions showing respect and care for Indian yatris and tourists do not receive even passing mention in his News Hour.”… So.. Kashmiiris showing respect and care to Indian Yatris???? That means, she is implying Kashmiris are not Indians???

  51. Vasant

    Arnab is a Congress Spokesperson and is always biased in Congress’s intrest

  52. Pralayantak


    You gotta be kidding.. they are both alike & pro’s in creating irrelevant debates..

    Right investigation leads to powerful & relevant debates. Unfortunately his employment is based on TRPS…..etc. Idealism & Honest reporting is not in order of Day. It doesn’t fit in 1/2 hours these days.

    keep commenting..:-)

  53. Pavan Nayak

    Well said, totally agree with your POV.

  54. I really like the content of your letter directed towards Arnab Goswami. While I admire him, I do resonate with some of the words written above. I specially empathize with Mohammad Ayub (A ward boy of Banarsi Das Government Hospital of Bulandshahar). It becomes really important that the true and complete facts are shown rather than simply sensationalizing an incomplete and small TV footage or recording. We as common people should never forget that TRP war is very dear to these news channels and they are more of a business unit individually than anything else. It is imperative that we all have a very good filter.

    • S.Eshwar

      sir, isnt it the job of the media to point out inconsistencies and flaws in our political system? theres a reason why people are trained to become doctors. though i understand the condition, if such an argument was not raised over ayub the all over india doctors would adopt the “chalta hai! brain surgery only, no?” attitude with a troupe of untrained “DOCTORS”. although i appreciate ayub stepping up to help, in a nation plagued with the chalta hai attitude, tomorrow may well be a day of roadside surgery. it is clearly a mistake on the hospitals behalf on having less staff and arnab wasnt attacking ayub but the flaw in us having not enough doctors in a certified hospital? and the rise in hospital employment in the government speaks for itself. kindly honestly reply if you think the government would have batted an eyelid if the issue was not raised.

  55. vijay kumar

    Madhu you are very correct. The classic example in support of your accurate expression is the debate Mr Goswami had only yesterday with the Principal of St. Stephens college, forgetting that he is the head of the most prestgious educational institution of a DELHI UNIVERSITY and not Mr Prakash Jawedkar or Mr. Digvijay Singh. Unlike private TV News Channels, the educational institutions are run with an upright discipline and are not drven by populism. Sports is important but in an educational institution ultimately remains an extracurricular activity and cannot and should not be allowed to override and over shadow the basic objective and mission of the institution. The boy with only 8% of attendance regardless of his acievements in sports, perhaps doesnot deserve to be in the institution at all. As Mr Javagal Srinath (a very outstanding, disciplined, sober, completely unassuming ex crickter) has said today, that he can pursue his B.A. course through correspondence course and why to allow him to use the tag , goodwill and name of St Stephen if he cannot afford to respect and abide by the requiref level of discipline of a prestigious educational institution.

    • S.Eshwar

      dear sir prestigious university or not, its arnabs job to stick to the views of the majority and stick to sense instead of putting lipstick on pigs. its because of such undermining and hatred of sportsmen who want to study too that india has a pathetic sports track record.
      the college knew unmukt was cricket captain way before he was admitted to them. kindly (with all due respect ) do not paint innocent pictures of st. stephens

  56. murtaza khan

    i am a great fan of arnab but unfortunately the points made by madhu are valid and important.

  57. pheonix

    no muslim is an indian and no indian is a muslim

  58. Naina

    ROFL ……… :))
    It shows how significant Arnab Goswami is for Indians middle class. First of all he’s not a usual anchor, but the Editor-In-Chief of TIMES NOW, thus it’s understandable for him to express his views as loud as possible, because it reflects his Channels point of view. Simple as that.
    NDTV 24X7 have had Pranoy Roy, Vikram Chandra, Barkha Dutt & others to stay in this trade, Rajdeep Sardesai has CNN group behind him. Though TOI is a big name in Indian Print News segment, I must tell you Arnab Goswami has single handedly established TIMES NOW as a major force in Indian media sector. ‘India Today’ featured him among one of the most influential Indian for 2011-12. No other ‘Padmashri’ award beneficiary journalist has managed to get a place among 50 most influential Indians list. It reflects how he has developed an image for himself. He’s the blue-eyed boy of TIMES group, his show News Hour @ 9 PM is the most viewed show by any urban educated Indian.
    Please remember that if a cricketer, no matter how much big he is or legend he is, it’s a shame for him if he would unable to play a test match in Lords Cricket Ground. Same is applicable here too, he’s not a good spokesperson or debater or intellectual if he’s unable to get a call for join a debate in Arnab’s show !! Last but not the least recently Raj Thackrey had given an interview in Hindi (which is almost impossible) to Arnab simply and at the same time Rajdeep was busy writing an open letter to Raj in Hindustan Times !! Moral of the story, for losers Grape is sour. Watch out Arnab Goswami’s News Hours at 9 and chilled !!

  59. Asoke Kumar Roy

    People like Arnab, Sardesai and others are nothing but ‘ Howlers’. I am sick of listening to them. The experts who join these discussions are no good either. They are all the time interrupting each other which leads to a chaotic situation. The level of debate is extremely poor and sub-standard.
    It will not be out of place to mention that lately I have been listening to ‘ ABP Ananda’.
    I am overwhelmed by their professionalism, the standard of debate and allowing others to give their views. Unfortunately the language is Bengali. Living in Delhi I have stopped watching the English news channels in Delhi. They are plain S***t. I suggest to those who can, to switch over to ABP Ananda Politicial discussions. They will not regret. Better late than never.
    Asoke Roy.

  60. Akshaya Kumar

    Very well articulated views. Arnab does require this dose of advice from a senior activist. Even I, who was once a fan of Arnab, have now switched over to CNN-IBN. I seem to prefer Sagarika’s screams to Arnab’s shouts. i wish Arnab heeds to the suggestions given by Madhu Kishwar and makes his programme truly fair and non-partisan.

  61. Seithee

    Very well. I have the exact feelings of this author. Infact I have stopped watching Times because of Arnob. I think Headlines today is better and gives the participants to put their views unlike Arnob trying to influence his views with panelists and most of the times supports the corrupt politicians.

    I specifically dislike his attitude towards Narendra Modi and his bias. Modi is the only CM in entire India who has shown what progress is all about. Quality of life is much better in Gujarath and again, there is no need to get certificiate from Arnob on Modi as Gujarath people have been certifying Modi all the time. Ofcourse the entire media is biased but, Times shows it more and the reason is very simple. Congress pays huge Ads and donations to times and even Arnob has been instructed to be soft on congress by his Management.

    I completely agree with Madhu Kishwar. Arnob’s arrogance is beyond tolerence.

  62. S.Eshwar

    I am appalled by the lack of acceptance displayed by most of you!! Arnab’s approach is the only way we can know the truth. check out other interviews ! all the cheapskates on it simply shout some facts and try to get away with a clean hand. arnab’s rage is completely unquestionable and justified.

    as to people feeling influenced by arnab… i’d like to hear him say one false statement not substantiated by HARD CORE FACT. Mr. seithee i’d love to jar you back into reality when you say arnab is soft on the congress… please spend more time in an unbiased world.

    if you feel arnab is arrogant, boycott his program, you’re the loser but dont parade such biased views on a reporter trying to improve india and make our political snails see sense.

    lets see if the aam aadmi can understand the injustice he is being subjected to by governmental cheapos without arnab goswami

  63. Raghuraman

    Dear Arnab, I admire u for your eloquence but hates your boisterous voice. Right here, the CNN anchors and newscasters are always gentle, polite and less boisterous. I also find that there is no place for old people (above 50 and 60s) in your channel whereas Jeff sand ember and Mrs. Candy Crawley of CNN are more than 50 years. Why this discrimination. They covered Sandy Storm non stop for 16 hours with perfect English and less drama. Half of CNN anchors and editorial staff are above 50.

  64. Mukesh Singh

    I am from Canada and being an Indian, my concern is that Manmohan Singh, the PM of India has disgraced the Sikh community who has been, according to history, protected the country whereas this man, has sold his conscience and his body to a foreigner as a puppet. The Sikh community has been disgraced by this person and this type of person should not at all represent graceful Indians. How he can go so low in his moral and character. Please convey this to Manmohan Singh, if you are really an Indian, you should jerk your conscience and your moral, if you have.

  65. vipul saxena

    Well written article and straight message to Arnab that he has lot of scope for improvement. But the fact is he has been grown so big in such a small career span and when he knows he has no competitor as Rajdeep and others are well settled, Times Group has not created second line for him.

    But somewhere Madhu has gone beyond Arnab and spoke on Kashmir issue much more than required in the context of the theme.

  66. Kalyan

    No news anchor is perfect and never will be. However that is not to say that one should not try to be. The biggest problem with a news anchor is when he/she have predetermined their own stand. A discussion should be exactly that. Discussion. In a discussion a person should be open minded, At least the anchor. If the anchor himself/herself have pre decided bias based on whatever logic, then the show is a waste. Arnab was much better in the beginning when he had left being a sidekick in NDTV but he seems to have transformed in to a high energy ego rider which is reflected by his scant respect for any participant in the show. For his own sake I wish he would at least take this letter seriously. Arnab please please have some sense and do more research and stop depending on the cue cards your ‘research’ team doles out to you.

  67. jagadisan

    Most of the things told by Madhu are true. Arnab’s style of anchoring these debates are many times highly autocratic and he wants only his opinions to be brought out and prevail. Contrary views are shot down. At the same time, many issues that he brings out are in the best interests of the country, which at this point of time is going through such a weather that requires quick judgements and public opinion formations.

    • eeswar

      I have seen the debate this Lady is mentioning…Arnab was trying to question that any given time there must be 5 to 10 doctors available in that hospital…if they are available what is the need of ward boy doing stitches??? leaving that point aside this lady says in emergency it is justified that ward boy can do surgical work etc, it is okay for us arnob not allowing the panelists to put such stupid arguments that we are all aware of…it wouldn’t be an issue if all the doctors are present doing their job and ward boys helping them in emergency, but that wasn’t the case.

  68. Murali Chiku

    I Totally disagree. Arnab’s show is much better than any other channels non sense news and predetermined shows

  69. sheiila

    I feel arnab has a lot of ruthless guts ,and he gets my 100%vote to carry on his bulldozing of these remorseless characters he takes on head on.i am too old become an activist but i am clapping for him all the way .arnab you should now with lok sabha elections looming that a coloum ” none of the above ” be incorporated in the form when we go to vote,of course with disgust running in our veins

  70. eeswar

    what this lady fail to understand is the issue is not that ward boy doing stitches but the issue is where are all doctors who are supposedly be on duty at that time!!!! you cannot expect arnab to 100% accurate in every debate he hosts! but 90% he takes the right side and his bullying is perfectly justified for those head weight politicians!!!!

  71. […] dismissal because of Modi’s role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. He also added that you have been very vocal on behalf of Kashmiri Pandits. After I witnessed the Gujarat riots in 2002, I returned to the […]

  72. […] dismissal because of Modi’s role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. He also added that you have been veryvocal on behalf of Kashmiri Pandits. After I witnessed the Gujarat riots in 2002, I returned to the […]

  73. Ashraf khan

    I think he is an idiot who seems to be corrupted by the side he always takes and he hijacks the debate towards his preconceived mindset.This very attitude of his irritates every body who is the on panel and watching,thus he proves it that Indian press and media is as corrupt and bribed as are the other organs of government.We all know that these press people earn by black mailing the officers and high ups in the govt.

  74. OMG. I don’t even remember when have i met this author but he is telling exactly how i feel about the communal mr. arnav goswami. In my opinion as a kashmiri educated youth, i think he has caused half of the trust deficit between kashmiris and india and remaning half attributes to whole other factors. I think while glorifying his nationalism, he is causing only troubles to this beautiful contry. My word! Mr. Arnav ji. If u are a real patriot then give up this profesion of journalism and that way u would do some service to ur country otherwise u are harming it. My friend “KADI DOSROON KI B SUNA KARO”.

  75. […] dismissal because of Modi’s role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. He also added that you have been veryvocal on behalf of Kashmiri Pandits. After I witnessed the Gujarat riots in 2002, I returned to the […]

  76. Prahab sharma

    This anchor has no media/anchor manners and need ethic class. He must be hired by indian intelligence to just say bullshit

  77. puruu

    Arnab should read this for sure. He needs such blunt review. He needs to mellow down and mend his ways with guests. He sometimes appear too childish.

  78. Abhijit

    Quite true.

    The entirely different way of looking at it is of bravery.

    We should commend the good job that the ward boy did. It was neither his duty nor was he trained for it or paid for it. What was his personal need to do it? But he lived up to the need of the hour. And did a good job too. Something for which a doctor would have been otherwise required.

    Instead of us looking at him as the hero that he was – we have nationally shamed him, tried to make him feel worst for his good work. Will Mr G stand up to that cruel and completely unfair treatment by himself.

    Castigating this will only result in ensuring that no one will dare to help in a situation where he could have actually helped and even saved a life!

    Even generally speaking, the wise would have noted how much of the world’s real expert work actually gets done only by those who could at best be called non experts. It appears that Mr Arnab is the non-expert about whom everyone is complaining detested by his posing. I dont watch his television though. You seem to do – in a love hate relationship with him.

    You can cure his disease quickly if you stopped watching him.

    • eeswar

      in my opinion you missing the point, its not about ward boy…its about doctors…at any given time that hospital should have more than 7 doctors available on duty!! we all know why they are not available and why ward boy have to fill in their shoes….i have seen this episode and annoyed with this lady’s argument!!

  79. Every evening my thought gets stronger that Arnab Goswami is an attention seeker . I totally agree with the author that he dosnt do a prior research or enough homework . He needs to know some very basic things of a normal sane society. While someone is speaking ..please dont interrupt . Let him/ her complete and then put forward ur point. You are a journalist , host , anchor. You should respect the guests on your show. Besides , you ought to respect their viewpoints too. The example of a prism is perfect. Arnab .. You need to know VIBGYOR. make your life colourful and our tv screens too. Everyday we see you yelling on the screen . Please come out of this. And look beyond right and wrong. .. Moreover your opinion is not always the opinion of the entire nation. You certainly are not the father of the nation!

  80. Khursheed

    Wow! What a reply! Friends, this is the case wiwith every news channel, sorry mouth peices of political parties. Where every issue is sold to the advantage of political parties and useless politicians get an audience. May be issues come with a price tag. We have recently witnessed one.
    Every debate leaves you with stress than a solution. None of the anchor knows the ground realities nor the politician. Vultures of power are sitting in capital. Politician and journalists cook their stories together in one airconditioned kitchens and dangerously presented to the nation. They never invite intellectuals to address the issue rather to make it more complicated and poisonous. At all if any forward thinking person never gets a chance to speak or complete his or her point of view and left insulted to be invited never again. News channel have become political brothels and so called journalists i dont know except who, are all news rouges or prostitutes who dance everyday to the tune of money, after all it is their business. Hats off to the commitment!!!
    Everyday their is trial with preconceived justice,
    Usi ka shehar(channel), wohi Mud’ai (petitioner), wohi Munsif(judge).
    Hamein yaqeen tha, hamara qusoor niklega!!

  81. Amin Beigh

    Great Article By Madhu Kishwar Jee, i agree bit with you.Arnab Goswami is a Hitler,Bully and a Autocrat for 1 hr drama on Times Now.He feels he is the Judge,Executioner and the Defendent of All Inidan Public.He cuts the main discussion into crap of his Own.He never lets panelists to talk if they dont toe his choicest line.He is Jalaad type Journo,come on Arnab now you must wake up and understand that you cant bully always.


  82. Abu Aishan

    He is not an anchor, but an interrogator. He gets over whelmed by his nationalist zeal wherein at times he sees and believes only his point of view, no matter what the subject has to say. Saw him interviewing Yasin Malik of JKLF after his hunger strike sit in. He was reminding him every now and then that he is an Indian Passport Holder and should not have been together with Hafiz Mohammad sayeed. If Yasin Malik is an Indian then what is the problem. He said that even J.L.Nehru and Gandhi had British Indian Passports, does it mean that they could not seek freedom from the British. This man is only making it difficult for the future generations as he is depriving the Indian Nation of knowing Bare Facts…..

  83. gagan singh

    well those who have got problem with Arnab Goswami why dont they change the channel n watch rajdeep sardesai or barkha dutt or rahul kanwal(the new kid on the block,saying that from the last 5 years) take on their panelists.
    Arnab Goswami’s approach “the-nation-wants-to-know” can be justified as long as he is able to squeeze out every bit of information from his panelists….
    As far as his opinion on every issue is concerned,there he can reserve his comments or atleast not impose his thought on the panelists
    I do not oppose or criticise Rajdeep Sardesai but he is too formal with his panelists.

  84. Chinaar Patta

    Amazing so many people have written so much just on on one news Anchor. This obsession with one personality shows that Arnoub is good at the show and has captured your attention. All these people who have commented and people who have blogged, if you don’t like Arnoub, please don’t watch his show – watch other channels. Arnoub is human after all and he may be good at times and not so good or even wrong at other times.

    What’s the big issue – you cannot go on talking and blogging about one person. Do something purposeful with your time!

    Issue of Prism – We all see the world from our Prism!

  85. Arnab iz a mental case nd needs pshcaitric check up

  86. sandeep

    Bravo Ms Kishwar, i m totally in agreement with your assessment.Shouting down those who do not agree with you does not mean that we are listening to a good anchore. It also needs to be understood that the opinion makers in electronic media are hindi channels who have much wider reach. Self confessed Mr Right is heard only in household who do not matter or have remote in hand to tone down the decibel levels. One must listen to Mr Pronoy Roy he is to date is best person who treats his subject with balance and his guest with respect.

  87. That is, the result would ultimately be attributed to the sovereign will of God.
    To offset this risk, there is some degree of timing that should be considered
    in the affiliation with religion or spirituality. Faith seems
    to go a lot deeper than just believing.

  88. And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue
    had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and
    said, Who touched my clothes. The key to choosing a teacher is to ask lots
    of questions, decide what is important to you, and follow your intuition.
    To insist otherwise is ethnocentric, impractical, and false-hearted.

  89. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails
    with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

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  91. I comment each time I appreciate a post on a site
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    It’s triggered by the fire communicated in the post I read. And after this post Open letter to Arnab Goswami by Madhu Kishwar | kracktivist. I was actually moved enough to drop a thought 🙂 I actually do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind. Is it simply me or does it look like a few of these responses appear as if they are written by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting on additional sites, I would like to keep up with you. Would you make a list every one of all your social sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  92. Shailendra

    I agree with all that Madhu says about Arnab except it is no less true of the likes of Karan Thapar, Rajdeep Sardesai, Burkha Dutt, and a host of other print and TV journalists including Madhu herself. I have watched Madhu on Arnab’s program more than once calling Arundhati Roy “part of a lunatic fringe” and thus showing no patience for the nuances of Arundhati’s take on a complex issue of whether Kashmir is an integral part of India or not. It is like a kettle calling another kettle black!!!

    I watch Pakistani journalists like Najam Sethi and Muneeb Farook (Aapas Ki Baat, Geo TV), Hamid Mir, Tahir Gora (Bilatakalluf, Rawal TV), Tariq Fatah (from Toronto) and the likes for a much better and far more balanced critique of various issues. I find Pakistani media in general much restrained and far less jingoistic than Indian media.

  93. Kunal

    “Dil ko khush rakhne ko yeh KHAYAAL achha hai madhu keshwar ji. LOLZ ur fantasizing that by criticizing him here u will match him. He has taken ur success away and now ur a jealous rot venting it out on free of cost internet blogs….rofl.
    I am a Kashmiri Hindu and YOU DO NOT KNOW KASHMIR MORE THAN ME. So please stop crying over Kashmir. Second, the comments above prove who you are for and who are for you. Only pseudo seculars and fundamentalist muslims, above, has lavished praises on you. But that not the whole country, trust me. This whole country is the people that tune in to Times Now everyday at 9.00 pm Sharp. (and miss arnab on satdys and sundys too)
    Take a vallium and go back to bed… Good Nite 🙂

  94. not a good article!! seriously!! if i come back and have some time then i will post the reasons for that..

  95. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this article
    and the rest of the website is really good.

  96. Madhu

    who is this joker madhu kishwar btw…?

  97. What Ms. Kishwar has plainly neglected to observe is that by the very virtue of her comment, one can ‘deduce’ (so that judgmental commentators do not themselves assume that I am assuming) that she wears glasses shaded grey and so wishes that everyone concur that grey is a flattering colour of glasses to sport!

    Ms. Kishwar, may I remind you that when you were one of the panelists on Mr. Goswami’s show, post Damini’s rape and death, you vehemently (to use a mild word) supported Mr. Goswami’s quest for answers from the government and from Mr. Mukherjee. Why then, did you forget about this article you wrote Ms. Kishwar? Was Mr. Goswami’s approach towards the case and the demand for answers any meeker at that particular point in time? Or will you finally concede that this is the opportune time for the polity to give us answers?

    I don’t care about Mr. Goswami or his persona for that matter. All I know is that he gets me the answers I need to be ‘relatively’ satisfied about political accountability. And why not NOW? What will I get out of waaaaiiiiiiiting for the polity to give me answers? Are you going to feed me with ‘patience is a virtue’ crap? When you say that even murderers are given a fair chance at trial, might I remind you that nearly none of the polity are being taken and charged with the heinous crimes they commit in the Indian Court of Law? You can call Mr. Goswami’s show Kangaroo Courts or Elephant Courts for all I care! All I want are answers!


    P.S. I am a born-again Christian. Next time you decide to slander us as a group, remember that for a woman who claims that Arnab Goswami’s b&w glasses are partisan, you my dear woman are not any more impartial than he. Your own words might end up biting you in the ass!

    Nargita Kapoor

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  99. 1. May be Madhu is RSS sympathiser. That does not prohibit her from voicing genuine concern over deteriorating standards of NewsHour and Arbanb’s one-up-manship.
    2.Initially program was good; nowadays one sees more of cacaphony of voices than any fruitful discussion. All participants vie for the mike together and make our lives miserable.
    When one of them suceeds to silence others, it is time for a break! Again the ritual starts after the break. I am reminded of Barkha Dutt’s program.
    3.No doubt there are some good ones wherein the VVIP is cornered and pours scorn on Arnab (like Jagdish Tytler a couple of days back- but Arnab fully deserves that tongue lashing to keep him in his place)

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  107. when some top central level congress or bjp central politician involves in a scandal, he uses mild words like “everyone should be sorry for this state” blah blah etc. But when the same is done by dmk, mayawati,mulayam or state level politician like yeddurrapa, he gets(acts) too emotional and use words like shameless , sham, etc. Ultimately the owner of times of India is an industrialist who has to bend to the congress or bjp for some favors. Also during a news hour, arnab was questioning how Mr. Rathore can smile, when he was coming out on bail. Should Rathore get permission from Arnab to smile?. maybe even for a piss?
    Times now is a nonsense sensational news channel. Anyone who always want to be on high can take a peg of alcohol and watch it. if u want to be peaceful avoid watching times now.
    More over in the weekdays afternoon they repeat the 70 and 80’s hindi songs in the name of classics. thoo thoo

  108. Viraj Kulkarni

    The writer seems to be extremely aggrieved after participating in a debate on the news hour. The whole point is if people feel Arnad isn’t right yhey will simply switch the channel and watch Aj Tak or the like. With Arnab it maybe a Kangaroo court but the point is it is the need of the hour. Our politicians have hung around years not answering the public and digressing from questions and confusing the hell out of the public

    Here is a man who demands answers for his questions. He just doesnt let one hide and take cover under delusional pretexes. He may not always be right but a large part of learned india watches his show. That tells a story in itself doesn’t it. People want answers, people are angry and people want someone who shares their anger. Simple advice to all the naysayers if you don’t like it you just don’t have the strength to stand up to reality. Put man’s greatest invention to use – the remote.

  109. Chanda sekaran

    At least some sane voice questioning the running away painting of opponents black and seeming perusing some one else agendas

  110. Bala

    I have stopped watching the news hour because of the most irritating and high handed way it is handled by arnab

  111. Asif

    he does not give a fair chance to his guests.He is against the govt and against any organization like BCCI.He is too soft on BJP.
    if he picks a point against Govt then he makes it a big issue.
    he is never out spoken to Gujrat , MP or Chhatisgarh etc.
    yesterday Dhoni gets an award for team India in UK but he did not mention any single word..and he was behind Dhoni to prove a point that he(Dhoni) is in conflict of interest. his shows are full of negativity and for him whole world is bad.There is no doubt that he is a capable person but he always takes a position before starting his show.He always says…that people of India wants to know.I am sorry Arnab…you do not represent whole India. he needs to learn from Barkha Dutt ,Vishnu Som , Anuradha Prasad , Raj Deep Sar Desai , Karan Thapar etc. Their shows always gives full chance to their guests….they do not interrupt and try to put word in guest’s mouth.

  112. Abhishek

    I agree, Arnab’s debating style makes news watching an obnoxious experience …

  113. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on
    the video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw away
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  114. pro

    I have stopped entertainment channels since i switched over to Arnav’s entertainment

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