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#Racism – Kumar Vishwas of AAP – insults Kerala Nurses #sexist #joke

English: This is well renowned poet.

English: This is well renowned poet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Another Racist Joke : kumar viswas Aam Admi party leader insulting Kerala nurses

He says—Earlier , When man was sick, he used to go to hospital   poor man he was satisfied there, as the  nurses came from – black ( kaali peeli ), he could only call them ‘ sister ‘ and always thought she should remain sister.

Many nurses from kerala, thats why do not put up their pics on facebook profile, what may happen …

watch below the 23 sec clip





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Comments (4)

  1. shashi khurana

    AAP remarks reflect a perversely sexist mindset and the party leaders need to be told about that.

  2. jOSEPH

    Who is this Kumar Viswas???

    Kumar Viswas should say sorry to Malayalee nurses? ‘Kumar Viswas’ you are nothing infrent of such nurses, are you forgot PK Vineetha and Remya Rajappan. You should read below articles

    THINK WHO ARE AND WHO IS MALAYALEE NURSES. You are nothing, just a politician to gain rule and name, but they are angels, they are sacrificing their life. Are you ever think how north Indian hospital will work without Malayalee nurses. think before talk………………… shameless creature…………..

    Read more at:

  3. If i am not allowed to laugh and make jokes about other People, and other People can`t laugh and make jokes about me…then Life will be real dull.

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