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Mumbai – #BreakAadhaarChains Protest – #Videos

#BreakAadhaarChains is a campaign to stop the government from treating us like criminals out to loot the state. Today, Aadhaar is required for a host of services from birth certificates to death certificates, school admissions, scholarships, PDS rations, NREGA job cards, bank accounts, mobile services – the list is endless. We have let ourselves be stalked all our lives by the state as well as non- state actors – every movement, every choice, every decision, every mobile call, every rupee earned, every learning mistake however small, is exposed to surveillance. Even foreign companies with dubious origins have been contracted to ‘store, transfer and process’ our personal information.

This expansion has happened despite the growing number of exclusions – people being denied welfare benefits, subsidies, or other services for want of an Aadhaar number – and data security breaches. Over 200 government websites have publicly “leaked” Aadhaar and related details, admin logins to the UIDAI official portal being sold at Rs. 500 – and the UIDAI files FIRs against those reporting such leaks rather than take action! Multiple scams have exposed how every facet of Aadhaar security, including biometrics, are prone to being hacked. Each time, the UIDAI has offered either cover-ups or a shifting of goalposts, as with the latest “Virtual IDs” which will require all existing Aadhaars to be revoked and reissued!

On Jan 12th Independent activists,  cyber experts , artists got together to raise their voices against aadhaar


Below are videos of the event


Raghu Godavarthi, who is also  part of a national programme and similar groups were being formed in Delhi and Bangalore. Mr. Godavarthi said, “Our goal is to expose the flaws in the Aadhaar project in the lead up to the Supreme Court hearing scheduled for January 17.”

Krishnakant Mane, founder of digitial freedom foundation and disability activists said, “My visual impairment is due to a faulty retina and hence I have been denied an Aadhaar card.” He said people with disabilities faced difficulties in obtaining an Aadhaar card.

“There is no such thing such as a unique biometric,” said J T Dsouza, a technocrat, who has been dealing with biometrics since 1997. “Earlier I thought that it was a good thing to have a centralised system. The database where all the information is stored need not be hacked. There are simpler

Testimony by Mithun, on his journey and experinces of aadhaar

Welfare researcher Sakina Dhorajiwala narrated three cases from Jharkhand where people had starved to death as they were denied rations because their Aadhaar card was not linked to the Public Distribution System.

Ms. Kamayani Bali Mahabal, who is also one of the petitioners , said, “The gender biases within the system came out only after I filed the petition. There have been several instances where women have been denied family planning options, as they did not possess an Aadhaar card. Linking of services to the project has been criticised by all.”

There was also music and Poetry at the event

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India – Switch off your mobiles at 11 am on 11/11 #NoMobile #NoAadhaar

 Tell Mobile Companies and Government We Are Not For Sale

Switch off your mobiles
at 11 am on 11/11

#NoMobile #NoAaadhar
Earlier this year, the government ordered us to link our mobile connections to our Aadhaar numbers or have our mobile connections cut off.

NO hesitation in jumping the gun even as the legal challenge to Aadhaar comes up for hearing in the Supreme Court!

NO qualms against violating our Constitutional right to privacy!

NO concern that telecom operators will use our data for commercial purposes!

NO protection from use of personal data for targeting and profiling!

The government can behave like this because it thinks that we citizens will not push back.
Let’s show them they’re wrong.


Join  #NoAadhaar #NoMobile

Switch off your mobile phone for 30 minutes at 11am on 11/11

And let’s repeat EVERY DAY for the next 30 days.

And don’t forget to send an SMS or mail to your service provider to tell them why you’re doing this.

#NoMobile30   #SwitchOff


Below is a template draft that you could email your mobile service provider and to TRAI:


Service Provider,

In response to your drive to update Aadhaar I would like to draw your attention to the following:

1. More than a dozen PILs including several challenging the Aadhaar and its linking to various databases are pending before the Supreme Court. In the meantime the order dated Oct 15th 2015 of a five member bench headed by the then Chief Justice of India reiterated all its previous orders in the matter of WP(C) 494/2013 continue to hold force. In particular we draw your attention that the court has stated that:

(a) “We will also make it clear that the Aadhaar card Scheme is purely voluntary and it cannot be made mandatory till the matter is finally decided by this Court one way or the other”.

(b) “We impress upon the Union of India that it shall strictly follow all the earlier orders passed by this Court commencing from 23.09.2013”.

(c)  In its first order of September 23, 2013  court had highlighted that “In the meanwhile, no person should suffer for  not  getting the Aadhaar card inspite of the fact that some authority had  issued a circular making it mandatory”. No-one can cause any person to suffer inspite of any authority having mandated Aadhaar. Any coercion to link would amount to causing suffering and a contempt of the Supreme Court of India.

2. Furthermore, the use of Aadhaar for linking to other databases, retention, storage or publishing is not only not permitted but prohibited and also a punishable offence under sections 8, 29 and 37 the The Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act 2016Anyone asking to retain, link, store or publish the Aadhaar, will be in violation of the Aadhaar Act.

3. I have already provided many alternate means of identification on the basis of which you have been providing the service so far.

4. Since Aadhaar was introduced in September 2010, citizens have been cut off from essential services, and there are growing concerns around big data collection and identity theft. The multiple problems surrounding Aadhaar — its data errors, “deactivation” of genuine people,  personal data exposed — have convinced me that Aadhaar linking serves no purpose except to create a surveillance over me.

I trust you will bring these facts to the attention of anyone in your organisation who insist on mandating Aadhaar. I am also sure you will raise complaints and serve notices, to appropriate authorities, to protect my rights, and ensure my rights do not suffer in any way because of coercion, and contempt of the orders of the Supreme Court, or violation of the The Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act 2016

Thanks and No2UID.

Mobile Service Provider emails IDs.
Airtel: [email protected] ,
Vodafone: [email protected] ,
Jio [email protected] ,
IDEA: [email protected]
BSNL: [email protected] ,
Cellular Operators Association of India [email protected]




3) AND SECRETARY TELECOM [email protected]

If you prefer to SMS mobile service providers to stop illegally requiring Aadhaar:

For Airtel : Please contact: Shakyasingha Das m: 9831049835 e: [email protected]
Vodafone : Please contact: Gowtham Gowda m: 9923006663 e: [email protected]
BSNL : Please contact: Siddharth Gabiyal p: 01123708125 m: 9868142999 e: [email protected]
Idea Cellular illegally requiring Aadhaar? Please contact: Rahul Vatts m: 9891005951 e: [email protected]
Reliance Jio illegally requiring Aadhaar? Please contact: Arvind Tiwari m: 9987702300 e: [email protected]
@Sushubh Aircel contact: N.L. Garg m: 9810121026 e: [email protected]


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Global Day of Action against Vedanta  – August 14th , AGM in London #mustshare

Global day of action against Vedanta’s AGM


The annual Global Day of Action against Vedanta will take place on Monday 14th August 2017, as their AGM is conducted in London.

While the Vedanta board try to don the ‘cloak of respectability’ of their London listing, communities affected by the company’s pollution, human rights abuses and tax evasion around the world will raise their voices through protests and reports showing the true face of this deadly British mining company. As usual we will bring the defiant energy and demands of these communities to London, in our theatrical protest outside the London AGM, and shareholder activism inside it.


Monday 14th August 20172 – 4pm .
The Lincoln Centre, 18 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3ED

Bring drums, placards and loud voices.

Please join our Facebook event page if you can come to London on 14th August.

Why we are opposing Vedanta’s 2017 AGM:

This year Vedanta was again excluded from the Norwegian Pension Fund investments following a report which found “numerous reports of Vedanta’s failure to comply with government requirements” at four subsidiaries in Odisha, Chhatisgarh, Tamil Nadu and Zambia.

In Zambia, Vedanta has appealed against a precedent May 2016 judgment allowing thousands of farmers suffering eleven years of pollution by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to have their case against the company heard in the UKDuring the London appeal hearing they claimed no connection between the parent and subsidiary, stating that corporate governance reports were just for show to comply with London listing rules. Meanwhile the pollution goes on in Zambia, where Vedanta have also been found guilty of widespread transfer mispricing and tax evasion according to a recent UNCTAD report. KCM have never published their annual accounts.

Sonshi villagers

Gowda women in Sonshi, Go

In Goa, India, resumption of iron ore mining by Vedanta subsidiary Sesa Goa has already led to protests by Gowda Adivasis (a tribal group) suffering from air and water pollution, and accusations that the company is already exceeding its quota and continuing illegal mining under the guise of removing waste dumps. After being found guilty of widespread illegal mining Vedanta is already demanding that the resultant cap on mining is lifted.


In Niyamgiri, Odisha, harassment of tribal activists who succeeded in stopping Vedanta’s bauxite mine in a precedent referendum in 2013 is increasing, and key activists have been jailed and tortured this year, accused of being Maoists. Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti (NSS) and the Dongria Kondshave held major blockades of Vedanta’s refinery in reaction demanding an end to harassment and the decomissioning of the refinery.

Parallel demonstrations are already planned in Zambia and India on the 14th August for this Global Day of Action and questions raised by the communities will be asked inside the AGM meeting.If you would like to plan a demonstration or organise any event in solidarity with any Vedanta affected community, in any part of the world please get in touch.

Vedanta is a FTSE 250 British mining company controlled and owned by Anil Agarwal and his family through a series of tax havens and holding companies. It has become infamous for its violations of law, pollution and human rights abuses across India and Afrika. Vedanta is controlled and 69.6% owned by Brit Anil Agarwal and his family through a series of tax havens and holding companies. It was launched on the London Stock Exchange in 2003 with the assistance of the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), who continue with their  support for the company.



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114 Armed Forces veterans write to PM Modi against #MobLynching and supporting #NotInMyName Protest

Armed Forces veterans write open letter to PM Modi: Condemn targeting of MuslimsDalits

In the letter the Armed Forces veterans said they stand with the ‘Not in My Name’ campaign and that the Armed Forces stand for “Unity in Diversity“. They added the current situation in the country is that of fear, intimidation, hate and suspicion.

To: The Prime Minister of India, Chief Ministers of the States, and Lieutenant-Governors of the Union Territories.

30 July, 2017

We are a group of Veterans of the Indian Armed Forces who have spent our careers working for the security of our country. Collectively, our group holds no affiliation with any single political party, our only common commitment being to the Constitution of India.

It saddens us to write this letter, but current events in India have compelled us to register our dismay at the divisiveness that is gripping our country. We stand with the ‘Not in My Name’ campaign that mobilised thousands of citizens across the country to protest against the current climate of fear, intimidation, hate and suspicion.

The Armed Forces stand for “Unity in Diversity”. Differences in religion, language, caste, culture or any other marker of belonging have not mattered to the cohesion of the Armed Forces, and servicemen of different backgrounds have fought shoulder to shoulder in the defence of our nation, as they continue to do today. Throughout our service, a sense of openness, justice and fair play guided our actions. We are one family. Our heritage is like the multi-coloured quilt that is India, and we cherish this vibrant diversity.

However, what is happening in our country today strikes at all that the Armed Forces, and indeed our Constitution, stand for. We are witness to unprecedented attacks on society at large by the relentless vigilantism of self-appointed protectors of Hinduism. We condemn the targeting of Muslims and Dalits. We condemn the clampdowns on free speech by attacks on media outlets, civil society groups, universities, journalists and scholars, through a campaign of branding them anti-national and unleashing violence against them while the State looks away.

We can no longer look away. We would be doing a disservice to our country if we do not stand up and speak for the liberal and secular values that our Constitution espouses. Our diversity is our greatest strength. Dissent is not treason; in fact, it is the essence of democracy.

We urge the powers that be at the Centre and in the States to take note of our concerns and urgently act to uphold our Constitution, both in letter and in spirit.

Signatories (in alphabetical order of last name)

  1. Lt Col EN Ambre
  2. Brig VKS Antony
  3. Maj MK Apte
  4. Col CT Arasu
  5. Lt Col Israr Asghar
  6. Cdr CR Babu
  7. Lt Cdr PS Bal
  8. Lt Cdr Rakeh Bali
  9. Maj Gen Dipankar Banerjee
  10. Lt Gen CA Barretto
  11. Brig Noel Barretto
  12. Col TS Bedi
  13. Surg Cdr P Bellubi
  14. Petty Off Gajanan Bhat IN
  15. Cdr PG Bhat
  16. Gp Capt AV Bhagwat
  17. Col V Bopiah
  18. Maj Gen PR Bose
  19. Vice Adm A Britto
  20. Col RT Chacko
  21. Lt Col M Chandrasekhar
  22. Cdre R Clarke
  23. Col KS Choudhry
  24. Brig TPS Chowdhury
  25. Brig Dileep Deore
  26. Col Samuel Dhar
  27. Lt Gen FT Dias
  28. Lt Col AP Durai
  29. Gp Capt MP Elangovan
  30. Maj Gen Shyamal Ghosh
  31. Col V Nanda Gopal
  32. Cdre EC Govindan
  33. Col V Govindarajan
  34. Col RP Grover
  35. Cdre PC Gulati
  36. Cdr M Hari
  37. Lt Col Muzaffar Hasan
  38. Brig Prem Hejmadi
  39. AVM Kapil Kak
  40. Col AT Kalghatgi
  41. Maj Gen MPS Kandal
  42. Col MS Kapoor
  43. Maj Gen TK Kaul
  44. Lt Col PB Keskar
  45. Lt Col V Kharkar
  46. Wg Cdr R Khosla
  47. Brig Anil Malhotra
  48. Col Arun Malhotra
  49. Lt Col RC Malhotra
  50. Brig GK Malik
  51. Cdre G Menezes
  52. Wg Cdr SN Metrani
  53. Maj GN Misra
  54. AVM RP Misra
  55. Col Biman Mistry
  56. Col RB Mistry
  57. Col AK Mitra
  58. Col Pradip Mitra
  59. Maj Gen H Mukherji
  60. Maj Gen RPRC Naidu
  61. Col Pavan Nair
  62. Lt Col VK Nair
  63. Col RLV Nath
  64. Cdr M Nirmal
  65. Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi
  66. Rear Adm Alan O’Leary
  67. Air Cdre Tanpat Pannu
  68. Lt Col Niraj Pant
  69. Col RC Patial
  70. Cdr Hector Poppen
  71. Capt Subbarao Prabhala IN
  72. Brig Ranjit Prasad
  73. Brig VHM Prasad
  74. Wg Cdr KV Raghuram
  75. Brig RS Rajan
  76. Col SS Rajan
  77. Cdr SM Rajeshwar
  78. Air Marshal Philip Rajkumar
  79. Col TN Raman
  80. Admiral L Ramdas
  81. Vice Adm IC Rao
  82. Col TK Ravindranath
  83. Air Marshal DS Sabhikhi
  84. Lt Col Nagaraj Sastry
  85. Lt Gen KM Seth
  86. Col PD Shah
  87. Brig Baqir Shameem
  88. Lt Gen YN Sharma
  89. Lt Col HD Shirmane
  90. Vice Adm MR Schunker
  91. Cdr MA Somana
  92. Brig Amardeep Singh
  93. Gp Capt DR Singh
  94. Brig Joginder Singh
  95. Brig Mastinder Singh
  96. Cdr Rajiv Singh
  97. Col Salam K Singh
  98. Col S Srikantha
  99. Brig M Sudandiram
  100. Flt Lt R Suresh
  101. Sgt MN Subramani
  102. Lt Cdr P Subramanyam
  103. Maj Gen L Tahliani
  104. Cdr SP Taneja
  105. Cdr TP Tharian
  106. Lt Col JK Thomas
  107. Cdr M Thomas
  108. Cdr N Tripathy
  109. Air Marshal NV Tyagi
  110. Capt AK Varma
  111. Wg Cdr BJ Vaz
  112. Maj Rajah Velu
  113. Lt Col R Venugopal
  114. Maj Gen SG Vombatkere

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Sahitya Akademi protest: List of writers and artistes who returned awards over Kalburgi murder, Dadri lynching






Sahitya Akademi award returned
Uday Chopra, Nayantara Sahgal, Sarah Joseph and Ashok VajpeyiWiki Commons

Over the past one week, disgruntled writers and poets across the country have returned the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award to protest the increasing incidents of communal violence in India.

Several elite writers and poets have also resigned their posts in the 20-member General Council of the country’s top literary body, saying that they were shocked at the level of intolerance on freedom of speech and expression.

Hindi writer Uday Prakash was the first to return the prestigious award. Writer Nayantara Sahgal and poet Ashok Vajpeyi followed Prakash in protesting the murders of rationalists like MM Kalburgi, Govind Pansare and Narendra Dabholkar. They also came out against the shocking Dadri incident, in which a mob lynched a Muslim man in Greater Noida over rumours of eating and storing beef.

At least 17 authors  have returned the prestigious Akademi award, while four have resigned elite posts of the organisation.

Here is the list of litterateurs who returned their Sahitya Akademi Awards*

No Litterateur Language
1 Uday Prakash Hindi writer
2 Nayantara Sahgal Indian English writer
3 Ashok Vajpeyi Hindi poet
4 Sarah Joseph Malayalam novelist
5 Ghulam Nabi Khayal Kashmiri writer
6 Rahman Abbas Urdu novelist
7 Waryam Sandhu Punjabi writer
8 Gurbachan Singh Bhullar Punjabi writer
9 Ajmer Singh Aulakh Punjabi writer
10 Atamjit Singh Punjabi writer
11 GN Ranganatha Rao Kannada translator
12 Mangalesh Dabral Hindi writer
13 Rajesh Joshi Hindi writer
14 Ganesh Devy Gujarati writer
15 Srinath DN Kannada translator



Kumbar Veerabhadrappa

Aman Sethi

Kannada novelist

Mumbai Author

18 Rahmat Tarikere Kannada writer
19 Baldev Singh Sadaknama Punjabi novelist
2 Jaswinder Punjabi poet
21 Darshan Battar Punjabi poet
22 Surjit Patar Punjabi poet
23 Chaman Lal Punjabi translator
24 Homen Borgohain Assamese journalist
25 Mandakranta Sen Bengali poet
26 Keki N Daruwalla Indian English poet

After Punjab 18 Maharastra intelligesia joins the akademi  prote

8 more join list of disgruntled Maha intelligentsia, return awards

By Alka Dhupkar

Journalist and writer Ibrahim Afghan to return his Sahitya Akademi award, along with seven others, in protest of climate of intolerance.

The list does not include six Kannada writers who returned the State literary award on 3 October.

List of litterateurs who resigned from Sahitya Akademi posts

No Litterateur Language
1 Shashi Deshpande Kannada author
2 K Satchidanandan Malayalam poet
3 PK Parakkadvu Malayalam writer
4 Aravind Malagatti Kannada poet
Theatre artist Maya Krishna  Rao  returned the Sangeeta Natak Academi award

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Jal Satyagraha 32 days on is peeling off soles, not determination


After 32 days of protesting in water – Jal Satyagraha is peeling off soles, not determination

In the Ghogalgaon village of Madhya Pradesh, 213 protesters have been standing in water for 32 days now. Here’s why, in spite of all the hardships they have to bear, they seem stubborn in the hope that the government will eventually provide them with justice.

In the Khandwa region of Madhya Pradesh, 213 protesters stand with half their bodies submerged in water. This act, embodying profound perseverance, is being carried out in the hope of persuading the government to provide the low-lying villages of the region with rehabilitation. This demand has risen in the face of the threat which haunts these villages, posed by the opening of gates of the Omkareshwar dam.

Marching into the 32nd day of the Jal Satyagraha, the gravity of the situation runs deeper than the water level of the dam which is creating such havoc.


In the event of such a transition being made on the part of the government, like the one concerning the Omkareshwar dam, the Supreme Court must notify the villagers and provide them with rehabilitation 6 months prior to the action being undertaken. However, not only were the villagers notified late, they were also not provided with any such compensation.

Continuous dialogue is taking place between the government and the protesters, albeit with barely any progress made so far. The government is forcing the villagers to accept the remuneration, which is in the form of a land, being provided to them.

The woe of the people rests in the fact that the land which has been given to them is of extremely poor quality and the hope of bountiful cultivation seems scarce.


The silver lining amidst all this painful chaos rests in the tenacity of the protesters. They hold profuse faith in their cause. Even though protesters have been fainting, with many having to be carried out, the number seems to be adamantly rising.

A majority of the them stand undeterred, even though their limbs have gone numb. With fishes feasting on their wounds, it seems as though their resilience is only growing stronger.

The feet of a protestor are displayed during the Jal Satyagraha at Ghogal in Khandwa MP.

Their claim is that they only ask of the law, the policy makers and the Supreme Court, that which is right. Nothing else. A similar fight such as theirs in 2012 won, then how is their cause any different?

“We know we are going to win,” says Chittaroopa Palit, writer and one of the activists protesting the move.


When Ms. Palit was asked if she wanted to convey anything to the people of India through the medium of this article, she sheepishly asked, “What should I say?” Such is the honesty of their fight. It does not matter to them what the magnitude of their reach is, so long as the ones who are being hurt the most have justice served to them.

With the threat of such an impending disaster of broken houses and shattered livelihoods looming over their heads, their only hope is that the country also sides with them.

There has been police intervention and without due support, their physical capabilities can only survive for so long.



When Chittaroopa was probed further to say at least a few words, this is what she had to say,

“I appeal to the people of India to support the farmers who are being sidelined. In the process and name of development, resources are being taken away. Are we going to afford lives for them? Or shall they be pushed to the margin?”

The funny thing is, that even though it may seem like a lost cause to us, there was not a hint of surrender in her voice. It was almost like she knows the only ending is a happy ending. This faith is one which resonates with all the protesters. They seem far from defeated, injured as they may be.

They know that their cause is a just one and the fight has only just begun.

– See more at:

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Dalits protest atrocities in Odisha; stopped on way to CM’s residence

Reported by Santosh Jagdev

Bhubaneswar, Aug 2:

Hundreds of dalits of the city, under the banner of National Confederation of Dalit Organisations (NACDOR), Odisha branch, today marched towards Chief Minister’s Naveen Patnaik’s residence here staging a protest against police inaction and the State Government’s silence in cases of atrocities on Dalits in the state.

Photo: Biswaranjan Mishra

The agitators were stopped on their way to the chief minister’s residence by police personnel at Sishu Bhawan chhack under Capital police limits. Police personnel had to resort to a mild lathi charge as the angry agitators ignored the police warning not to enter the area where prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code were in force.

Around 40 persons, including women, courted arrest while five office bearers of NACDOR, including Ashok Mallick, Litu Das and Sukant Bhoi, were arrested and forwarded to a local court here.

The trigger for today’s protest was the alleged police inaction in a case in which a dalit family of Badatota village under Jatni police limits had been subjected to physical torture and mental harassment by some powerful persons of the same village eight days ago.

Earlier, NACDOR members had informed twin city Commissioner of Police Dr R P Sharma and some concerned bureaucrats by submitting a memorandum on July 27 asking them to take appropriate action against the culprits in the aforesaid case.

They had also demanded protection to the dalits in the state but had failed to get any justice.The next day, the outfit members, along with hundreds of dalits, had staged a protest rally at the Lower PMG here demanding justice on the dalit atrocity cases in state.

Read mor ehere-

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Delhi, London – GLOBAL RESISTANCE against Vedanta Resources



31st July 2014 (Thurs) @ 2.30PM-4PM,
Venue: Ministry of Environment and Forests, Indira Paryavaran Bhavan, Jor Bagh Road, New Delhi 
(Nearest Metro Station : Jorbagh on yellow line)

ATTN LONDON = 1ST August, 

Join the protest from 2pm onwards outside the Lincoln Centre

18 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3ED Nearest tube: Holborn.



Contacts Devangana 8130414606, Aapurv 9910550736, Nikita 9582076891

This protest on 31st July in Delhi will coincide with demonstrations in Niyamgiri, Tuticorin, Goa, Lusaka & Andola (Zambia), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago) to mark THE GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST VEDANTA in lead up to the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London on 1st August. These protests are organised under the banner of FOIL VEDANTA ( whose pioneering work is spearheading international action against Vedanta. Details of the London protest can be found here

STAND IN OPPOSITION TO THE CORRUPT GLOBAL CORPORATE STATE NEXUS THAT DEFENDS VEDANTA AND OTHER RUTHLESS COMPANIES LIKE IT! Vedanta has been aggressively acquiring new businesses with support from Indian and UK politicians to help cover its losses in Niyamgiri – including HZL in India and formerly Scottish company Cairn with oil operations in Rajasthan and the Gulf of Mannar, Sri Lanka.

STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH ZAMBIAN WORKERS AND COMMUNITIES AND OPPOSE INDIAN NEO-COLONIALISM IN AFRIKA! Vedanta has been ripping off Zambians by reporting losses from the KCM copper mine it bought from the government at a throw-away price, while it’s actually been making profits to the tune of US$500 million to US$1 billion and selling copper at below market rates to its own hidden subsidiary in Dubai. It has also failed to pay a fine for offloading toxic waste into local waterways resulting in 7 years of birth defects in local communities.

OPPOSE RUTHLESS ANTI-WORKER BEHAVIOUR! Vedanta treats its workers like shit! A chimney in its BALCO plant in Korba killed at least 40 workers when it collapsed due to negligence and cost-cutting. 750 striking miners in Zambia have been thrown out of the KCM factory. Workers in .

STAND IN DEFENCE OF THE ONLY PLANET WE HAVE AND THE LIFE IT SUSTAINS! Vedanta has no respect for the environment. It pays companies to produce fake EIAs, dumps all kinds of toxic waste into pristine waterways, flouts environmental regulations and refuses to pay fines for the damages it causes.

DEMAND VEDANTA TO KEEP ITS HANDS OFF NIYAMGIRI NOW! Vedanta still has Niyamgiri in its sights and militarisation is rampant with harassment of the Dongria Khond and those supporting them. Vedanta plans to expand its Lanjigarh refinery 6 fold and has claimed that it will be sourcing aluminum from just 3.5km away.

OPPOSE THE ILLEGAL PRO-CORPORATE ANTI-PEOPLE VEDANTA-STATE NEXUS! Vedanta has been a major funder of the BJP in its election campaign and the lawyer who defended Vedanta in the Supreme Court has been made the Attorney General by the Modi regime. Before this Vedanta was funding Congress. Foreign funding of political parties is illegal. This has to be seen in light of the new regimes push to weaken the forest rights act and make land acquisition easier.

OPPOSE MODI’S POLICIES! DEVELOPMENT FOR WHOM? WHOSE GROWTH? This protest will take place outside MoEF due to the ministry’s recent statements about removing ‘obstructions’ to foreign investment and diluting the Forest Rights Act. The FRA was a crucial factor in the victory of the Dongria Kond. Similarly, MoRD have made statements about changing ‘consent’ clauses in the Land Acquisition Act and the Finance Ministry seeks to disinvest its minority shares in BALCO and Hindustan Zinc.

DEMAND DE-LISTING OF VEDANTA FROM THE LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE! Vedanta has benefited from support from crony UK politicians who facilitated its acquisition of formerly Scottish company Cairn India to cover its losses in Niyamgiri. Vedanta is listed on the London Stock Exchange but its rampant malpractices mean that it does not deserve to be there. De-listing it will damage Vedanta’s credit rating, making it harder to pull cash in to fuel its ruthless destruction.

For more details on Vedanta and this transnational state corporate nexus, kindly refer to the attachment below and Foil Vedanta’s website




Vedanta Resources Plc is best known for its illegal mining activities in Niyamgiri, Orissa and the
struggle of the Dongria Khond to protect their forest against this proposed mining. Last year saw
the victory of the Dongria Khond as the Supreme Court judged against Vedanta’s illegal mining
operations. Vedanta subsidiary in Goa, Sesa Sterlite’s operations were also stopped by the Supreme
Court after it emerged that they had exported 150 million tonnes of iron-ore in 2010-11, while
declaring only 7.6 million, their agreed export allowance. Vedanta also lost its prestigious status as
an FTSE Top 100 London Stock Exchange listed company, as its ranking was downgraded. This has
put Vedanta in a tight spot as it has been struggling to repay the loans it took for the same. Vedanta
has thus, been busy finding desperate ways of covering its losses. As expected, it has been doing
this by crooked means and by pulling strings in the corridors of power. This has included its
acquisition of Scottish corporation Cairn’s oil operations in Rajasthan and the Gulf of Mannar
in Sri Lanka and its buyout of Hindusthan Zinc Limited – both well below their real value. Cairn
India has also recently lent 1.25 billion$ to British parent company Vedanta for refinancing its own
debt, which is a clear violation of existing corporate governance regulations.
Zambian workers and communities resist!
A major breakthrough arose this year when a leaked video of Anil Agarwal confirmed from the
horse’s mouth what FOIL VEDANTA’S work in Zambia had already revealed. Vedanta was
illegally making millions from its Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Zambia, which it bought
from the Zambian government – again, well below its value. It has been reporting losses yet making
profits of the tune of US$500 million to $1billion and has been selling the copper below market
rates to its own subsidiary in Dubai, run by Anil Aggarwal’s son. The news of this tax evasion and
transfer mispricing has been hotly debated in the Zambian parliament and there is a vibrant
movement on the ground including workers and communities suffering for years from Vedanta’s
toxic waste.
Environment is not an ‘obstruction’
Vedanta is notorious for continuously flouting environmental and pollution control state
mechanisms, even when they are barely there. Vedanta’s proposed mining in the Niyamgiri
mountains would have been a complete ecological genocide if the resistance of the Dongria Kond
against it had not been so relentlessly strong. The existing refinery in Lanjigarh has polluted water
sources and destroyed surrounding agricultural lands. KCM’s major pollution spill into River Kafue
in 2006 poisoned thousands of people, causing on-going birth deformities. The company refused to
pay the $2million fine that was imposed on them. Similar stories abound in all Vedanta operations –
be it the massively polluting lethal leaks in the copper smelter in Tuticorin or the dubious and nontransparent
off-shore drilling activities in the highly militarised Gulf of Mannar in Sri Lanka.
The struggle is on!
Workers operate under the abysmal, exploitative and precarious conditions of employment in
Vedanta factories and operations. More than 2000 contractual workers in Vedanta BALCO’s
aluminimum manufacturing company in Korba district, Chattisgarh protested earlier this year
demanding better working conditions. It is in the same factory where a chimney had collapsed in
2009 and there were over a hundred unaccountable deaths. In Zambia, continues the struggle of 750
ex-KCM miners who have been thrown out of their jobs by Vedanta. In Vedanta’s lethal gas
smelters in Tuticorin, there has been the death of 3 workers and several injured due to lethal gas
Dongoro Choribo Nai!
Meanwhile, the situation in Niyamgiri is troubling with increased militarisation and harrassment
of the Dongria Kond. Vedanta still has its sights set on acquiring the bauxite in Niyamgiri and has
planned a 6 fold expansion of its refinery in Lanjigarh. The notice for the public meeting they will
hold on 30th July’14 claims that bauxite will be sourced 3.5 km from the refinery – intimating that
they have not given up on mining the Niyamgiri Hills. Under the new regime it is quite easy to
imagine the hard-won success in Niyamgiri being reversed as there are hundreds of billions of
dollars sitting in those hills.
Vedanta-BJP-Congress Bhai Bhai!
It is well known that Vedanta has been a major funder of the BJP government (and the Congress
before it) and thus the planned revisions of the Forest Rights Act (a major contributor to the
Dongria Khond’s success in Niyamgiri) and the Land Acquisition Act by the new Government is not
surprising. The Ministry of Environment and Forests under the new regime is keen to aggressively
accelerate trends which were already existent during Congress rule. The state has been immensely
pro-active in employing its machineries of repression through the police and the military in
responding to resistance against Vedanta.
De-list Vedanta from London Stock Exchange!
Evidence of Vedanta’s corruption has been made available and was presented by Foil Vedanta in the
UK Parliament (House of Commons) on 21st July’14. The UK’s government’s role in assisting
and protecting this contentious mining company has been crucial including the role of the
Department for International Development (DfID)’s CDC (formerly the Commonwealth
Development Corporation) in supporting Vedanta’s Zambian mine, and former British High
Commissioner to India Sir David Gore Booth’s assistance, as a co-opted board member in
launching the company on the London Stock Exchange in 2003.

David Cameron personally exerted
pressure on the Indian government to sell lucrative oil company Cairn India to Vedanta in 2011. The
London Stock Exchange’s faulty listing and accountability has allowed companies lie Vedanta to
flourish by making London a tax haven and engaging in practices of tax evasion and insider-trading,
and blatantly violating human rights and environmental regulations across the world.
The elaboration above of Vedanta’s illegal and exploitative operations, is however,
barely an exception. Vedanta, is but a case study of what are established norms for
multinational corporations in the capitalist order of our times.

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#IndiawithGaza – Mumbai IIT Students march in solidarity with Gaza & Palestine #FreeGaza


The following is an Opinion Editorial written by Rahul Maganti, a fourth year student of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Material Sciences about the recently organized anti-war rally against War and Genocides in the IIT Bombay campus. Rahul also goes on to talk about the current state of Student Activism on Campus and gives his views on why it should improve.

The content on this website is strictly the property of Insight and the Students’ Gymkhana IIT Bombay. If you wish to reproduce any content herein, please contact us:
Chief Editors: Anshul AvasthiChirag Chadha
Mailto: [email protected]


If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. – Desmond Tutu

This quote, which I first read back when I was a child, has since remained close to my heart. Being “neutral” is as good as being silent. When people consciously don’t talk about the injustice out there in the world only because the buck hasn’t come to them yet, they are only being complacent and giving an excuse, not a reason. Many people would rather talk about the injustice of one kind, while deliberately ignoring another simply because it is far from home. When I was inviting people to this march, a lot of them asked me difficult questions. “What do you intend to achieve with these kind of marches and protests? Will you be able to stop the genocide in Palestine by Israel?” asked a friend who apparently aims to serve the country in the capacity of a Civil Servant some day. I deal with his question in the later part of the article by discussing how such protests/marches actually create an impact.

Many people would rather talk about the injustice of one kind, while deliberately ignoring another simply because it is far from home.

Activism can actually change the policy decisions of the country. Many important struggles and movements in India and across the world have been spearheaded by students, and have effectively made an impact on the social, cultural, economic and political conditions. The Student Movement in London against the steep increase in fee and the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the US are among those that have impacted the society. The 1975 anti-Emergency movement was given a particular direction by the students from Universities like JNU and DU. Very recently, the 2012 Delhi protests against rape and violence against women were again led by students. As for the political angle, you can take a cue from the students of Osmania and Kakatiya Universities successfully fighting for a separate statehood of Telangana. The Govt. of India, which didn’t allow discussion on Gaza in the parliament, voted for Palestine in the UN only because of the pressure exerted on it through the protests in various parts of the country.



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#AFSPA Protects Army For Rights Violations , No Arrests Even As People Protest #Vaw

Mon July 21, 2014



NEW DELHI: A decade has passed since the rape and murder of Thangjam Manorama, a victim of our great honored “Armed Forces” interminable barbarism through AFSPA. A decade has gone since girls from Manipur made headlines when they paraded naked with the banner “Indian Army Rape Us”. And this bygone decade has witnessed many similar acts of savagery by the Army and in response, only one constant action-inaction.

The state of Manipur was in state of furore and shambled with protests from every corner following the alleged rape and murder of Manorma in 2004. A dozen soldiers had busted into her house on a night in July and allegedly raped and tortured her. All attempts made by her brother and mother were only futile with brother badly beaten and mother knocked unconscious. An hour later she was taken outside only to be found dead, three miles away, the next morning. The police claimed that she was an insurgent who was shot while she tried to escape.

But the medical examiner had an entirely different story to tell. The examiner determined that she had been shot from close range while lying down, that stains on her dress were that of semen but that multiple gunshots to her vagina made any determination of rape impossible.

In another incident, a group of university students entered a railway compartment at Kokrajhar in Assam in the year 2005, unaware of their fate and the fact that that armed security persons from Haryana were travelling in it. The jawans closed the doors of the compartment and tried to molest the students. The Bodo student Union, aroused by their shouts stopped the train and tried to take action on the jawans. The police opened fire on them and four students died.

And there is an unending list of grave instances of bestiality, inhumanity and barbarity by the men in uniform.

However, the tragedy doesn’t end here. It only begins. Even after so many years of multifarious acts of misuse of power by the armed men, there has not been a single arrest. Not one man has even been charged with any crime. Simply no action has even been initiated.

What is even more appalling is the fact that there even wouldn’t be any action till at least a many many more years to come.

The Defense Minister Arun Jaitley has clearly stated a month back that the immunity law would remain in place until peace was secured.

The immunity law is actually the much talked-about Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). AFSPA, by its very nature, gives complete impunity to the armed men regardless of how heinous the crime they might have committed, leaving the victims of armed forces abuse without a remedy. Section 6 of the act establishes that no legal proceeding can be brought against any member of the armed forces acting under the AFSPA, without the permission of the Central Government.

And the stand of the Central Government is distinct from what the Defense Minister had said. Not only this government, but no government in the history of 56 years of the enactment of AFSPA has had the courage to go against it, for, going against it is equivalent to going against the army.

Palaniappan Chidambaram, in the K. Subramanyam Memorial Lecture at the Institute of Defense Studies last year had made transparent the real reasons for the inability to even dilute AFSPA, leave alone its repeal. He had said “We can’t move forward because there is no consensus. The present and former Army Chiefs have taken a strong position that the Act should not be amended (and) do not want the government notification … to be taken back. How does the government … make the AFSPA a more humanitarian law?”

AFSPA, which was only to be enacted for on an experimental basis for six months in the North-East, has continued for more than five decades. Looking from the security point of view also, AFSPA hasn’t achieved much, at least that’s what data reveals. In 1958, the year of introduction of the Act, there was only one “terrorist” group in the North East. Manipur had two groups when the State was brought under the Act in 1980. Today, Manipur has more than twenty such groups, Assam at least fifteen, Meghalaya has more than five. How, then, does the honored Indian Army advocate for AFSPA so aggressively that not even a little dilution is acceptable to them?

And it is not merely the human rights watchdogs or activists or social rights groups or the jholawallahs who opine the repeal of this Act. This isn’t the voice of one Irom Sharmila or the locals who have lived the draconian law themselves. Such viewpoints have forsooth come from the persons who have worked within the system and know the dynamics of the Act and of running the Government.

In 2005, the Jeevan Reddy Commission said that AFSPA should be repealed and the necessary clauses should rather incorporate in other Acts. R. N. Ravi, former head of the Intelligence Bureau for the North East is on record that AFSPA is the biggest obstacle to peace in the region. Former Home Secretary G. K. Pillai has come out openly against the Act. Latest in the list is the Justice Verma Commission set up after the Delhi gang rape. It has stated in unequivocal terms that security persons who rape women should be judged under the same law that applies to the civilians.

But it appears that all these and thousands of other voices are swept under the carpet. It seems that AFSPA is not meant for the security of the citizens, as is intended, but instead, for the security and immunity of the armed personnel. Tens of thousands of Indian troops, deployed to the remote borderlands, with the mission to fight a decades-long armed separatist rebellion have rather waged a separate power war on civilians-the one where powerless, innocent civilians are raped and murdered by the powerful immune security forces.

Read mor ehere –

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