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PRESS RELEASE- Tehelka Not Welcome In Goa- THinkfest 2013 is STiNKfest 2013

Not Welcome In Goa


Tehelka, the organisers of the THiNK ‘13 Festival, have been declared to be unwelcome in by Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott (GXE) who are outraged by the fact that the THiNK Festival offers a platform to, and acts and collaborates with corporations with a blemished record of working and acting against the interests of the peoples of India.

These same corporations sponsoring the Festival have been involved in major illegal activities such as illegal mining, the telecom scam, the Radia tapes exposure, sponsorship of the Salwa Judum, innumerable environmental violations, and displacing indigenous communities.

Teheleka magazine, who brings Goa this festival, spiked a story by one of its own journalists that would have exposed the illegal taking place in Goa. The journalist’s investigation was later confirmed by the Shah Commission, that accused the mining industry, in collusion with politicians and government officials, of illegal mining to the tune of Rs 35,000 crores.

Till date, Tehelka has remained silent on the matter.

The price to register for the festival – Rs 35,000 – reflects the audience that the Festival expects to attract: the rich and the powerful.

It is not an inclusive but an exclusive club even though participation  in previous festivals has been thin.

We call on speakers attending to rethink their presence at this festival. To take part in this STiNKFEST is to commit yourself to the supporting those sponsors and supporters of this so-called intellectual forum that exploits the people of this country.

ISSUED- BY—- Members of the Goan Society, including John Fernandes, Benaulim; Zarina Da Cunha, Nuvem; Abhijit Prabhudesai, Curtorim; Sidharth Karapurkar, Navelim; Rony Dias, Cuncolim; Fr. Victor Ferrao, Rachol; Cassian Furtado, Varca and many others



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  1. […] PRESS RELEASE- Tehelka Not Welcome In Goa- THinkfest 2013 is STiNKfest 2013 […]

  2. Now it is proved that it is real Stink2013 at Goa, mainly because of Tarun’s sexual acts. He should be punished for the criminal act. He and his Managing Editor who were talking so high of their morals, it all collapsed like a house built of cards. I have a strong suspicion that this is not the first time and this junior journalist is the first one. Ask Anna MM who called her on 21st Nov evening before she appeared on a panel discussion CNN-IBN. You get the name of the other journalists in Tehelka who underwent similar trauma but didn’t have the courage to report to Managing editor.
    When they are neck deep in this kind of criminal acts, how can they talk morals?

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