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Shoppers Can ‘Get the Slave Look’ With ‘12 Years a Slave’ Mannequin #WTFnews

The Independent

by Jamilah King

Monday, May 19 2014, 11:21 AM ESTTags: 12 Years a SlaveSlavery

If you happen to be shopping at the branch of the British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s anytime soon, you might come across a featuring DVD’s of “12 Years a Slave” — and an accompanying mannequin dressed up like the film’s main character, Solomon Northup:

For reasons unknown, an Oxford branch of the supermarket embellished its DVD and Blu-ray stand for Steve McQueen’s film about the horrors of with a mannequin wearing a similar outfit to that of protagonist Solomon Northup.

Looking defiantly summer-ready, the mannequin wears a loose-fitting, holey beige shirt andblack trousers, completing the look with a twig in the front pocket.

Backed by spindly branches and standing next to a plaque that shouts ‘NEW’, it wears a tag around its neck bearing the price of the recently-released DVD, suggesting the clothes themselves aren’t for sale, though the juxtaposition is a strange one nonetheless.

(The Independent)

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Comment (1)

  1. Satish

    I wonder what the reaction would have been if there was a “sexy concentration camp look in sext stripped pyjamas”?

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