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Open Letter : Kingfisher Airlines women employees expose Vijay Mallya #Vaw

KFA women employees expose Mallya

Mumbai, March 7: In a major setback for Vijay Mallya, women employees of his now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) wrote an open letter exposing the UB Group Chairman. Mallya, who once was known as the King of Good Times, seems to have lost all respect in the eyes of the employees who have not been paid the due salaries for over 18 months.

Ahead of Women’s Day, the women employee of KFA sent the open letter to Mallya explaining their present situations. The Open Letter written to Mallya:

SHAME MALLYA We the women folk of KFA are forced to write this open letter to you today .We have served the organisation for years making it one of the most renowned airline in the world but today as things stand we find even our association with the airlines so very pathetic. Never though that a man who posed to be so business committed and god fearing would behave in such an unprofessional, inhuman and uninterested fashion.

While people warned us that you are still a spoilt brat and whimsical person, not serious about any business. We were told that even UB group is being taken care of by a few people close to your father, if they withdraw it will collapse in no time. We ignored them having faith in you .You betrayed us and our faith as you did with MCF employees. Cabin crews were forced to serve in your nasty parties: Letter to Mallya Women force have been an integral part of the KFA culture.

Today as we stand in trying circumstances we wish to put forward certain question to you:

  1. Have you ever bothered to enquire how we have been making both ends meet without salary for 18 months?

2.Have you ever bothered to know that some of us are only working member of our family?

3.Why you ruined our family as well as our career by keeping us in dark, when you were not interested in serious business like airline why you kept on giving us false hopes? We are finding it very difficult to find a new job. You also created a dilemma in the aviation now new companies are finding it difficult to acquire planes and they are being charged hugely because of the distrust created by you in them towards India. You are guilty of whole nation. You have done a irreparable damage to the image of our country that too being an M.P.

  1. Do you even understand what it means being mother and how we feel when we have to deny our kids even the most genuine demands? You also have a mother do you have the guts to ask her that what you are doing to us is right? Do you have respect for her or you just show off your respect to her in front of media when your win Rajya Sabha seat and seek her blessings. We are sure if she is aware of your apathy and callousness towards us, she must have told you what is right. It’s now up to you to ignore her or follow her advice.

  2. We understand corporates like you feel elated by looting public banks and other institution but why you never thought twice before denying us our wages and why did you not terminated us when you had no investor and intention of running the show as you proudly say for your other silly ventures” show must continue”. Why you are not yet able to find investor, now you don’t even talk about one. When you are not investing in the airline, how can you expect others to invest in this company mismanaged by you.

  3. Do you have any respect for women or you just believe in commodification of them for your selfish and nasty purposes. You tweeted and advocated fast track courts for Delhi rape victim Damini. Please advise which court shall we approach as no one is ready to help us. Please note she got liberated and left this cruel world but our condition is worse and far more harrowing than her as it is a continuous and never ending torture by you for us.

  4. Is it not true that some of the cabin crews were forced to serve in your nasty parties and your guests like you use to misbehave with them and whoever didn’t agree to this she was tortured and harassed. If this is not true please come forward and deny this in front of the whole world.

8.You keep on retweeting about IPL, Hi Blitz, Sahara force India but never about KFA and it’s employees. Why? You say you don’t have money and you are helpless but the fact is you are not at all guilty.How your conscience permits all this. Please note law is catching up with your partner sahara shri. Do you wish to face the same humiliation or want to amend yourself?


  1. Why were you not moved by the suicide of the wife of your employee due to non payment of salary and why no case was filed against you for abetment of suicide like Gopal Kanda inspite of the fact that her suicide note clearly indicted that. Did you bribe Delhi police?

We hope one day Home ministry/Delhi police would re open the case and punish you for your crime. You have been always busy in your other ventures. Never skipped any KFA calendar but did you realize the yearly problems that your work force went through as we tried to recover our company thinking you are doing your best on your end but now we realised that you only exploited and used us.

So, while the world may celebrate women’s day, for us there is no celebration, in fact it’s even demeaning to even think of the day considering the ignorance and hardships that we faced and are still facing.

Your plush lifestyle, ways and business ventures have been known to the world. It’s laughable then to listen to your excuses. We wonder at times how a person can be so insensitive to human feelings and emotions. Mr. Mallya if there is any shame left in you then come and meet us and have a first hand look at the kind of lives that we are leading.

It will surely then make u realize that a human existence is far more important than breeding horses or running your emotions in the F1 track or playing your luck through the IPL players.

Our KFA experience has been the worst experience of our life, while you buried all your worries under the influence of alcohol but remember alcohol can make you forget your problems/commitments temporarily but can’t solve them for you. Come out of the imaginary world, be on earth….

We hope and pray you will get well soon and shed your ego and apathy towards us.

Women Employees of so called Kingfisher Airlines.

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Open letter to all Speakers at #THiNK2013, Goa, actually the #STiNK2013

Dear Speaker 
We understand that you are scheduled to speak at the ‘Think ‘13 Festival’ being organized by Tehelka at the Grand Hyatt, Bambolim, Goa from 8th to 10th November 2013.
We bring to your kind attention the following brief facts regarding the said event:
  1. Most of the sponsors are alleged to be involved in major illegal activities such as illegal mining scams, telecom scam, Radiatapes, Sponsorship of Salwa Judum, environmental destruction and displacement of indigenous communities.
  2. The organizer of the event is collaborating with the illegal acts of these corporations. The refusal to expose illegal mining in Goa, in spite of having a story researched by one of their own journalists much before it became Public knowledge, amounts to covering up the illegal mining and allowing the wanton destruction (done by the same corporations who are sponsoring the event now).
  3. The venue is a construction in violation of CRZ laws.
  4. The event is for the very rich only, as is evident from the entry charges.
It is very clear that holding this event is only an attempt to create a clean image for the same corporations who are alleged to be involved in massive scams, environmental destruction and displacement of indigenous communities.
We therefore request you to kindly boycott the event, or, announce your disapproval of, or, non-association with, the tainted corporations and their anti-people acts.
Thanking you,
Members of the Goan Society, including John Fernandes, Benaulim; Zarina Da Cunha, Nuvem; Abhijit Prabhudesai, Curtorim; Sidharth Karapurkar, Navelim; Rony Dias, Cuncolim; Fr. Victor Ferrao, Rachol; Cassian Furtado, Varca and many others




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#India – Tehelka’s #THiNK2013 – The Unbearable Stench of Blood Money is #STiNK2013 #mustread





STiNK2013 – The Unbearable Stench of Blood Money


When the fourth estate is peddled like real estate, when journalism and dirty business collude, and when Orwellian ‘doublethink’ becomes the way of the scribes; we can unhesitatingly conclude that the so-called fourth pillar of democracy has been reduced to smithereens, much like the other three pillars.


Since its first edition in 2011, the Tehelka ThinkFest has been seen as a severe blow to the codes of journalism. The first ThinkFest featured the benevolence of the most controversial names in the business world that year, Essar and Tata Steel, both corporations stuck neck deep in a quagmire of accusations, from being involved in mining scams, telecom scams, sponsorship of the Salwa Judum, Radiagate, environmental violations, illegal land grab, forced displacement and several other crimes. But it was no surprise as Tarun Tejpal, the top gun at Tehelka, had earlier been seen that year at the Jaipur Literature Festival defending the event’s sponsorship by criminal corporations like Shell and Rio Tinto; he had essentially argued for his own case. That Tehelka was not the going to organise seminars on rural issues in Jamia Milia auditoriums anymore. That they would now openly solicit endorsements from the very corporations they had exposed in their publications.


Shoma Chaudhury, the Managing Editor of Tehelka, in an interview defended Tehelka’s decision to rake in blood money, saying it was to tell stories of the poor. Since 2012, aside from its problematic coverage of Soni Sori and Lingaram Kodopi’s cases, the publication seems to have cautiously veered from reporting any scams about Essar and other sponsors.  Even prior to the ThinkFest, the publication was totally mum on the 2010 medieval-era styled pillaging of villages in Odisha’s Kalinga Nagar, where Adivasi communities have been fighting Tata Steel with their lives. In the same NYTimes interview, Shoma mentions how Tehelka refused money from Vedanta, but many might be aware of how Tehelka had once carried a Vedanta press release in the guise of an article glorifying Vedanta’s CSR activities in Lanjigarh & Niyamgiri, attributing it to a reporter who personally claimed that he had not written it.


This year, the Think Fest has amongst its sponsors even more infamous corporations like the Narendra Modi-backed Adani group, land grabbers like DLF and late liquor baron Ponty Chaddha’s Wave. The Adani group is widely known for its illegal land grab for its illegal SEZ and port in Mundra, all facilitated by the Gujrat Govt. It is India’s largest coal importer, biggest private port operator and biggest thermal power producer (read one of India’s biggest polluter). The Modi government has allegedly alloted land to Adani at the rate of Re.1/- per sqm, at least a thousand times less than the market rates. In fact, a CAG report highlights that Adani gained more than Rs.70 crore when the Gujarat government-owned GPSC sold natural gas to it at rates much lower than what it had bought from the open market. Another CAG report says that Adani Power owed at least Rs. 240 cr as a fine to the Gujarat Govt but was officially fined a little more than Rs.79 cr.


After destroying more than a thousand hectares of coastal mangroves and being slapped with a Rs. 200 crore fine, Adani needs all the goodwill that events like ThinkFest can garner for it. After all, it is India’s most indebted company with a debt bill of at least Rs. 65,000 cr while its revenues stand at Rs. 47,000 cr.


The rise of Adani is closely linked to the rise of Narendra Modi in the post-riot situation. Modi needed big business to support him and Adani fulfilled that role. In return Adani was given a free run to devastate nature and society and rise from a mere Rs.3,300 cr company to a Rs. 47,000 cr company within a decade. With Modi’s blessings Adani has grown rapidly and made inroads across the nation and world. While its proposed coalfields in Australia are going to be one of the single largest producer of greenhouse gases, in Odisha, the company’s goons have been seen orchestrating attacks on activists like Prafulla Samantara, who are opposing the massive proposed coalfields in Angul. The infamous Tata port at Dhamra, which is devastating Olive Ridley nesting grounds, is slated to be taken over by Adani soon.


While one could get stuck on Adani, there’s a long list of logos that make up ThinkFest’s Patrons that need to be talked about. Essar, for instance, continues to be one of the chief patrons of the event. If this video from the first fest is anything to go by, Neena Tejpal herself admits that Essar and Tehelka essentially share the same values, at a time when the memory of Essar’s role in the telecom scam, in supporting the Salwa Judum, its illegal diversion of water from river Mahanadi and land grab in Jagatsingpur for a steel factory where displaced people are protesting, was fresh in our minds. Essar’s relationship with Modi, of course, reads out like a jaded Bollywood love story– with Shasi Ruia accompanying Namo on foreign tours to Switzerland and South Korea, making promises of undying investment at Vibrant Gujarat summits, falling out in the face of 8000 crore sales tax dues, being caught in a compromising position by the CAG and eventually making up.


Also on the red carpet of sponsors are JSW Steel, pulled up by both the Lokayukta and the CBI in connection with the Karnataka mining scam, causing a windfall Rs. 890 crore loss to the exchequer in resources, just as JSW wired a hefty thank-you in the form Rs 20 crore donation to Yedyurappa’s son’s trust for turning a blind eye to its excesses.


Iconic scammers DLF, whose large-scale land-grabbing stunts have even found mention in Tehelka, are presenting the John Pilger session, if only to add to the irony that the ThinkFest is the perfect example of the industrial-military-media complex that Pilger always endeavored to expose.


A session with Medha Patkar (quite a feat to get her to endorse an event sponsored by Coca Cola), Bianca Jagger and a former Maoist revolutionary is being presented by a defense equipment manufacturer, Pipavav, just as disarmament activist Binalakshmi Nepram is also a speaker at the event. Pipavav has just been awarded a 920 crore contract to build warships for the Indian coast guard.


Other sponsors include chronic polluters and cartelists United Phosphorous, who slapped a 25 crore defamation lawsuit against activist Rohit Prajapati for exposing pollution at their VAPI plant. United Phosphorous also leads the race in Mumbai’s garbage scam to process the city’s waste in its Deonar dump for a whopping cost of Rs. 26,000 crore, and displace those amongst its poorest who make their living from garbage.  To stir up some local angst, Goan mining companies also feature on the list of sponsors.


If that wasn’t enough to fill one up with disgust, the line-up of speakers is no less. Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda, BJD MP often seen on TV defending Naveen Patnaik’s corporate resource grabbing, a high-flying mining and cable TV baron, is being heralded as “The Golden Boy…clearly a doer, a technocrat eager to set an example of good governance and efficiency”. This “‘accidental politician’ irritated by the inefficiencies of the country still beset by many of the problems of the ‘licence raj’” is no less than an Adani. His mining company, IMFA, availed of loan waiver from the amounting to over Rs. 2000 crore from the Naveen Patnaik government in 2007.


Then again, Panda hasn’t had a fraction of the good times that Vijay Mallaya has gotten away with. And yet here is, presented by Tehelka as ‘the Maverick Mogul’, his achievements listed as “bringing back to the country the sword of Tipu Sultan, Mahatma Gandhi’s eyeglasses” and “an annual calendar shoot with stunning models” (not necessarily in that order, but well, “it says as much about Mallya as the balance sheets do.”)


THiNK is a celebration where people like Nandan Nikelani, Vijay Mallya and Jay Panda will be promoted endlessly to the point that all their past misdeeds are pushed out of our consciousness into oblivion.


While a few names like Medha Patkar, Bianca Jagger and John Pilger on the guest list might make  Think seem like an honorable seminar to attend, just a little digging exposes it as a vulgar celebration of dirty blood money appropriating a journalistic organisation that was, until now, seen as a torchbearer of truth and progressive values.


It is understandable that there is no outcry from the general public, who might buy the general rhetoric of the sponsored bottomline. But for those in the know, those who’ve seen the truth behind the logos, who’ve resisted it in their own capacities, and who have yet chosen to actively engage with or ignore the goings-on on this rotten stage, it raises uncomfortable questions.


It signals an era where even vociferous dissenters believe that struggles cannot exist unless legitimised by the media, just as the avenues of getting an uncomfortable story covered are rapidly shrinking in the face of media corporatisation. It makes even the socially defiant among us afraid to call out this mainstream masquerade and risk the chance of never being invited to the ball.

As it trivialises and capitalises on the very pillars that it stands on, ThinkFest forces us all to do a double-think on what kind of inconvenient truths and truth-tellers we can live with, as the lines blur.



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