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#AadhaarMafia Delhi Cop threatens activist – If you don’t have aadhaar or address proof you should be surrounded and killed

‘जिसका आधार नंबर और एड्रेस नहीं है हम उसे कहीं भी ख़तम कर सकते हैं’
‘एक अभियान चल रहा है घेरो और मारो’
Sub Inspector threatens  activist   Shabnam Hashmi 
New Delhi –  Shabnam Hashmi who is  a  founder trustee  of Pehchan , which  runs a small centre in Jaitpur extension and teaches school drop outs every year, coaches them to appear for 10th and 12th from Jamia. It also runs sewing classes for women.
She  received a call from Director of Pehchan coaching centre at 8.59pm  today who e told her  that Haseen husband of one of the women (Mubina) , who had learnt stitching at our centre, got a call from a man who said that he was calling from the Lajpat Nagar police station and was a sub inspector. He threatened Haseen and called him to the police station regarding some complaint. She gave me SI’s name and number.
Usually when someone is called at night we do try and call up the police officer concerned, try and arrange a lawyer to go with whoever has been called to the police station.,’ shabnam hashmi said  and added m’I did the same. Unfortunately my telephone did not have a call recorder downloaded. The conversation which was full of abuses, using highly derogatory and uncivilized language could not be recorded. I cut the phone after 15 minutes or so and downloaded a call recorder quickly. In between the person who claimed to be the Sub Inspector Sandip Malik from Lajpat Nagar Police Station called 4 times but I didn’t pick up the phone till the recorder was downloaded.
 Shabnam Hashmi ahs audio recording  which is self explanatory.
The earlier conversation was a lot more threatening and abusive as compared to what has been recorded.  I was directly threatened that I will be killed in an encounter and that there is the new law according to which whoever doesn’t have an aadhaar and address proof should be surrounded and killed (‘एक अभियान चल रहा है घेरो और मारो’ ).
The man who claimed to be the sub inspector called from mobile no 7065824289.
The conversation and the Sub Inspectors’ threat raise serious questions which the Government of the day and the Police Commissioner must answer.
Accoridng to truecaller, the number belongs to one Ashish Kumar and has also been indicated as a police number.

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Delhi Police Prevents Peaceful Protest in Front of Israeli Embassy – Students, Others, Injured and Detained

JULY 14, 2014

A Tale of Two Protests, On Two Days.

Protests against the situation in Gaza have been held in Delhi yesterday, (Sunday, 13th July, and today, 14th July, in the morning). Yesterday, on Sunday morning, there was a peaceful protest in front of the Israeli Embassy – this came out of a call for protest by individuals. Yesterday, about a hundred odd people, including many young people, had gathered. I was present at this gathering. Some people made statements condemning the Israeli state’s aggression against the Palestinian people. The Delhi Police was present, but did not try to disrupt or disturb the protest. The protest happened right in front of the Israeli Embassy gates on Aurungzeb Road.

Protestor in front of the Israeli Embassy in Delhi on Sunday, 13th July 2014

Protestor in front of the Israeli Embassy in Delhi on Sunday, 13th July 2014

Protestors with Signs against Israeli State's Aggression on Gaza, in front of the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, 13th July, 2014

Protestors with Signs against Israeli State’s Aggression on Gaza, in front of the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, 13th July, 2014

Today, another protest was scheduled, once again in front of the Israeli Embassy, at exactly the same spot as yesterday’s protest, and this was organized by students from Jawaharlal Nehru University, and from Delhi University. I was not present at this gathering, but spoke to some people who were there on the phone before uploading this post. Some of those who were present at yesterday’s protest, including, for instance, Akbar Chowdhury, president of the JNUSU, had planned to be there at this protest too. The protestors, comprising mainly students, were stopped, arbitrarily, first quite far away from from the venue.

JNU Students Trying to Cross Barricades Put Up by Delhi Police to Prevent them from reaching the Road in front of the Israeli Embassy in Delhi. 14th July, 2014

JNU Students Trying to Cross Barricades Put Up by Delhi Police to Prevent them from reaching the Road in front of the Israeli Embassy in Delhi. 14th July, 2014 (Photograph by Jean-Thomas Martelli, from his Facebook Post)

Student Protestor being Manhandled by Policeman, in front of the Israeli Embassy in Delhi, 14 July, 2014. Photograph by Jean-Thomas Martelli (from his Facebook Post)

Student Protestor being Manhandled by Policeman, in front of the Israeli Embassy in Delhi, 14 July, 2014. Photograph by Jean-Thomas Martelli (from his Facebook Post)

There was very heavy police presence. Some protestors managed to cross the barricades put up by Delhi police, and reached the venue and sat down. They were negotiating with the police, asserting that it would be a completely peaceful protest with some statements, slogans, and singing and that there was no intention on anyone’s part to enter or attack the embassy premises in any way. Suddenly, as this was going on, some police personnel began attacking the protestors who were sitting on the road, and began dragging them. Then, all the protestors began being attacked with batons. Kavita Krishnan, general secretary of the All India Progressive Womens Association, who was present at the gathering who was raising a slogan even as she was being dragged away was hit on her lip with a policewoman’s helmet. The protestors, including Kavita Krishnan, and Akbar Chowhury, president of the Jawaharlal Nehru Students Union and an activist with the AISA (All India Students Association) who was present at the gathering have also been taken there are at present being detained at the Tughlaq Road police station.

Kavita Krishnan, Tweeting from Tughlaq Road Police Station

Kavita Krishnan, Tweeting from Tughlaq Road Police Station

The police has been violent and abusive with the protestors, they have been beaten, several protestors have injuries, though apparently, no one is in a critical condition. Around fifty of them are still in detention, as I write, in the Tughlaq Road police station.

When a news team from CNN-IBN reached Tughlaq Road Police Station and tried to interview Kavita Krishnan at the Police Station gate, she was dragged in by police personnel who were present and prevented from completing her statement to the news team.

What is it that makes the Delhi Police behave so differently on two successive days at the same place?

1. Is it because a protest on a Sunday, when the embassy is shut, and the city quiet, is considered harmless, and a protest on a Monday when the embassy is open and the media active, considered inadmissible.?

2. Or, is it because the Delhi Police’s by now familiar hostility towards any gathering featuring the presence of left wing student groups, especially from JNU, kicked in today, almost like a natural reflex.Yesterday’s gathering did have some of the same students present, but it was not called by them. The call for today’s protest went out on the facebook pages of JNU students. It is noticable that everytime JNU students have tried to protest in the city on any issue, in the recent past, they have been prevented from doing so, with force, by the Delhi Police. Police reach the gates of the university to try and ensure that the students do not leave. And when that fails, they try and stop, divert and detain them on their way to the protest venue. This is becoming a regular pattern.

3. Or is it because, orders have come from ‘above’ that say no one can will be allowed to speak about Palestine in front of the Israeli Embassy in Delhi any longer.

Or, is it a combination of all three factors above?

When large peaceful protests with thousands of people can happen in London and New York in front of Israeli embassies and consular facilities, why does a gathering of a hundred odd peaceful young people in front of the Israeli Embassy invite batons, abuse and detention in a police station ?


Read more here-

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Press Release – Delhi Police Lathi Charges Peaceful Protest infront of Israel Embassy #WTFnews

July 14,  Israel Embassy / Tughlaq Road Thana, New Delhi : Nearly 100 people peacefully gathered today near Hotel Claridges on Auragzeb Road to protest against the Isreal’s bombardment and killing of more than hundred, men, women, children in last few days.

Protesters from JNUSU, AISF, RYA, NAPM, DSG and many other civil society organisations marched from Hotel Claridges towards the ISrael Embassy. They were stopped after 150 meters by police barricade. Delhi Police had mobilised water canon, police vans, jeeps, batons and no women police. One third of the protesters were nearly women. As the protesters crossed the barricade and marched towards the embassy, police persons started man handling men first and pushed them hard. Some of them were forcefully pushed to the police bus, but they managed to get out of the bus.

While nearly 25 of them managed to reach the gates of embassy, other were detained some 15 meters behind. By then another batch of plice personnel arrived and they began lathi charging and beating up students, male, female both on the directions of Shri S B S Tyagi, DCP. He ordered his men to just get rid of them anyhow, they started chasing protesters. Some of the women protesters who stepped aside and stood there, were abused and beaten up by the police men. Even when they asked them to stop, they didn’t stop. This all happened infront of the media people who were recording, apart from the the police cameras.

The bunch protesting infront of the Israel embassy gates and those immediately behind were forced and pushed inside the police vans. Nearly 30 of us who had come back to the barricaded area were then chased by the policemen all the way to Claridges hotel roundabout and arrested from there. In the ensuing chase many of the women who again stepped aside were beaten, abused and pushed in to the police van.

In all, nearly 100 people were bundled together in two police vans and taken to Tughlaq Road police Station, as we write the location of the other van is not known yet.

At the Tughlaq Road thana, Kavita Krishnan, who was talking to the media there, was again man handled by police women and not allowed to talk to them. When one of the male students intervened then he was slapped hard by the policeman there.

We condemn such deplorable behaviour by the Delhi police, who beat up women protesters, abused them and clamped on the right to protest and assembly. In a clearly targetted action, they were heard saying, inko sabak sikhao, inko mat chodna, baar baar aa jaate hain. They also abused many of the protesters and once again showed their cruel face.

We demand immediate action against the DCP Mr. Tyagi and the policemen on duty. The protesters who are all detained in police stations should be released immediately and those suffering injury, must be given immediate medical attention.

Contact : Aslam 9990748079 and Kavita Krishnan 9560756628 detained at Tughlaq Road Police Station.

Madhuresh 9818905316


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SC to hear PIL against ongoing Kejriwal’s dharna #AAPdrama

Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal raises slogans during the second-day protest against police, near Rail Bhavan in New Delhi on Tuesday.
PTIDelhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal raises slogans during the second-day protest against police, near Rail Bhavan in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to hear a PIL seeking action against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Law Minister Somnath Bharti for resorting to “agitation and street fight” for removal of some police officials.

A bench headed by Chief Justice P. Sathasivam posted the hearing to Friday, on the PIL filed by an advocate seeking arrest of Mr. Kejriwal and Mr. Bharti.

The petitioner has alleged that they are agitating in violation of law as they are holding constitutional posts and they cannot agitate on the streets against other constitutional authorities.

The petition was mentioned before the CJI’s bench for an urgent hearing.

Advocate M.L. Sharma, in his petition, has alleged that the Chief Minister is “trying to protect his Minister Bharti from investigation/prosecution” in connection with an FIR filed by four foreign women alleging they were harassed by a group of persons who barged into their house at midnight on January 15-16 and assaulted them.

The FIR has been lodged on the direction of a Delhi court which passed the order on the plea of the four women — two Nigerian and two Ugandan nationals.

Mr. Kejriwal and his ministerial colleagues are sitting on a dharna outside Rail Bhavan since Monday, demanding action against the police officials who refused to raid an alleged drug and prostitution ring in South Delhi.


Read more here —




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#India – Delhi Cop asks 13-year old gang-rape victim to strip #Vaw #WTFnews

Cop  abuses her parents for ‘imagining things’ | Oct 05, 2013,
New DelhiNothing has really changed since the brutal Delhi gang-rape, at least not the apathetic ways of Delhi Police personnel. The stark reality came to fore yet again after it was highlighted how a Delhi Police SHO asked a 13-year old girl who had been allegedly gang-raped by four men to strip inside the police station.
According to Indian Express, the girl was gang-raped on September 28 by four men outside her home in JJ cluster in Uttam Nagar, while approaching Uttam Nagar Police Station to lodge her complaint three days later on October 1. The victim was reportedly accompanied by her parents.
Asked to narrate the incident by SHO Bhagwan Singh, the victim is said to have told him that it was a woman from neighbourhood who had lured her to a car parked outside their colony. The four men present inside the vehicle are said to have pulled her inside and raped her in turns, before dumping her.
Reportedly, the cop then rubbished her allegations as ‘imaginary’, asking her to strip to prove them. Bhagwan Singh is said to have even abused the minor’s parents. The allegations have been levied on SHO in written complaint by the girl to Joint Commissioner of Police (south-western range) Tejender Luthra.
SHO Bhagwan Singh has been suspended following departmental enquiry
Following her complaint to higher officials, a case is said to have been registered against four persons and the woman in question has also been arrested. Cops at Uttam Nagar police station, however, claimed that case had been registered on when victim had first approached them.
  • #999; padding: 2px; display: block; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none;" href="" target="_blank"> #India – How the Delhi gang-rape revealed the ugly truth about India’s journalists #mustread
  • #999; padding: 2px; display: block; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none;" href="" target="_blank"> #India – Delhi gang-rape convicts’ lawyer may lose his License #Vaw #Justice


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Delhi girl gang-raped in Uttar Pradesh #Vaw

IANS  |  New Delhi  June 13, 2013

A 14-year-old girl was kidnapped and gang-raped by two people in Uttar Pradesh‘s Badaun, police said Thursday. The girl has been rescued and one of the rapists arrested.

The girl went missing from her house at Neb Sarai area since June 5.

Delhi Police managed to rescue her from a house in Badaun area, six days after she made a call to her parents and informed them about her ordeal.

“A team of Delhi Police was sent to area and she was rescued June 12. One person identified as Jarib Ahmad, 28, has been arrested while his relative is on run,” an officer told IANS.

The absconding person, who was known to the girl, had lured her to his native place, and he and Jarib took turns to rape her, the girl told police in her complaint.


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#India – There is a need to dismantle the UID Project, the NPR, the CMS, #Aadhaar

200 px


India’s IT Min of State Milind Deora’s Thinks The CMS (India’s PRISM) Is “A Good Tool”






By  on Jun 11th, 2013  |



Milind Deora, India’s Minister of State for IT thinks that the Central Monitoring System (CMS), which is essentially India’s version of PRISM, “is a good tool” which will “ensure and protect your privacy”. On a Google Hangout last week with him, I asked Deora about the IT Act, the IT Rules, India’s Identity project (Aadhaar), and the CMS and other systems the Indian government is setting up for tracking SMS, GPRS usage, Phone Calls, Location, and what users are accessing and downloading. Please note that this was held a day before the disclosures around PRISM.


For those unable to view the video, Deora said that no law is perfect, there are issues with implementation, they’re open to suggestions, but above all, Deora said – bizarrely – that the CMS is being set up to safeguard our privacy from mobile operators,and protects the national security of the country. He said that with processes set up, the officer in charge will not have access to information, politicians will not get access. He did not respond to the question on India’s privacy law.

Apart from that, Deora said I’m misinformed. The context of my questions:

1. India’s IT Act, it’s Section 66a and IT Rules are draconian, the government has promised to amend them (read this), but kept deferring making any changes, despite the issue being taken up by a committee (read this) and Parliament (read thisthis and these notes on a live discussion), and a public interest litigation (read this). They’ve issued an advisory on Section 66a (read this), a clarification on the IT Rules which wasn’t enough (read this) but the law and the rules remain draconian, and susceptible to misuse. The IT Ministry has the power to change the rules, but hasn’t done it so far. In fact, like Deora in the Q&A, it has defended its rules (read this). We’ve repeatedly pointed towards the need for transparency and specificity (read this) as a solution. Despite Deora giving assurances about there being rigor in finalizing the IT Act, it was passed without debate, a knee-jerk reaction in an atmosphere of fear (read this).

One common refrain from this government (and Deora in this Q&A) has been that they’ve used wordings from international laws to draft Indian laws – that is true but misleading because it’s easy to choose selectively to remove safeguards; laws need to be looked at in their totality, not just sentence by sentence.

2. India is setting up a Central Monitoring system (read this) for tracking what we say or text over the phone, write, post or browse over the Internet, getting direct access from telecom operators and ISPs. Last year, we had reported on a home ministry tender for the same (read this). In 2011, we found a Tender Document from the Delhi Police which had details of setting up the CMS (read this)

3. The Mumbai Police has set up a social media monitoring cell, which, strangely, has been tracking torrents (read this).

5. Aadhaar, India’s not quite flawless (read this) unique identity project, created circumventing Parliament as per a Parliamentary committee (read this) will eventually link all your databases together, across government services, and what is worse, the data will be given to private companies – National Information Utilities, with 51% private ownership – read this.

6. All of this is being done before India has passed a Privacy law (read this), and even if a Privacy law does come into place, how safe do you feel, and how likely do you think the government executives, to not circumvent the law, or create loopholes that they can use?

My contention is that there is a legal and technological framework for surveillance that is being created and deployed right now without proper approval of Parliament, and without Parliamentarians in India paying adequate attention to it. Having technological infrastructure is not enough – they can and will be circumvented.

Having legal safeguards is not enough – even if laws are put into place, the government will create loopholes because they want this power (look at the IT Rules and Aadhaar). You can really rely on the government or the police to abuse the power that they give themselves (read this). What prevents the government in power from harassing individuals who challenge them (including those from opposition parties) on the basis of National Security? Where does National Security end and Government Security begin, and what do we do about a trigger-happy CERT-IN blocking dissent without any transparency?

You decide – am I misinformed, or is Milind Deora misinformed or misleading?

The Only Solution

The only solution is what the UK did with its Identity project (read this): dismantle these projects, no matter how much money has been spent on them, because the risks to civil liberties is too great. There is a need to dismantle the UID Project, the National Population Register, the Central Monitoring System, change the IT Act and IT Rules, and create a privacy law. It is also bizarre for Deora to suggest that information which the government has access to through mobile networks and ISPs will not also be available these service providers.

So, Milind, I do not agree that this monitoring should be, as you said, “the exclusive domain of the government”, because I don’t trust the law enforcement agencies, this government and the governments to follow.

We’d be happy to publish a response to this post, if you wish to clarify further.





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#India – Gandhian activist denied permission to fast over tribal issues

By Newzfirst Correspondent 6/3/13



New Delhi – In a startling development, the Delhi Police on Monday refused permission to Gandhian activist Himanshu Kumar to hold indefinite fast over tribal issues.

In a letter sent by the office of Deputy Commissioner of the Police to Himanshu Kumar, it is said that the permission to stage continuous fast for 10 days cannot be granted in view of security/law & order reasons.

Reacting to the denial of permission, Himanshu Kumar told Newzfirst that the Government doesn’t want people of the Country being educated about the tribal issues and problems.

The Government wants to project Naxalism as the only problem being faced by the country and does not want people to learn about the injustice meted out to tribals in the name of development, he said.

“This was my humble effort that we use this opportunity to ponder on this issue – how should the tribal people of this country be treated.” he said.

However, I will continue to fast, he added. “This is not just a question of the tribals but a question for all those who want to build a better society, where everyone gets justice because it is impossible to even think of peace without justice.”

Annoyed by the Government’s decision to deploy a large number of army troops in the tribal areas post Bastar incident, Himanshu Kumar has begun an indefinite fast- Aatmchintan- on 1 June calling upon the Government and the general mass of the country to do soul-searching over the treatment being meted out to the Tribal people.

24 people including senior Congress leaders were killed in an attack carried out by the Maoists in Bastar, Chhattisgarh on 25 May.


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Delhi – 3 days and a minister’s intervention to file a FIR in North East death case #Vaw #WTFnews

Not just AFSPA, Delhi Police Adds to the Woes of the Northeast Community in the Capital

Neha Dixit, June 1, 2013

It takes over three days and a minister’s intervention to file a FIR in Reingamphi’s death case. Protests continue

Forget justice, Reingamphi’s death shows how even basic investigation proceedings are elusive in this country. Not just her family and the northeast community had to protest for three days to get a FIR registered but also the post mortem report has been brazenly botched up.

On May 29, she was found dead in her rented apartment in Chirag Delhi. She had multiple injuries; her nose was bitten off, her eyelids scratched, eyes bleeding and a big cut on her leg. There was a cell phone in her hand.

Bosco, her cousin says, “Even when the landlord knew our contact details, he did not inform us and broke open the door to her room with the help of the police. We strongly suspect tampering of evidence.” Bosco also informs that they were forced by the SHO to write down ‘death under suspicious circumstances’ instead of ‘suspected murder and sexual assault’ in their complaint to the police.


It’s the third day since the northeast community has been demanding the copy of a FIR outside the Malviya Nagar police station of South Delhi district.

 Binalakshmi, founder of Manipur Women Gun Survivor’s Network says, “The interim post mortem report came to us only last night. It mentions that the body had no blood stains. This is a blatant lie as evident in the pictures taken when her body was found the day before.”

The police, after a lot of protest, agreed to provide the FIR number to the family last night at 8 o’clock. After a lot of insistence they were finally handed over the FIR copy. The case was registered under section 306, which denotes ‘abetment to suicide’. It is also important to note that the reason on death in the interim post mortem report is mentioned as ‘pending’ and in spite of that the case has been registered under section 306.

Moreover, the family members informed the SHO Vijay Pal on several occasions that Reingamphi was continuously stalked by her landlord’s brother-in-law. She had even complained to her landlord on several occasions about the sexual innuendos in his brother in law’s conversations with her. He has not yet been taken into custody for interrogation.

Kiran Walia, MLA of Malviya Nagar and also the Minister of Health, Women and Child Welfare, Delhi met the protestors today outside the Malviya Nagar police station. “How can assault be ruled out in the investigation?” she said. She informed the crowd that the demand to transfer the case from the Malviya Nagar police station to the Special Crime branch has been conveyed to Delhi police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar and he has replied in the affirmative.


The travesty of justice is evident in the fact that only after a minister’s intervention, the local police filed a basic FIR. The family is now demanding a fresh post mortem, all police proceedings in writing and an investigation under charges of murder and sexual assault.

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A girl from northeast was found dead in Delhi, NO FIR even after 24 Hrs #Vaw #WTFnews

The Moral Trumpets of Delhi Police

Neha Dixit, May 30, 2013, Newsclick

Delhi police trips on misogyny and prejudice yet again in investigating the death of Reingamphy, a 21 year old girl from Northeast who was found dead in Delhi on May 29

Fresh mangoes were carefully laid on the kitchen slab next to the pressure cooker on the gas stove. The phone charger was still on. Shoes, all types, flip flops, ballerinas, slip-ons were neatly displayed on a small cane rack. This small cane rack, found in the households of all newcomers in Delhi, is symbolic of the aspirations and enthusiasm with which people flock to the national capital.

                                                                                                                           JOURNEY INTERRUPTED: Reingamphy’s clothes and toiletries stacked in a corner

Reingamphy, 21, was found dead in this two room ground floor flat in B Block, Chirag Dilli at 2 pm on May 29.

Yesterday, the police broke open the bolted door after Reingamphy did not respond to the repeated calls by her landlord. She was found lying on the bed with injuries on her face, nose and toes with the cell phone still in her hand.

Her cousins, who live in South extension, informed the Malviya Nagar Police station about the incident. It’s been over 24 hours and the police is yet to register an FIR. The investigating officer Dinesh Singh declared last evening, “Nature of wounds suggests that a portion of body may have been eaten up by rats. The mattress was on the floor and we have also found rat droppings in the adjoining flat. Prima facie it appears to be a case of suicide.”

The police’s assumption is based on the fact that empty wrappers of Spasmocip Plus (16 tablets) and Meftal-Spas (12 tablets) were found in the dustbin. These tablets are used for treating stomach cramps. Binalakshmi Nepram founder of the NGO, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network informs, “We have been told by the SHO, Vijay Pal, that these girls from northeast work in spas and that’s why these incidents take place.” The SHO Vijay Pal also told Reingamphy’s cousins that the FIR will only be registered after the post mortem is conducted.

CUT SHORT: Bloodmarks on the floor of the room where Reingamphy was found dead

Reingamphy came to Dellhi from Ukhrul district in Manipur over a year back. Living on a monthly rent of Rs 7,000, she was indeed working at a spa in South Delhi till sometime back.

The police’s apathy and prejudice in Reingamphy’s death probe is a reminder of the murder of Ramchanpy Hongray’s murder around the same time in 2009. Incidentally, both of them belong to the same ethnic minority called the Tangkhul Naga tribe. Ramchanpy was found burnt to death in the kitchen of her Munirka house. Her stalker, Pushpam Sinha, was pursuing PHD in Wave Mechanics from IIT Delhi. When Ranchanpy opposed his sexual advances and threatened to complain to the police, Pushpam thrust her on the gas stove and burnt her to death. Says Bina Lakshmi, “Even before the post mortem was conducted in Ramchanpy’s case, the police declared it an accident claiming that the gas cylinder blasted while she was cooking which led to her death. They are trying to insinuate the same in Reingamphy’s case.”

Reingamphy’s parents, poor farmers in a remote village in Uhkrul district in Manipur Delhi have been informed about their daughter’s death but are too old to come down to Delhi. Her cousin, Thotriethan, who is currently following up with the police investigation proceedings says, “The main door was shut even when the back door of the house was open. The police have chosen to turn a blind eye to it.” Allegedly, the landlord’s brother-in-law was stalking her.

The SHO Vijay Pal and Investigating officer Dinesh Singh have refused to speak on the record. The post mortem is being conducted at AIIMS.

Reingamphy’s death is a bleeding cue. A cue for the misogynist, moralistic, prejudiced attitude of the police. Towards single women, those from the northeast and otherwise who are clubbed as ‘loose women’ who ‘deserve it.’ It is also an attempt to dissuade women from remote parts of the country to think of exploring another life in a big city. And most importantly, it is a telling tale of the brazenness with which the police violate laws by not even registering an FIR and say ‘they work in spas and that is why it happens.’


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