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PRESS RELEASE – CNDP Statement against move to inaugurate the ill-conceived Nuclear Plant in Haryana

English: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the ...

English: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the Opening Plenary – Resillient india: 25 years of Economic and Social Progress. Participants captured during the World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit 2009 held in New Delhi, 8-10 November 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Statement Against PM’s move to inaugurate the ill-conceived Nuclear Plant in Haryana

After terming the Indo-US nuclear deal his “greatest achievement”, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is going to Fatehabad, Haryana on 13th January to lay the foundation stone for the Gorakhpur Nuclear Power Project. Just 150 kms from New Delhi, this project is an invitation to disaster as it critically depends on a canal for cooling-water supply; canals can fail or dry up.

The plant will steal precious water from Haryana’s farmers and deprive more than 1 lakh acres of land of irrigation. The available quantity of water will be insufficient in case of an accident.

It is shocking that India is making a mockery of all post-Fukushima lessons and embarking on an insane nuclear expansion drive, while the whole world is turning away from nuclear power and embracing sustainable energy.

The Gorakhpur nuclear project would doom the agrarian-based local economy, displacing and dispossessing many times more people than the jobs it would ever generate. Independent experts have also raised questions like serious threats to wildlife and environmental destruction.

Gorakhpur’s people are being subject to unreasonable risks and hazards from the Nuclear Power Corporation’s plan to set up 700 MW reactors, India’s biggest, with whose design and operation NPC has no experience, and that too without adequate supply of water.

Haryana farmers have protested strongly against the project for more than four years. The agitation forced government officers to flee from a farcical environmental public hearing organised in 2012. A majority of the area’s people staunchly oppose the project. But the government has acquired land from a handful of farmers using both the stick and the carrot.

We urge that the PM should restrain from inaugurating the Gorakhpur nuclear project and immediately organise wider consultations with the local community, civil society groups and independent experts. These must address the issue of the Environmental Impact Assessment process, which has been turned into a mockery by ignoring and suppressing the crucial issue of radiation impacts. We strongly such misadventure by a lame-duck outgoing prime Minister.

The government must resolve all these vital questions, including adequacy and reliability of cooling-water supply, before even thinking of laying the foundation stone of the plant.


Praful Bidwai
Lalita Ramdas
Achin Vanaik
Abey George
Kumar Sundaram
Jan  11, 2014



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#India – 3 yrs after riots, Haryana dalits still suffer #WTFnews

The hardships in the appalling relief camps spread across Muzaffarnagar district in western UP for riot victims have left many in utter dismay.
Faraway in Haryana’s Hisar district, a relatively similar predicament grips several dozens of riot-hit Dalit families who have never returned to their homes even three years after the riots in Mirchpur village.
This is their third winter in make shift camps under extreme biting cold conditions that these victims will be forced to spent. Around 60 children and nearly two dozen elders have been living in the camp within a farmhouse in the district. Many of them returned to their village months after the riots, yet a sizable lot refused to return fearing a repeat of 2010 caste-based riot in the village.


That ill-fated day on Aril 21, 2010, a group of upper caste Jat youth torched houses of Dalit families in Mirhcpur village spreading chaos and fear. The incident was provoked over a minor scuffle. Tara Chand, 70, and his physically challenged teenage daughter were killed in the riot.
The 120-odd Dalit families in the village fled towards Delhi out of fear, some still in fear of being targeted in case they return. Malha Devi, one of elderly women staying in the camp, says the winter chill is unbearable for her ailing old body. Their tents have worn out over the years. The Dalits are demanding adequate rehabilitation.

Early this month, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was apprised of the hardships of the Dalit families staying in the camps in Haryana during a meeting convened in New Delhi.
Activist Rajat Kalsan highlighted the issue of Mirchpur victims.
A petition seeking relief and rehabilitation for the victims of riots is pending before the Apex court. Kalsan pointed out the alleged apathy of the state government in getting the families to return.


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#India – Haryana Dalit rape survivor writes to Schedules Castes commission #Vaw

Posted by: Aswathy Updated: Friday, November 8, 2013,

Rape victim approaches castes commission


Hisar, Nov 8: Unable to take the insult anymore, a dalit gang rape survivor in Haryana wrote to the National Commission for the Scheduled Castes (NCSC) for justice.

She has accused the Hisar district administration and her college of being indifferent to her suffering, reports Times of India. In a letter written to NCSC, the girl has alleged that she was forced to stop going to college after being taunted by other students belonging to upper castes.

NCSC north zone director Raj Kumar Channena has assured the survivor that her allegations will be probed and he would take up her case with the administration. Upper caste students at college used filthy language against the girl  The dalit girl, who was raped by a group in Dabra village of Hisar district, said “The Delhi gangrape victim was taken to Singapore for treatment as her health deteriorated, but I am still being treated at the general hospital here.

There is no proper medical facility provided to me despite my poor health.” She further alleged that she had stopped going to her college for the past three weeks as some upper caste students had used filthy language against her. “I even informed the college principal about it, but all in vain,” she added.

Accusing the administration of callousness, she said four persons accused in the case had been acquitted on May 3 and alleged that her family was receiving threats from them. “We have been given a gunman for security, which is not enough. My family is suffering a lot,” she said.

A dalit activist and her lawyer Rajat Kalsan said the district authorities had assured job to a family member of the survivor, but the promise was yet to be fulfilled. When contacted, Channena said, “I have just received the complaint via e-mail. I am studying its contents and will issue a notice to the authorities to look into the matter and address the girl’s concern at the earliest.” OneIndia News (With agency inputs)

Read more at:

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#India- Kin of actress Nikunj Malik send death threats in khap ruling #Vaw #WTFnews


Bharati Dubey, Pune Mirror , Monday, October 28, 2013
The family has been harassed since 2010, claims NikunjNikunj Malik, who is currently shooting Revolver Rani and features in Anil Kapoor’s 24, has made a few enemies in her hometown.

Not happy with the decision of the 28-year-old TV actress to join the film industry in Mumbai, her relatives in Faridabad in a khap ruling asked her to give up acting or face death.

On Saturday, Malik filed a complaint at Sector 7 police station in Faridabad against her uncle and got them arrested.

Speaking to Mirror, Malik said, “My uncles and other relatives were against me pursuing a career in Bollywood right from the beginning and have been after my parents to ask me to quit.’’ Malik, who belongs to the Jat community, added, “Our relatives influenced my father, who went against me. It is only my mother who supports me. The relatives threatened my parents with dire consequences if I did not quit films.’’

Malik, who participated in the reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, said, “My parents have been given death threats if they fail to call me back home. They threatened my mother who stood by me in my choice of career. This forced me take action against my relatives.”

Currently in Faridabad, the actress said though she first filed a complaint against her uncle and in July, her family has been harassed since she particpated in Swayamvar in 2010 .

“My mother has recorded the phone threats and when the police heard it, an FIR was filed following which my uncle Mahavir Singh and his son, Amit Mallik, were arrested.’’

Inspector Manoj Kumar of Sector 7 police station in Faridabad said, “We have arrested them for threatening the entire family under sections 323, 452, 506 and 507 of the Indian Penal Code.”

Nikhunj is now more worried about the security of her family.

“They might go on a revenge mode after their arrest. And, you can never criminals. They are very shrewd people,” said Malik.

►►►  They threatened my mother who stood by me in my choice of career

–  Nikunj Malik, actor

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#India – Severed Head, Limbs of Dalit Girl Found in Haryana #Vaw #WTFnews


The body of a 13-year-old Dalit girl, kidnapped on October 20, was found with severed head and limbs, which were recovered from different areas of Khedi village of Mahendergarh district.

The torso of the girl was found on October 24 and a day later her severed arms were recovered, according to police.

Her head was found today in the Ateli area, about 50 kms from here, they said, adding the minor’s post mortem was conducted at PGIMS, Rohtak.

The Class VII student was kidnapped by unidentified persons on October 20 and four days later her torso was found, triggering protests by the family members and villagers.

Seeking a high-level probe into the matter and the arrest of assailants, irate villagers blockade on the Ateli-Behror road yesterday and continued with the protest today.

The protest was called off following a request of DSP Jaipal Singh, who assured of a speedy action into the matter.

A case of murder was registered and probe initiated into the matter, police said.

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#India – Dalit girl raped in Haryana , father threatened to withdraw complaint #Vaw #WTFnews



“If you don’t withdraw your complaint, another Mirchpur will take place here,” Jats warned the father of a 16-year-old Dalit girl who was raped allegedly by the son of a sarpanch at Alewa in Haryana’s Jind district.

The panchayat members were referring to the 2010 incident in Mirchpur, Hisar, where Balmiki homes were torched and persons from the community burnt to death when a dog from their basti barked at drunken Jat men who were passing by. The case is being heard in the Supreme Court.

That incident was reportedly linked also to the frequent instances of dabang(bully) Jat men raping low caste women.


Adding to the mounting number of caste rapes in Haryana, on September 25, the daughter of a labourer studying in Class 10 was raped allegedly by a 19-year-old youth, Kannu, while on her way home from school. Despite threats not to go public, she went home and told her mother.

Her father was not in town. He returned after five days when she told him about it and they went to the police station to report the matter. She was later subjected to medical examination.

The village with 9,000 votes is approximately made up of 300 Chamar houses and 800 Jat houses. Since the youth belongs to the dominant caste, villagers have not come forward to support the complainants. But the girl’s father is determined. “Nobody is supporting us, but we will not retract the complaint,” he told The Hindu over telephone via a mediator.

On Tuesday, the Superintendent of Police, Jind, visited their home and recorded written statements of all family members.

He told the family that the youth had been arrested and that the medical report confirmed abuse and a copy of the FIR would be sent to their home soon.

“We haven’t been given a copy of any document, we don’t know if the FIR has been lodged,” said the father, who is an unlettered man.

Meanwhile, local papers reported that the youth has been arrested and charged under Sections 342, 376, 506 of the IPC, Section 6 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act and various Sections of the SC/ST (PoA) Act.


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#India – Withhold Setup of Nuclear Reactors in Peaceful Villages of Gujarat #Protest #Action

The Gulf of Khambat is at the right-lower-cent...




10 October 2013






A proposed nuclear power plant in Chaya and Mithi Virdi in Gujarat, India is strongly opposed by villagers who will be affected.


On 23 September, they undertook a massive rally starting from Jaspara village despite heavy rains.  Shouting “let it go, let it go, let the nuclear power plant go”, “allow us to eat our hard earned rotlo (bread)”, “we will give up our lives, not our land”, “let bajara and cotton grow, allow the greenery to flourish”, and “Not here, not anywhere; not in any country in the world”, their number grew as they traversed the villages along the 40 km. stretch to Bhavnagar where the rally turned into a public meeting.  There, a representative group comprising the leaders of the affected villages presented a memorandum to the Collector, and described the situation in detail to him.


The residents do not want their lands to be converted into a nuclear plant because it is very fertile and provides for their needs sufficiently.  But the government is going on with a process that violates basic procedural norms such as conducting illegal public hearing and not sharing important details of the plan with the people (lack of transparency).


The Collector or land revenue officer assured them that the memorandum would be sent to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Environment and the Secretary, Ministry of Environment at the earliest.  The affected communities want the world outside India to know about this latest ‘nuclear’ move by Indian government and to help them retain their lands.


*** Please respond before 24 October 2013 ***


Action Requested


Please write polite letters expressing your concern and request the authorities to protect and uphold the rights of communities opposing the Chayya-Mithi Virdi nuclear plant, in particular:


·        Respect their rght to livelihood as farmers, fisherfolk, hired  labour


·        Respect their right to information – transparency in the development plans involving and touching their lives


·        Respect their right to know resettlement and rehabilitation plans if land is acquired for the project


·        Respect their right to self determination






Send letters to: 


Shri Narendra Modi



3/F, Swarnim Sankul-1, New Sachivalaya
Gandhinagar 382010


Gujarat, INDIA


Fax: +91 79 2322 2101



Also send copies to:


1. Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
Prime Minister’s Office South Block,


Raisina Hill, New Delhi – 110 001
Fax: +91 11 2301 9545 / 2301 6857 / 2301 5603 



2.  Ministry of Science and Technology


Dept of  Nuclear Energy


Anushakti Bhavan,
Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Marg,
Mumbai – 400 001


Fax: +91 22 2204 8476 / 2202 6728




3. Chairperson
National Human Rights Commission

Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg,
New Delhi-110001, INDIA


Fax: +91 11 2338 4863



4.  Diplomatic representatives of India in your country.



Sample Letter


Please avoid typing ‘cc ACPP’ at any part of your letter but  send copies to us separately for monitoring purpose.


It has come to our attention that several villages in Gujarat are strongly opposed to the proposed nuclear power plant project of NCPIL and Westinghouse in Chayya-Mithi Virdi.  They have expressed their disapproval in various ways, including a massive rally recently, on 23 September, from Jaspara to Bhavnagar where village leaders presented a Memorandum to the Collector to forward to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Environment.



We learned further that the affected villages have also submitted 281 notarized affidavits   together with the memorandum. The affidavits state that the land they own is fertile and their only but rich source of livelihood, and that they strongly oppose the land acquisition/sale of their farmland, village waste  or fallow and  grazing lands to the government of Gujarat, Government of India, or the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) in order to give way to the proposed nuclear power plant in the region.  They are  requesting that their rights be protected and upheld against a project that will have tremendous, negative impact on their lives and livelihood.



However, the state and federal governments allegedly are pushing for the project, to the point of conducting the Environmental Public Hearing without allowing the peoples’ representatives to speak or being given the vital details of the project, which made the villagers walk out on that public hearing they deem illegal and invalid.



Their fears are likewise magnified upon receiving media reports that the Prime Minister has assured the US government and Westinghouse that the Nuclear Liability Act will be amended by Congress to be more favorable for the international nuclear corporations.  Apparently, a similar step had been taken by the government before to placate nuclear corporations by framing rules that go against the spirit of the Constitution of India.  That is a shameless sell out of Indian peoples’ lives.  We register our strong protest against any further dilution of the Nuclear Liability Act that endangers and puts the lives of common people of India in great peril amounting to selling off Indian people’s lives and safety for nuclear profits.



We stand with the Gujarat communities in their decision to keep their lands, lives and livelihood.  We join their request that you, as responsible public officials, protect and uphold their rights as peoples and communities who will be affected by the proposed project.  In particular, we ask that you:


• Respect their right to livelihood as farmers, fisherfolk, hired  labour


• Respect their right to information – transparency in the development plans involving and touching their lives directly


• Respect their right to know the resettlement and rehabilitation plans if  and when land is acquired for the project


• Respect their right to self determination.



Thank You for Your Continued Support!







A 6,000 mega-watt capacity nuclear power plant is proposed to be built by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) and Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC, USA) in Gujarat, India.   In 2009, 777 hectares of land in this region were identified by the government as a site suitable for a nuclear plant.  The initial Environment Impact Assessment report labeled the land as “barren”; this is remarkably inaccurate as a visit to the highly fertile farms at any time of the year would prove otherwise. This is the main reason why the villagers are opposed to the project: it would mean giving up their fertile lands and being relocated. Most of the farmers take three crops every year and the land is able to provide for their families’ needs sufficiently. They do not need money or employment from the company.



On 5 March 2013, a public hearing was held with about 24 villages within a 10 km radius of the proposed project.  Project Affected Persons (PAPs) who will be directly affected wanted civil society members and experts to speak on their behalf at the public hearing but the Collector did not allow this. The 5,000 residents got angry and staged a walkout. Only Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti (PSS), an NGO actively fighting against the plant, drew attention to the mass walk-out and wrote to the authorities about some violations of the basic procedural norms while conducting the Environmental Public Hearing (EPH).  However, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of NPCIL chose to ignore this fact and presented a totally different picture in his July 5 statement during the Annual General Body Meeting saying, “Public hearing for Chhaya-Mithi Virdi site in Gujarat was completed.”



NPCIL is protected by the antiquated Atomic Energy Act of 1962.  The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) recently pulled up the NPCIL for not following guidelines on transparency. Likewise, the Department of Atomic Energy (under which the NPCIL falls) does not share some of the most important details of its plans with citizens, especially the ones who would be directly affected by their projects.



The affected villages are further dismayed by recent media reports after the September 2013 visit of the Prime Minister to Washington alleging that the Government of India is initiating a move to further dilute the Nuclear Liability Act which has stood in the way of sealing a nuclear agreement with Westinghouse.  The further dilution of the Nuclear Liability Act will undermine again all democratic and sovereign institutions of India, beginning with Parliament.  To assure the US Government and Nuclear Industry that the Government of India will make sure that the operator (NPCIL) will not use its ‘right of recourse’ against suppliers of defective equipments is a shameless sell out of Indian peoples’ lives. While other countries are deciding to go nuclear free, the Indian government is risking citizens lives by opting for nuclear power that contributes only less than 3% of its electricity production.



Mithi Virdi means ‘sweet ponds’ in Gujarati. “But the future being planned for the region now has a bitter taste to it,” says  Praveenbhai, a teacher and trustee of  the Gram Dakshina Murti Lokshala (school), a tiny utopia run on Gandhian principles. The proposed nuclear power plant will only be a few kilometers away from the Gram Dakshina school. The villages fear their peace will be broken if this project pushes through.  And it continues to be a puzzle to them why their government should want this when the state of Gujarat boasts of being the leader in installed capacity for solar energy and claims to generate surplus electric power.






Terence A.G. P. Osorio






Sources: Local groups, JESA, NAPM,


Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples
1/F, 52, Princess Margaret Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2714 5123 / 2712 3989
Fax: (852) 2712 0152
E-mail: [email protected]



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#India – Minor dalit girl raped in Haryana village #Vaw #WTFnews

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CHANDIGARH: A dalit girl studying in Class-X has been raped by an upper caste jat boy in a village of the Jind district in Haryana.

Identified as Raj Kanwal alias Sandeep alias Kannu (19) , the accused, who is also a resident of the same village has been arrested. A case under sections 342,376, 506 of IPC, section 6 of POSCOAct and various sections of SC/ST Act has been registered against him at Aleva police station.

DSP Safidon, Virender Singh said that the medical examinations have confirmed that the victim was subjected to abuse. “further investigations are in progress and the accused will be taken to the place where he raped the victim,” Singh said.

According to police the incident took place on September 25 when victim was returning home to have food during school recess. As she reached near a shop, the accused, who is Jat by caste , allegedly dragged her and took her to a room behind the shop.


read more here-

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  • #999; padding: 2px; display: block; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none;" href="" target="_blank"> #India – Tribal Woman abducted, gang-raped in MP #Vaw #WTFnews



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#India- High Court bats for poor land owners: Rehab first, acquisition later #goodnews

English: Chandigarh "Open Hand" Monu...





In a landmark judgment which will change how land is acquired in Haryana, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has made it clear that no person whose residential house has been acquired for “public purpose” will be dispossessed till he/she is rehabilitated.


Stating that landowners, after acquiring their land, cannot be “thrown out on the roads with an unending hope that some day in future a plot or house will be allotted to them,” the High Court has ruled that rehabilitation must take place “simultaneously”.


Mincing no words, a division bench comprising Justices Surya Kant and Surinder Gupta has berated the “unjust, arbitrary and insensitive” action of Haryana in leaving “displaced persons in the lurch”.


The Bench has ruled that such insensitive action “must be curbed”. Slamming the “paltry” compensation offered by Haryana authorities in land acquisition cases, the Bench has ruled that “the … compensation assessed by the Land Acquisition Collector (LAC) invariably is far below the actual market value and cannot wipe out the tears of silent victims of ‘eminent domain‘.”


The judgment further reads that “in today’s time of high rise prices, when the petitioners do not even receive fair and just compensation for their acquired land, they cannot be thrown out on the roads with an unending hope that some day, in future, a plot or a house would be allotted to them under the policy”. As per the revised rehabilitation policy framed by Haryana which came into force on November 9, 2010 people whose residential houses are acquired by the State will be given an alternative plot after due consideration and procedure.


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#Honourkilling: Father says ‘no remorse’ after family lynched girl, beheaded boy #Haryana #Vaw #WTFnews

CNN-IBN | Updated Sep 19, 2013 at 08:54pm IST

Rohtak: In a case of alleged honour killing in Haryana, a young couple was murdered by the girl’s family after the duo allegedly eloped to get married. Nidhi and her friend Dharmendra were brutally murdered by her family.

After the couple reportedly left the village in the Rohtak district on Tuesday to get married, the girl’s family contacted them and persuaded them to come home assuring them that they would not be harmed. Police claimed that after the couple returned, the girl’s family publicly lynched their daughter and broke Dharmendra’s limbs and beheaded him.

While Nidhi’s body was cremated, the boy’s body was thrown outside his house. However, what is more shocking is that Nidhi’s father showed no remorse on committing the crime. “I have no regrets. What happened is correct and should happen in the future too for society’s good,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police has arrested three people from the family in relation to the alleged honour killing.


“We have arrested the mother, father and the uncle of the girl and will be taking them to remand,” SP Rohtak Rajesh Duggal said. Nidhi was a fine arts student and Dharmendra was studying in an ITI. Activists are demanding that the guilty be brought to book and justice must be done. “This killing should be treated like a murder case and the guilty must be punished,” National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Mamata Sharma said. There has been no word from the state government on the incident so far.

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