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Political Prisoners languishing in abysmal conditions in West Bengal jails: Plight of Prasun Chatterjee

June 28, 2014


By Amit Bhattacharyya

Attempts at curbing the rights of Political Prisoners have started after the coming of the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC-government to power in West Bengal. A few months ago, the WB government introduced a bill in the legislative assembly to curb the rights of political prisoners by making an amendment to Section 24 of the West Bengal Correctional Services Act of 1992 passed by the earlier left-front government. The essence of the amendment is that no member of any organization banned by the government would henceforth enjoy the rights of political prisoners.

The main targets of this legislative measure were the Maoists, KLO and ‘terrorists’ belonging to some Muslim organizations. It is interesting to point out that all these prisoners are accused of taking part in seditious activities and thus committing ‘offences’ of a political nature and should therefore be the first to be treated as political prisoners. The TMC government under Mamata Banerjee made this amendment at a time when it had already appealed to the Supreme Court for a stay order challenging the High Court verdict(Justice Kanwaljit Singh Ahluwalia, J in the case between Mr. Subhashis Roy for the petitioners and Ms. Anusua Sinha for the State vide CRR 463 of 2012 with CRR 1312 of 2012 with CRR 4000 of 2011 dated 08/08/2012) that gave political prisoner status to Gaur Narayan Chakraborty, V. Venkateswara Reddy, Sambhu Soren, Sagun Murmu, Chhatradhar Mahato, suksanti Baskey and Prasun Chatterjee—all ‘Maoist’ political prisoners. The appeal for stay by the WB government was rejected by the Supreme Court, but it was admitted for future discussion.

Such a measure for amendment initiated by the Mamata Banerjee-led government betrays a revengeful attitude against the Maoists and other political dissenters. It was this Mamata Banerjee who made a pledge during election meetings before the WB Legislative Assembly elections to release all political prisoners if she was voted into power; but she conveniently broke that promise after coming to power.

The amendment to Section 24 was put into effect from November 2013. What will be the fate of those who started enjoying such privileges before the amendment was passed? They would continue to enjoy those rights. But what do we see in practice? It is a well-planned conspiracy to curb the legitimate rights of political prisoners given by the Kolkata High court. We have heard about such attempts accompanied by misbehavior with political prisoners in jail in Dum Dum and Hoogli Jail. Very recently we have come to know about such attempts in the distant Purulia Jail where political prisoners have been forced to pass their days in a condition that beggars description. High Court verdict is being deliberately flouted by the prison officials.

Prasun Chatterjee, a political prisoner incarcerated under the UAPA has been languishing in Purulia jail for quite some time after being transferred from Medinipur Central Correctional Home where he had been staying since 2009. Although he has been given the status of political prisoner by the Kolkata High Court, his legal rights have been curbed by the jail authorities and he is forced to pass his days in prison in abysmal conditions.

Unlike some prisons in West Bengal, the cells in Purulia jail do not have any ceiling fan facility. As the High Court gave certain rights and facilities to political prisoners and the installation of ceiling fans in cells is part of those, the jail authorities has placed a table fan outside the cell gate. However, air cannot pass through the iron rods and leaves the prisoner sweating in the blazing summer inside the cell. It is a violation of High Court directives and a punishable offense. In response to the HC order for the installation of ceiling fans, fans were bought but these are dumped in the go-down without being installed. Prasun asked for a petition form to apply to the ADG (Prison) for redress, but he was not given any. That forced him to apply in a plain white paper; but there was no response. He does not know if that had reached the destination at all.

Prasun does not have the right to meet other prisoners accused of having ‘Maoist’ connection. He has also been denied access to books. When asked, the authorities retort by saying that what they act in accordance with the directives of Mamata Banerjee.

Many rooms in Purulia jail are lying vacant in which there are also light and fans. However, he is forced to stay in cells meant for prisoners with infectious diseases such as leprosy, TB, chicken pox etc. There is no water facility inside the cells. In case of need, he has to tell other prisoners to fetch drinking water for him from a distance. Even inside the cell compound, there is no water tank. So other people are asked to bring water for him in buckets.

The distance between Purulia Jail and Medinipur Court is nearly 210 kms. Thus for every production, the prisoner has to travel nearly 420 kms a day. Those among Prasun’s co-accused who go to Medinipur Court from Kolkata have to cover a lesser distance. Each of them is given Rs.100.00 for production. For Prasun, however, for two days no money was given. So he went without any food. When asked, the jail authorities ridiculed him by saying “Should we have to feed even the accused” (Ashamider-o Khaoate hobe naki)? Their cruelty knows no bounds. Later on, after much protest, he initially could get Rs.30.00 and then Rs.50.00. For the last two months or more, he has not been produced at all, thereby denying him the right to defend himself.

Prasun Chattopadhyay, a political prisoner, is thus being forced to pass his days in abysmal conditions. Inside the prison, heat and dust tell on the prisoners’ heath. For quite some time, Prasun has thus been suffering from asthma and allergic ailments.

Prasun dreamt of a society free from exploitation. For this ‘offence’, for this belief in a better world, he was taken into custody in 2009 and booked without any specific charges under the draconian UAPA—an act that makes a mockery of democracy in this ‘land of the largest democracy’ of the world. He was arrested by the earlier left-front government and his incarceration continued under the new West Bengal government. He has already spent five years in prison. His brother Pradip is also in prison for as many years. Meantime, their ailing father has breathed his last at home. And this cruel state and governments, irrespective of their hues—left or right—with its genetically modified repressive forces have been silently trying to cripple dissident voices with utmost brutality by trampling down verdicts of the High Court. Should we not raise our voice and demand their freedom?

– See more at:

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Left has failed to address caste issue


Pointing out that there is still lack of caste mobility in West Bengal, senior Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Abdur Razzak Molla, who recently said a consortium of Dalit minorities groups will contest the next Assembly polls in the State, said here on Sunday that by not addressing the caste issue the Left had moved backward.

“I want to remind the Leftists that they have taken a step backward instead of going forward, by not tackling headlong the caste problems in the State. Instead, they are trying to resolve the issue of class struggle,” he told a congregation at a convention of the “Samajik Nyai Bichar Manch” (SNBM) – an umbrella of various Dalit and minority organisations of the State.

Asked by journalists later whether he will be leaving the CPI(M) by 2016, Mr. Molla said: “Why should I leave the party? Those who want me to do so should look after themselves”.

On the subject of the rigidity of the caste system that still persists in the State, he asked: “If someone belonging to the Scheduled Caste or Tribe is well-versed in Sanskrit will he be allowed to become a priest? Where is the situation in the State heading in this regard?”

“I have been trying to get the Leftists in the State to understand the need to address the caste issue. But if they do not listen to me and instead take action against me, so be it,” Mr. Molla said.

He alleged that in West Bengal on the one side there is the “regimented Left Front” and on the other “the club-like Trinamool Congress which will collapse anytime”. “It will be very difficult but not totally impossible to break the routine of polarisation of votes between these two sides in any coming election”.

The SNBM comprises members who are Communists, he said, adding that they are strongly opposed to the Trinamool Congress which is poaching MLAs, MPs and elected heads of panchayats of other parties. “Then what is the purpose of holding elections?” Mr. Molla asked.

Reiterating that the SNBM, of which he is president will contest the 2016 Assembly elections in the State, he said that organisation “will be a key factor in forming the next State government”, he told journalists later.

Asked whether his organisation has any plans to contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, he said “nothing has been decided in this regard”.


“They have taken step backward”

Read more here –

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Tortured to death in police custody – Murshidabad dist admin not under Indian laws ?


19 February 2014



The Chairman

National Human Rights Commission

Manav Adhikar Bhawan
Block-C, GPO Complex, INA
New Delhi – 110023


Respected Sir,


We lodged this present complaint in the matter of alleged brutal murder of the victim Rajib Molla in the custody of Raninagar Police Station. The victim was allegedly subjected to brutal custodial torture at raninagar Police Station by the perpetrator police personnel. Before that he arrested from his house illegally and arbitrarily. Neither the victim nor his family members were informed about the grounds of his arrest. The victim’s wife lodged written complaint before the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad seeking his intervention and appropriate legal action against the perpetrator police personnel but till date no action was taken. Our attached fact finding report gives the details of whole incident. The victim died in police custody but no enquiry by any judicial magistrate was conducted till date in compliance with the provision of Section 176(1-A) of the Criminal Procedure Codethough after receiving information of unnatural death in custody of Raninagar police station one urgent sms message were sent to mobile phone Nos. of District Magistrate, Murshidabad, Sub Divisional Officer, Domkal, Block Development Officer, Raninagar ll Block, Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad and to other stakeholders at 11.19pm on 15.2.2014 Saturday narrating the name address of victim, name of arresting police, time of arrest and demanded Inquest by Judicial Magistrate as per law & investigation by C.I.D. – but the authorities concerned preferred to disobey the laws of the land.


In this regards, the police personnel violated some laws as follows: –

  • ·         They violated Sections 50, 50(A) and 55 A of Criminal Procedure Code along with the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court of India in D. K. Basu judgment (AIR 1997 SC 610).
  • ·         They also violated Article 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 of UN Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials.
  • ·         UN principles on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-Legal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions were also violated by the alleged acts of the perpetrator police personnel.
  • ·         The Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad also violated Section 166A for not taking any action of the complaint of the wife of the victim.

Hence, we seek your urgent intervention regarding the following matters: –

  • ·         The whole matter must be investigated immediately by one neutral investigating agency
  • ·         The perpetrator police personnel must be booked under law by treating the complaint of the wife of the victim filed before the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad as a First Information report against the perpetrator police personnel for committing murder of the victim in custody and they must be punished accordingly.
  • ·         The inaction of the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad must be booked under the law and he must face prosecution for willful omission to discharge his lawful duty.
  • ·         The unnatural death case registered at Raninagar Police Station in the matter of the victim must be handed over to one neutral investigating agency and
  • ·         One inquiry by one judicial magistrate must be directed to be held immediately in compliance of Section 176(1-A) of Criminal Procedure Code.
  • ·         Adequate compensation must be provided to the deceased’s family


Thanking you

Yours truly


Kirity Roy

Secretary, MASUM


National Convener, PACTI


Name of the victim: – Rajib Molla (deceased), son of- late Rastan Molla, aged about- 25 years, by faith- Muslim, residing at Village- Ghoshpara, Post Office- Rajapur, Police Station- Raninagar, District- Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.


Name of the perpetrators: – 1) Mr. Biplab Karmakar (the Office-in-Charge of Raninagar Police Station); 2) Mr. Swarup Biswas (the Sub-Inspector of Raninagar Police Station); 3) Mr. Sirajul Salehin (the Assistant Sub-Inspector of Raninagar Police Station); 4) Mr. Anil Biswas (the Assistant Sub-Inspector of Raninagar Police Station); 5) other 4/5 involved constables of Raninagar Police Station; and 6) other 4/5 involved civic police of Raninagar Police Station under Domkal Sub-Division, District- Murshidabad.


Date and time of incident: – On 15.02.2014 at 8 am.


Place of Incident: – Inside Raninagar Police Station.


Case details: – 


It was revealed during fact finding that the family members of the deceased consisted of wife Ms. Reba Bewa, mother Ms. Manjura Bewa and two minor children namely Mr. Rakib Molla (son) and Ms. Bristi Molla (daughter). The deceased was as a daily laborer and sometimes he went to outside for job due to poor monetary situation of his family.


Mr. Mabul Molla; the uncle of the victim informed our fact finding team that that the deceased was a person with co-operative nature who always raised his voice against any unjustifiable activities in his locality. The victim used to give the information of any unjustifiable activities in his locality to the police of Raninagar police station. It is reported that over an incident the relationship between the police of Raninagar Police Station and the victim became strained.  


Under such circumstances on 15.02.2014 at about 8 am, Mr. Sirajul Salehin; the Assistant Sub-Inspector of Raninagar Police Station and other four or five police constables of Raninagar Police Station and 4/5 civic police personnel of Raninagar Police Station came to the victim’s house in a white colour police vehicle (vehicle no. WB 24 K 7678) and entered into his house without taking any lady police constable and informed him that they came to arrest him on the strength of a warrant of arrest. But no warrant of arrest was showed to him. The perpetrator police personnel took him into their custody without issuing any memo of arrest and forcibly dragged him to put him into the police car. The family members of the victim repeatedly asked the police personnel to disclose the reason of his arrest but the police personnel did not disclose any reason.   


Mr. Abdur Rajjak Molla being the Ex- member of local Gram Panchayet witnessed that the police personnel continuously slapped on the victim’s face by abusing him with filthy languages while they were dragged him to the police car. Then the police personnel took him to Raninagar police station and detained him into the police lock up. Later he was put into a closed room and Mr. Swarup Biswas (the Sub-Inspector of Raninagar Police Station) and Mr. Sirajul Salehin (the Assistant Sub-Inspector of Raninagar Police Station) started to beat him black and blue by pressurizing him to give confession. Mr. Biplab Karmakar the Officer-in-Charge of the said police station also repeatedly slapped him on his face. Meanwhile, Mr. Swarup Biswas forcibly kicked on his private part and as a result his testicles were ruptured. The victim became senseless and the police personnel tied his neck with a rope and hanged him from the ceiling of the police lock up. The one doctor from Godhonpara Primary Health Centre near to the police station was called up. It was also reported that one unknown doctor of that said primary health centre came to the said police station to medically examine the victim and advised to transfer the victim to Berhampur New General Hospital. One doctor of the said hospital declared that the victim was brought dead. Therefore it is revealed during the fact finding that the perpetrator police personnel made attempt to show the murder of the victim as a suicide.


It was alleged by Ms. Reba Bibi; the wife of the victim that she was informed by her neighbors that the police personnel was torturing her husband in the police station. She immediately went to the said police station with her few relatives and neighbors to see her husband. After reaching to the police station she heard that her husband was shouting in pain due to torture by the police personnel. She requested the police personnel to allow her to enter inside the police station to meet her husband. But she was not allowed and the police personnel ordered them to leave. Ms. Reba Bibi informed our fact finding team that at about at midnight the police of Raninagar Police Station informed her uncle Mr. Mainuddin Seikh that the victim expired in the police lock up. She went to the police station but could not see her husband and she was informed that her husband was shifted to Berhampore New General Hospital. 


The police of Raninagar Police Station registered one unnatural death case vide Raninagar Police Station U.D. Case no. 116/2014 dated 15.2.2014. The Post Mortem examination of the victim was done at Berhampore Police Morgue on 16.2.2014. The inquest on the body of the victim was done by an Executive Magistrate; Sub-Divisional Officer of Berhampore. After post mortem examination the dead body of the deceased was handed over to his uncle Mr. Mabul Molla. 


On 16.02.2014, Ms. Reba Bibi, wife of the victim, lodged a written complaint before the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad informing the whole incident of murder of her husband in the custody of the perpetrator police personnel at Raninagar Police Station and demanded urgent action against the perpetrator police personnel, but till date, no action has been taken.


On 17.02.2014 at noon, our fact finding team meet with Doctor Ramakanta Majumder; the doctor of Godhonpara Primary Health Centre and asked him whether the victim was admitted to that hospital and also asked him to disclose the time of that admission. He replied on 15.02.2014 at about 8 pm at Raninagar Police Station they examined one body which was senseless and motionless. But they did not have opportunity to examine that body properly. So they referred the body to Berhampur New General Hospital. Doctor Sahanwaz was referred that body in the presence of them and the above-mentioned perpetrator police personnel. 


The family of the victim could impart any information as to reason of the victim’s arrest by the perpetrator police personnel of Raninagar Police Station as they had no knowledge. On 17.02.2014, our fact finding team called Mr. Biplab Karmakar; the officer-in-charge on his personal number (9732766588) and asked him to disclose in connection with which criminal case the victim was arrested but he refused to give any information. 


 After Post mortem examination 

 Inline images 1
Rajib’s family, his palace, his kids
Inline images 2

Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
National Convenor (PACTI)
Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
40A, Barabagan Lane (4th Floor)
Balaji Place
PIN- 712203
Tele-Fax – +91-33-26220843
Phone- +91-33-26220844 / 0845
e. mail : [email protected]

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#India – Tribal girl gang-raped by 12 men following khap diktat in WB #Vaw #WTfnews


HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times  Kolkata, January 22, 2014

First Published: 23:19 IST(22/1/2014) | Last Updated: 07:51 IST(23/1/2014)
 A 20-year-old tribal woman was allegedly gang-raped in a West Bengal village on the orders of a salishi sabha, the state’s equivalent of khap panchayats (feared for dispensing kangaroo court-style justice), the police said on Wednesday.

The police suspect as many as 12 persons raped the young woman, who herself “lost count” during the brutality she endured on Tuesday at Subalpur village in Birbhum, about 180 km from Kolkata.

News of the vicious gang rape in Birbhum, the home district of President Pranab Mukherjee, shook the state, which is already reeling under a series of sex crimes against women.


Falling in love with a man from outside her community and then failing to cough up Rs. 50,000 fine imposed by the salishi sabha led to the woman being humiliated with the sexual assault, said a police official.

The woman underwent medical test at a hospital on Wednesday morning and is admitted there.

“According to the woman, the salishi sabha summoned her and her beloved on Monday and detained them through the day and night. After her family said they could not pay the fine, the salishi sabha allegedly ordered the mass rape on Tuesday,” said Birbhum superintendent of police C Sudhakar.

The police have arrested 11 persons including Sunil Soren, head of the salishi sabha. Soren allegedly participated in the gang rape. One of the suspects is on the run.

The woman told the police she was not certain how many men sexually assaulted her. “There were more than five. It could even be 10,” she told journalists who visited her at the hospital.

“It’s horrific. They (rapists) are all our neighbours and I call some of them as kaka (uncle) and some others as dada (elder brother) or bhai (brother),” she added.

Her family lodged a complaint with the police on Wednesday afternoon following which the police conducted a raid on the village and made the arrests. A section of villagers opposed the police raid, forcing the administration to rush in more personnel.

The tribal girl’s plight put the Mamata Banerjee government under the spotlight yet again, barely three days after a fitness centre employee was gang-raped in a moving vehicle in the heart of Kolkata.

The fitness centre employee was targeted even as the state grappled with the shocking Madhyamgram rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl towards the end of 2013. The minor was gang-raped twice, her family hounded out of her home and then she was set ablaze at their new residence.

The ruling Trinamool Congress has been battling a series of sex crimes against women over the past two years. West Bengal topped states in crimes against women in 2011 and 2012, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau.

Read more here —

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#India – Mental Asylum trespass case against Adhir Chowdhury



Chowdhury at the asylum on Monday. Picture by Chayan Majumdar
Behrampore, Dec. 19: The social welfare department in Murshidabad has lodged a police complaint against junior railway minister Adhir Chowdhury for entering a government home for the mentally challenged without permission.

Congress MP Chowdhury had on Monday visited Mahalandi Home for Lunatics and Vagrants in Kandi along with some party workers and criticised the “poor state of affairs” there.

The junior railway minister has been charged under Section 353 of the IPC (assault or criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging his duty). The charge is non-bailable and if proved guilty, Chowdhury could be jailed for up to two years. The FIR was lodged on Tuesday.

Today, social welfare and women and child development minister Sabitri Mitra said Behrampore MP Chowdhury had entered the home “almost like a mastan (tough)”.

“Chowdhury and his aides entered the government home without permission. He entered the facility almost like a mastan. He had a political motive,” Mitra said.

She added that Chowdhury had “not bothered” to visit the home in his 15 years as an MP. “He passes the home at least five times a month. But he chose to visit it only a day before Mamata Banerjee’s meeting in the district.”

On Tuesday, Mamata held an administrative meeting at Rejinagar, around 45km from the Kandi home.

Chowdhury, who had on Monday told journalists that the 212 inmates of the home “do not have proper clothes and are served unhygienic food”, today said: “I do not require permission to visit the government home as I am the local MP.”

An official said rules allowed only the minister and officials of the social welfare department to enter the home without permission.

Asked about the complaint against Chowdhury, district social welfare officer Mohammad Badrodoja said: “The junior railway minister had entered a protected place without the permission of the social welfare department. He also threatened government employees and prevented them from discharging their duties.”

Badrodoja did not clarify if the employees of the home had tried to prevent Chowdhury and his aides from entering. Asked if Chowdhury would be arrested, Murshidabad police chief Humayun Kabir said: “We have registered an FIR against Chowdhury and others. We have started a probe. Let’s see what happens.”

The Congress MP said he had visited the home after getting complaints about the “sorry state of affairs” there. “I have been getting such complaints for quite some time. So I went to the home on Monday. If a case has been registered against me, so be it. Several false cases have been lodged against me,” Chowdhury said.

Minister Mitra denied Chowdhury’s allegations of neglect. She said a new water supply project had been taken up for the home and a building would be constructed. “We have also decided to provide a permanent doctor for the home and an ambulance.”

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#India – Teen’s gangrape: WB human rights body orders probe #Vaw



Kolkata: The West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC) on Tuesday ordered a probe into the alleged gang rape of a minor in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district. “We have ordered a probe and we have asked for the report in two weeks,” WBHRC chairman Justice (retd) Ashok Ganguly told IANS.

. A 16-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by seven locals Friday in Humayunpur in Madhyamgram town of the district, after she was accosted by the men as she made her way to a shop near her residence. Two people, including the prime suspect, have been arrested so far, police said Tuesday.


Incidentally Madhyamgram is three kilometres away from Kamduni, which made headlines for the gruesome gang-rape and murder of a college student 7 June.

Read more at:


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#India – Upper Caste Bengalis Call Dalits Pigs When they Assert #Video

Bapi Mondal, an artist from the Poundra caste, member of DAFODWAM (Democratic Action Forum of Dalits, Women and Minorities) and an anti-eviction activist from Nonadanga, West Bengal, speaks of his life as a dalit in Bengal.

He tells us how his entire life, and of his ancestors, have been lived as a perpetual evictee, and how the illusive ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ of India have always failed to provide them with the basic human needs: food, clothing, abode.

He describes how for the government and the upper-caste leaders of political parties they are nothing more than a ‘son of a pig’

.He continues to fight these injustices against all the odds.

  • #999; padding: 2px; display: block; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none;" href="" target="_blank"> #India – Dalit Woman in #Canada cannot escape sting of Caste System #Racism #WTFnews #mustread
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  • #999; padding: 2px; display: block; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none;" href="" target="_blank"> #India – Dalit woman stripped and paraded by 6 in Patna #Vaw #WTFnews
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#India – Woman gangraped, intended to be trafficked, West Bengal Police shielding culprits #Vaw #mustread

9th October 2013



The Chairman

West Bengal Human Rights Commission

Bhabani Bhaban


Kolkata – 27


Respected Sir,


I want to draw your kind attention on an incident of rape by some miscreants (the perpetrators from 1 to 4). The incident took place on 17.08.2013 inside the house of the victim. Those miscreants forcibly kidnapped her and inhumanly tortured her during the commitment of rape. After that they planned to sell her to other places for illegal purposes. But she managed to escape from the clutches of those miscreants. After that she was taken to Raninagar police station by her family members to lodge a complaint against the heinous crime on her. But the police personnel refused to register the complaint which she transpired to the police and instead of that the Officer-in-Charge of the said police station jotted down a complaint on his own choice and purposefully omitted the incident of rape from that complaint and forcibly took a signature from the victim and registered a First Information Report; which was not the actual complaint of the victim. The role of the police personal of the said police station clearly demonstrates that from the very initial stage the Officer-in-Charge tried to protect those miscreants. The police personal illegally detained those people who were tried to help the victim in lodging a complaint.  On 23.08.2013 she lodged a written complaint to the Superintendent of Police of the district, against those miscreants and informed the ineffectiveness of the police personal of the said police station and sought justice from him. But no prompt action has been taken by that higher authority and also the police of Raninagar did not take any step to conduct her medical test till date as early as possible to save the culprits. Her medical examination took place only upon the order of the court on 21.08.2013, i.e. after 4 days. On the other hand the offenders (the perpetrators from 1 to 4) from the same village of the victim are roaming freely in acquiescence of the police.


All the miscreants are in nexus with local police, BSF and Excise Department engaged in cross border smuggling and human trafficking.


Hence we seek your urgent intervention regarding the following matters: –

  • The whole matter must be investigated by one neutral investigating agency appointed by the Commission; not by the police of Raninagar PS.
  • The police of Raninagar Police Station intentionally violated The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013
  • The concerned police station must be directed to take immediate steps to register the actual complaint of the victims and legal action upon the complaints against the culprits.
  • The role of the police personal of concerned police station must be investigated as they tried to protect the culprits from the very beginning
  • The victim must be immediately brought under due protection.
  • The victim should be provided adequate compensation.


Thanking You

Yours faithfully,




Kirity Roy
Secretary, MASUM
National Convener, PACTI







Name of the victim: – 1) Ms. Sita Mondal (name changed), wife of- Mr. Panchanan Mondal, aged about-22 years, Scheduled Caste (Dalit), residing at Village- Char Sahebnagar, Post Office- Borderpara, Police Station- Raninagar, District- Murshidabad, West Bengal, India. 2) Mr. Sanjit Mondal, son of Mr. Sudhir Mondal and 3) Mr. Bidyut Mondal, son of Mr. Jitendranath Mondal, both resident of village Char Borderpara under Raninagar police station (they were illegally detained at the police lock up while assisting the victim to make a complaint to the police)


Name of the perpetrators: – 1) Mr. Alamgir Seikh, son of- Mr. Sajahan Seikh 2) Mr. Mamon Seikh, son of- Mainul seikh 3) Mr. Saidul Islam, son of- Mr. Beru Seikh 4) Mr. Asraful Islam (Seikh), son of- Mr. Fakir Seikh, all are residing at Village- Char Sahebnagar, Post Office- Borderpara, Police Station- Raninagar, District- Murshidabad 5) Mr. Sumit Talukdar (Officer-in-Charge of Raninagar Police Station) under Murshidabad district.


Date and time of incident: – On 17.08.2013 at about 11pm.


Place of occurrence: – Inside the dwelling of the victim.


Case details: –


It is revealed during fact finding that on 17.08.2013 at about 11 pm the victim went to toilet while her husband was along with her; Mr. Panchanan Mondal who was standing outside of the bathroom to guard her . It was alleged by the victim that some miscreants namely Mr. Alamgir Seikh, Mr. Mamon Seikh, Mr. Saidul Islam and Mr. Asraful Islam (Seikh) forcibly entered to the toilet from the back side of her house while the victim was in that toilet. They forcibly gauged by putting hands on her month from behind and tied it with a piece of clothes with an intention to kidnap her. Mr. Panchanan Mondal rushed to the place and tried to save her wife. But he was physically assaulted by the miscreants and fell unconscious.  The victim afterwards forcibly kidnapped the victim to the house Mr. Asraful Islam (Seikh) and thrown to a bed. Mr. Saidul Islam and Mr. Asraful Islam (Seikh) both guarded the room from anyone to come near and Mr. Alamgir Seikh, Mr. Mamon Seikh both pounced upon her and forcibly raped her one after another. The victim was become senseless due to the severe pain of sexual offence.


On 18.08.2013 at 5 am, she was returned to her consciousness and then only realised that she was in Khagraghat Railway Station, about 60-70 kilo meters away from her residence, under Murshidabad district and noticed that the miscreants were standing far away from her and were busy in talking and planning to sell her off at faraway place. The victim in an opportune moment escaped from the place and called her husband in his phone with the help of local peoples and informed about her whereabouts. On the same day at 11 pm, the victim’s husband came to that place by hiring one car  and after few hours started for their village along with Mr. Sanjit Mondal, son of Mr. Sudhir Mondal and Mr. Bidyut Mondal, son of Mr. Jitendranath Mondal, both resident of village Char Borderpara under Raninagar police station and on their way back she was taken to Raninagar police station on 19. 08. 2013, to lodge a complaint against those miscreants. Mr. Sumit Talukdar; the Officer-in-Charge of the said police station took her to his room on the pretext to know the whole incident and afterwards she lodged a written application informing the incident of rape on her by those miscreants. But the said police personal refused to lodge any complaint against those miscreants. Mr. Sanjit Mondal and Mr. Bidyut Mondal protested against that act but failed to convince the Officer in Charge to register the actual complaint as stated by the victim against the miscreants instead of doing the same the perpetrator police personal confined both of them into the lock-up of the said police station. The police personal prepared and written an application of his choice purposefully ignoring the commitment of rape only stating that the miscreants kidnapped the victim only to sell her off to faraway place for illegal purpose and obtained the signature of the victim on that prepared complaint only by threat and registered a First Information Report vide Raninagar Police Station Case No. 483/2013 dated 19.08.2013 under sections 363/366/34 of Indian Penal Code, which was doctored and manufactured by the said police personnel to lessen the charges .


On 21.08.2013, the victim was sent for medical examination after making her statement before a magistrate in accordance to section 164 of Criminal Procedure Code.


On 23.08.2013 the victim lodged a written complaint before the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad informing the incident of rape on her by the said miscreants and illegal act of the OC; Raninagar PS. But till date no actions has been taken by his office.


Our fact finding team informed us that the police personnel did not take any step on their own to perform medical test of the victim as she made a complaint of raped before the police.


On 30.09.2013 the Second Officer of Raninagar Police Station made a phone call to Mr. Panchanan Mondal; the husband of the victim and inquired about his complaint before the human rights organisation and whereabouts of the victim. 

Please see the attached pdf file

Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
National Convenor (PACTI)
Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
40A, Barabagan Lane (4th Floor)
Balaji Place
PIN- 712203
Tele-Fax – +91-33-26220843
Phone- +91-33-26220844 / 0845
e. mail : [email protected]

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#India- Infants in West Bengal are “Referred to die” #healthcare

Author(s): Sayantan Bera , down to earth

Infant deaths in West Bengal’s only super specialty hospital underscrore an urgent need to improve healthcare facilities in rural areas

63 per cent women in the state suffer from anaemia63 per cent women in the state suffer from anaemia (Photo: Sayantan Bera)

SUPER SPECIALTY B C Roy Children’s Hospital in Kolkata looks like a refugee camp. A sit-out for families inside the complex is roofed with plastic in bright shades of blue, red and green. The sheets protect families from the regular monsoon downpour. The not-so-lucky ones huddle under buildings when it rains and curl to sleep on benches under a clear night’s sky.

Early September, the hospital hit the headlines as 52 children died within a week. Most were less than a year old and grossly underweight. They were admitted to the hospital with birth asphyxia, acute respiratory distress and septicemia. Official response to the deaths was defensive. “They happened because terminally ill children were referred here,” says Tridib Banerjee, chairperson of the high-level task force set up by the West Bengal government in 2011 after 21 children died here within three days. “Everyday four to five children die here. The number was more this time because more children were admitted,” he adds. Satish Tiwary, principal secretary, health, and Sanghamitra Ghosh, National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) commissioner did not respond to queries from Down To Earth.

image*Number of deaths per 1,000 live births (Source: Health On March 2011-12, West Bengal Govt)The hospital gets over 800 children in its outpatient department every day, of which about 70 get admitted. Ailing newborns are brought from far-off southern Bengal districts—Howrah, South and North 24 Parganas, East and West Midnapore, Nadia and even Murshidabad, which is over 250 km away. To cater to the rising number of patients, the hospital added 200 beds and started a 100-bed sick and newborn care unit (SNCU). Better facilities meant more children being referred, and more deaths.

In August 2013, of the 890 admitted, 122 children died. Last year, in August itself, 110 children died of the 787 admitted. There is little disagreement among health experts that the hospital has come a long way since 2004 when four children died for want of oxygen cylinders. The government, too, initiated steps to improve healthcare infrastructure by setting up 36 SNCUs in different districts. But this has not prevented the rush to B C Roy hospital.

Sheikh Ijajul Haq’s child did not cry after birth. Doctors at the North 24 Parganas district hospital referred him to a medical college in Kolkata. Haq travelled 80 km and reached B C Roy hospital instead. It has the best facilities. For the past one week, he has been patiently waiting for the child’s recovery, lucky to find a place under the plastic sheets.

Doctors at district hospitals say they refer terminal cases to Kolkata because of the risks involved. “A sick child needs constant medical attendance. It may need radiant warmers and an excellent lab back-up. District-level doctors also fear backlash from families in case of deaths,” says Arnab Biswas, consultant paediatrician at sub-divisional hospital in North 24 Parganas.

Poor infrastructure in rural parts

Not many months ago, 16-year-old Mamata Tanti of Hasnabad was administered injections to induce labour pain by a quack. When she started convulsing, her parents took her to the sub-divisional hospital at Basirhat, an hour’s ride away. The hospital referred her to a Kolkata state general hospital, a five-hour journey. On her way to the hospital, the girl delivered a still-born.

Most patients in rural parts of the state run helter-skelter for want of good heathcare facilities. Against the need for 2,166 primary health centres (PHCs), the state has only 909. In North 24 Parganas, most PHCs have beds and a labour room but do not admit patients because they do not have staff. Only 26 per cent of the PHCs in West Bengal function round-the-clock compared to 53 per cent in India. Doctors and nurses usually live at far-off places and travel two to three hours to reach PHCs so, the centre closes by early evening.

There is also a shortfall of specialist doctors, both gynaecologists and paediatricians (see ‘Doctors’ shortfall’).

imageTaki rural hospital handles only normal deliveries. For, none among the four doctors is either paediatrician or gynaecologist. Next to the maternity ward, two incubators gather dust. The last caesarean delivery in the hospital was over a decade ago, a paramedic staff says.

Anaemic mothers bear sick infants

Primary care for expecting mothers also depicts a sorry picture. According to District-level Household and Facility Survey-3, in 2007-2008 only 18 per cent pregnant women underwent full ante-natal checkup, complete with tetanus injection and iron and folic acid tablets.

“Unless we improve maternal nutrition, the rush of referrals and infant deaths will continue,” says a senior paediatrician at B C Roy hospital who did not wish to be named.

Setting up SNCUs across districts is not enough; the need is a safe delivery environment, more institutional deliveries and control over anaemia among mothers, he adds.

Source: RHS Bulletin, March 2012, Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Health on March 2011-12, Government of West BengalSource: RHS Bulletin, March 2012, Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Health on March 2011-12, Government of West BengalNRHM-3 states 63 per cent woman in West Bengal have mild to severe anaemia, compared to 55 per cent in India.

“Women in North 24 Parganas get married between 16 and 18 years. Due to anaemia and low body weight among pregnant mothers, premature delivery is common,” says Tamajit Goswami, doctor at Ghola PHC in Hasnabad block.

Central scheme of little help

Centre’s scheme to tackle malnourishment has also not bared result. Nineteen-year-old Mamoni Mistri, admitted to a PHC in Minakha block is nine months pregnant and expecting her second child. At 55 kg she is underweight and with 10 gram/decilitre haemoglobin, mildly anaemic. She is not included in the Centre’s flagship scheme, the integrated child development scheme, or ICDS, as she is visiting her parents’ house for the delivery. It provides supplementary nutrition to children, and pregnant and lactating mothers. According to the latest ICDS figures, only 76 per cent of the sanctioned ICDS centres in West Bengal provide the service. The all-India average is 89 per cent. As per NFHS-3, only 25 per cent pregnant women receive any form of supplementary nutrition from anganwari centres in rural areas.

“The performance of ICDS is worse than what data shows,” says Anuradha Talwar, adviser to the Supreme Court commissioners for Right to Food. “The centres only serve food. There is no growth monitoring, health check-up or mothers’ counselling. It is common to fudge data and show lower number of severely malnourished children.” Sixteen-year-old Piya Mandal was enrolled in an ICDS centre. Barely 45 kg the day she delivered her first child, Mandal says khichdi and an egg every alternate day does not suffice for a meal. In the seven months of her pregnancy she gained only 2 kg. Small wonder, her child weighs under 2 kg.

“A lactating mother needs 3,600 calories per day. The government conceived ICDS as a supplementary nutrition scheme, but it has become the principal meal for mother and child,” says Rezaul Karim, professor, Sagore Dutta Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata.

Like B C Roy hospital, many tertiary facilities in the state witness regular child deaths. Malda district hospital in north Bengal is another hotspot for terminally ill children of neighbouring districts and Bihar, Jharkhand and even Bangladesh. Here, over 350 children have died in the past three years. As many as 36 died in January and 16 in May this year. Reasons for the deaths are similar to that at B C Roy hospital, says Vinod Tikoo, member of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. “There is a need to decongenst apex hospitals by increasing beds and doctors at PHCs. Pregnant women should be given better dietary inputs and take-home ration,” he says.


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Press Statement- Release Jayeeta Das Unconditionally!



Condemn and expose the state-sponsored intimidatory tactics of the lawless security agencies of West Bengal on people’s activists and their kin!

As part of the joint strategy to further increase the repression on the various people’s movements—against the anti-people policies of the state as well as for a society free from all forms of exploitation and oppression—the new desperate tactics of the state agencies has been to increase the rate of conviction of those put behind bars under various charges especially the UAPA. What is being witnessed in states like Maharashtra, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh etc. is an all out effort on the side of the state/central intelligence agencies to slap as many cases on various activists of the people’s movements so as to ensure that either the incarceration of the political prisoner is prolonged due to the perilous delay in trial on a large number of cases or through hook or crook his/her conviction is manufactured. This is yet another desperate act of the State who is witness to the fact that increasingly the people are fearlessly opposing the dog-eat-dog policies which the state wants to push forcefully on the people under the garb of growth and development. Not only are the people fighting fearlessly such policies but also mobilizing aid to the incarcerated despite threats and psychological war indulged in by the state to browbeat the people into submission. And because of the active and competent legal defence of many of the activists it is a fact that a considerable number of acquittals/bails have been successfully realized notwithstanding the frenzy created by an obliging media or the surfeit of charges of serious import slapped on many of the activists. Most discouraging for the fascist state is the active participation of the family members and friends of the political prisoners in such campaigns and legal defence. So what is the way out for a state when the people are losing fear by the day? That too at a time when there is all round crisis among various ruling class parties and within them vis-à-vis the deepening economic crisis and the increasing exposure of the real pro-imperialist, pro-capital face of these parties, the only way out for the state is to further unleash the whip of lawlessness and intimidation on the people and the people’s activists.
Of immediate significance is the case of people’s activist Jayeeta Das who was literally abducted on 1st August 2013 from open market place of south Calcutta and was shown to the media as a Maoist. We have already shown how this arrest like many that preceded it have once again violated the Supreme Court directives that has to be followed so that the basic rights of the detained/arrested is not violated. As part of the intimidatory tactics she was held incommunicado for hours by the police without allowing her access to a lawyer of her choice. It goes without saying that there was no arrest warrant. But the lawless Special Task Force of Kolkata knows full well that this alone won’t fetch them the much needed conviction of the accused. So the next act of impunity is to barge in to the houses of various friends and relatives of Jayeeta and threaten them with dire consequences if they don’t cough up evidence against her. In this particular case the public posture of the Special Task Force is that they have nothing against the family and friends of Jayeeta. But behind this smokescreen is the calculated/premeditated intimidation of the friends and kin of Jayeeta Das. Such unprecedented acts of impunity keep recurring despite the fact that various courts including the Supreme Court have expressed serious reservation on numerous occasions. It is also a grim reminder that beyond such lamentations from the side of the court, hardly has any positive step been initiated to restore the confidence of the common people on the much talked about ‘rule of law’.
From the acts of impunity of the police and the connivance of the judiciary people are increasingly forced to believe that the rule of law is only for the rulers and the wretched of the earth have to condemn themselves for their miserable/unenviable existence. But as mentioned earlier, people are refusing to take things for granted. The days won’t be far away when the wages of impunity of the security/intelligence agencies will be sought by the people themselves belied by a system that is increasingly getting tilted towards the interests of the god men, looters/bankers, black marketers, speculators, land mafia and pimps.
The need of the hour is to fight down the new face of Operation Green Hunt that has already reached the urban centres which has seen a section of the masses of the people, students and the intelligentsia standing resolutely against the genocidal policy of the state on the adivasis of Central and Eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent. CRPP condemns strongly the intimidatory tactics of the Special Task Force Kolkata on the friends and relatives of Jayeeta. This should not be seen as an isolated incident as it is part of a well thought out larger design to penalize and control all forms of dissent of the masses of the people for their genuine demands for a better future and society. CRPP calls upon all democratic and progressive forces to unitedly fight such fascist designs of the State.

In Solidarity,

SAR Geelani,

Amit Bhattacharyya,
Secretary General

Rona Wilson,
Secretary, Public Relations

  • #999; padding: 2px; display: block; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none;" href="" target="_blank">CRPP Statement on arrest of JNU student and Cultural Activist Hem Mishra
  • #999; padding: 2px; display: block; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none;" href="" target="_blank"> #India- Condemn arrest of Hem Mishra, a JNU student and a cultural activist by Maharashtra Police
  • #999; padding: 2px; display: block; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none;" href="" target="_blank">Solidarity Meeting for Gorkhaland Movement in Kolkata


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