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Pakistan: Helpline Opens to Help Prevent Violence Against Women

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in Asia.

Parliament recently passed laws aimed at improving the rights of women, but practical support for victims of is rare but one group in Karachi is making a difference.

The country has now opened its ’s first helpline for seeking help for domestic violence.

’s Imtiaz Tyab reports from .

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  1. amirah

    my sister who resides in pakistan ia being abused since many yaers,couple of days ago it has gone too far.she was attacked by her daivar..he threw vinegar on my sisters face,then pulled her by the hair dragged her to the bedroom and scratched her face and ripped her lips with his fingernails.threathened her if you misbehave with my father again ill do much worse…her fatherinlaws just stands by enjoying the show.when my sisiter tells her daivar to get lost ther fatherinlaw says u cant speak to my son like that…my sisters fault?not respondong to father inlws question…i want to help my sister…her husband accused her of misbehaving hence deserving this treatment…also threatened her ill divorce you if you tell anyone…..please help my sisiter..please………she has two little girls…..

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