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Starving, jobless Dalit man beaten to death for stealing leftover dal-roti #WTFnews


PUBLISHED: 00:23 GMT, 14 July 2014 | UPDATED: 00:23 GMT, 14 July 2014



The hungry, unemployed Dalit man picked up four leftover rotis and a bowl of dal

The hungry, unemployed Dalit man picked up four leftover rotis and a bowl of dal


A 22-year-old Dalit man succumbed to his injuries in Lucknow after he was mercilessly thrashed by construction workers for stealing roti and dal.

The deceased, Deepak Raidas, was caught by labourers inside one of their hutments along the Rae Bareli Road in the early hours of Saturday.

Engaged in some construction work under Vrindavan Yojna, the workers stay in these hutments near their site.

Sleuths said the hungry, unemployed youth had picked up four leftover rotis and a bowl of dal.

But Deepak’s luck ran out when one of the workers raised an alarm on seeing him sneaking out of the hut.

Enraged, the men tied Deepak with a rope before beating him up mercilessly. There were reports that the men had beaten him up with rods.

Later, the men bundled Deepak into a trolley and took him to a police station on Saturday morning.

Although the youth was seriously injured, the police allegedly forced him to remain at the police station for a couple of hours.

Deepak was charged not only for trespassing and stealing, but also with stealing Rs 600 from a bag.


Eyewitnesses said the police took three hours to complete their paperwork before Deepak was taken to the Mohanlalganj community health centre for a medical examination.

The victim succumbed to injuries within half an hour of reaching the health centre.

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  1. Communal Award

    Ambedkar demanded Independence for SC/ST people.
    Bania Gandhi “bribed” SC/ST people with Reservations.
    I’ve petitioned Prime Minister of India to create a separate nation for Untouchable people in India

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