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Bhopal BAMS doctor booked for sexually exploiting woman for 8 years #Vaw #WTFnews

— By FPJ Bureau,  June 10, 2014 12:38 am

Charged with sexually exploiting woman for 8 years

Bhopal: The TT Nagar police have booked a BAMS doctor in connection with sexual exploitation of a 28-year-old woman for the past eight years on the pretext of marriage.When the victim woman came to know that the accused doctor had married another girl, she approached TT Nagar police station and lodged a complaint against him.

Following the complaint, the police registered a case under section 376-2 (D) and SC/ST Act and forwarded the case diary to AJK thana. No arrest had been made till the filing of the report.TI, TT Nagar, Rajkumar Sarraf while talking to ‘Free Press’ said that the victim 28-year-old woman, who resides at Priyadarshini Nagar, in her complaint told the police that she came in contact with the accused doctor Satyendra Ray, a resident of Mahabali Nagar in Kolar, eight years back when he treated her family members.

The woman complained that during the past eight years the accused outraged her modesty several times by taking her to his residence at Mahabali Nagar, promising that she would marry her. However, in March, the accused got married to another woman following which she reached the house of the accused where he thrashed her and threw her out of his house, calling her casteist names.

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Press Release- Gang-rape of a Mute and Adivasi Minor Girl in Chhindwara (M.P)- Report #Vaw

Inaction, Negligence and Shielding of Accused by District Administration – Says Fact Finding Team Report


June 10, Chhindwara / New Delhi : On 13th April 2014, a 15 year old mute and handicapped adivasi girl was kidnapped and gang-raped, but for more than one and a half months, no action has been taken by the district administration or support of any kind reached the rape survivor. Inaction by the district authorities, police blaming the survivor and her family for the incident and complete suppression of the case and little support from media has not helped the situation.

A fact finding team was constituted by civil society groups to investigate the matter. The team constituted of human rights activist Daya Bai, Advoctae Aradhana Bhargava, Ms Kranti and Ms Jyoti (members of Jan Sahas – Womens rights group, Dewas) and Ms Kanika Sharma (social worker, TISS). The team findings point towards problematic handling and fabrication of the case by the police – such as making it a case of rape by one person, while it is in fact a case of gang rape involving four accused, and violations of legal as well as medical protocols such as subjecting the survivor to the banned ‘two finger test’. The FIR was lodged by the mother of the victim, who is not literate and therefore, the complaint was recorded by police, where on four occasions they have mentioned that the girl is “mand-buddhi” (mentally “slow” or developmentally disabled). However, in course of interactions with the girl,the team found that she understands and remembers everything and tells the same points about the incident each time. Therefore, we feel that this over-stressing on her being “mand-buddhi” and being “unable to tell much specifically” about the incident, has been done to weaken the case.

In course of investigation, the team learnt the identities of the four accused who have not been caught or even considered suspects by the police, thereby pointing out to the complete lack of investigation and action by the police. The fact that one of the accused is son of an ASI and other of Patel, lead us to believe that police is trying to hush up the matter. The team met the SP of the Dsitrict, who initially narrated the police version of girl being mentally challenged but when confronted with our findings, he has promised to change the investigation officer. Meanwhile, the team has also approached the National Commission for Women, who have issued notices to the administration.

Based on the investigation done and facts collected by the fact-finding team, we demand the following:

Regarding the case:

  1.  Immediately initiate the procedure for identification of accused by the survivor and arrest them.

  2. Record the statements of the girl again in a sensitive manner. Ensure that she is comfortable while recording the statement or enquiring.

  3. Prepare a map of the location of the crime and record the statements of people living near the two houses

  4. Immediately file the charge-sheet against the four accused. It is a clear case of kidnapping and gang-rape of a minor.

  5. Ensure fast track trail of the case, so criminals are punished and justice is done to the girl.

Regarding efforts for reparation and rehabilitation for the survivor:

  1. Medical help to the survivor

  2. Immediate and rightful monetary compensation

  3. Future security of the survivor. Efforts must be taken for her education.

Advocate Aradhna Bhargav- 09425146991, Kanika Sharma – 07588480386, Daya Bai, Ms Kranti and Ms Jyoti

(Team Report as attached)

Fact Finding Report on gang-rape of a minor adivasi girl with disabilities in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh


  1. Background

On the 16th April, 2014, Chhindwara Bhaskar (local supplement of the newspaper Dainik Bhaskar) reported the incident of kidnapping and rape of a mute and handicapped minor girl in Chhindwara (see annexure 1). Various other local newspapers such as Patrika and Nai Duniya also covered the issue and that is how the issue came into light. However, even after one and half months of the incident, neither had there been any progress in the case, nor had any help reached the survivor. Finally it was decided that an intervention is needed in this case. The case raises many questions about the delay in action by the police and the administration, about the complexity of the issue involving a minor with multiple disabilities and lack of supporting environment for a rape survivor.


  1. Team

The fact finding team consisted of the following members:

1) Daya Bai- social and human rights activist

2) Ms Aradhana Bhargav- senior lawyer and social activist based in Chhindwara

3) Ms Kranti and Ms Jyoti- members of Jan Sahas, Dewas, an NGO fighting against atrocities against women

4) Ms Kanika Sharma- social worker from TISS, Mumbai


  1. The Incident

This incident involves atrocity against a 15 year old girl who is mute and has paralysis in one hand since birth. She belongs to an adivasi family, which migrated from a near-by village to Chhindwara 10 years ago and now both parents and two elder brothers work as daily wage labourers. The family lives in a rented kuchcha house in Koldhana area.

According to the mother of the survivor, at around 5 pm on the 13thof April, 2014, the girl had gone to the old Nagpur Naka (the near-by market) with 10 Rs to buy a packet of biscuits. She went missing after that. While searching for her, the family was informed that she was last spotted at a temple, which is around 500 meters from their house, and within 50 meters from the old Nagpur naka.

On 14thApril at around 9 pm, the girl came back home on her own. She was in a distraught state, her clothes were different and she was continuously crying. She then communicated to her mother that a man in a motorbike (red in colour) had taken her to a house where four men, including him, “did wrong to her”. It was her mother who realized that she was raped.

  1. Findings on the actions taken so far


Late in the night of 14th, the family went to the police station to lodge the FIR. The procedures took time and the FIR was registered at around 4 am on 15th April 2014. Sections 363 and 376 of IPC were applied.

The FIR was lodged by the mother, who is not literate and therefore, the nature of the complaint was oral. It is important to note that in the FIR, in four places it has been pointed out that the girl is “mand-buddhi” (mentally “slow” or developmentally disabled). However, in our interactions with the girl, we found out that she understands and remembers everything and tells the same points about the incident each time. Therefore, we feel that this over-stressing on her being “mand-buddhi” and being “unable to tell much specifically” about the incident, has been done to weaken the case.


Problematic medical examination process

On the 15thof April, the girl underwent a medical examination. The report of the examination has not been given to the family and neither was it available to us. However, a news report published in ChhindwaraBhaskar, dated 18th April 2014 (see annexure 2), reported that in the medical report, the examiner has stated that girl is “sabhogkiaadi (habituated to sex)”.Furthermore, the SP told the Times of India journalist, on 4th June 2014, that in the medical report, it has been stated that there is ‘old tear in the hymen’. It is ethically, legally and scientifically wrong to state in the medical report of an examination of hymenal tears or habitiuation to sex. Additionally, the hymen can tear because of a variety of factors, including heavy work or exercise. A hymenal tear does not establish whether a girl has had sex or not. Therefore, going by these two points, we strongly suspect that not just in the report but also in the process of medical examination, medical protocols and guidelines have been flouted.


Delays in recording statements

The statements of the girl were recorded on 28thApril, two weeks after the FIR was registered. This caused a loss of crucial time and halted any possible progress in the case. However, in the meantime, it has been reported that the police tried to question the girl in the city Kotwali. The SP himself said that he met the girl in the Thana where she was “unable to tell anything”. The girl should have never been called, let alone questioned, in the police station as the law clearly states that minors and women must not be called to the police station for any enquiries.

Finally, when the experts came from Jabalpur, the statements were taken in front of the Magistrate. This happened in a closed room, where even the mother of the girl was not allowed. What happened behind the closed doors remains unclear to us but according to another news report on 29th April (see annexure 3), “the girl was unable to tell anything about the accused even in the court and therefore, no progress could be made in the case.”


  1. Points from the case diary


On 9th June, in the meeting with the Town Inspector (TI) who is currently the investigating officer, the case diary was shown to the team. Following points from the case diary confirm the aforementioned problems with actions taken by the police


1)   In the medical report, it has been clearly stated that “two finger test” was performed on the girl. This test has been banned in India.


2) In the medical report, it has been written that the girl is habituated to sex.


3) There is also a certificate from the district medical board which states that the girl has 60% mental retardation. The mother is unaware of any such test being conduct on the daughter.


4) In the statements recorded in front of the magistrate and the experts on 28th April, the experts wrote that the girl said there was only one man who raped her. This again is a contradiction to the fact that the girl has clearly stated to us that she was raped by four men.


5) The police says that the rikshaw puller, Bablu Dole, in whose house the girl was raped and seen in the morning, has admitted that he dropped the girl on the evening of 14th in his rikshaw and therefore, he is the accused. However, the girl has clearly stated to us that she never sat on any rikshaw in the period of her kidnapping. She has also confirmed that Bablu, who is older than the other four accused, did not rape her.


  1. In-action by Police and administration


  • No substantial progress in the case in more than one and half months
  • No compensation and rehabilitation efforts for the rape survivor
  • Mistreatment by the police, calling the girl “mad” and telling her mother to send her to mental asylum
  • Blaming the victim and her family for being non-cooperative


  1. Interactions with survivor and her mother


The team interacted with girl twice on different days and she communicated the exact same things through her expressions, which were further communicated to us through her mother who was present both times.


Following are the important points that came out in the interactions:

1) The girl has a sharp memory. She remembers everything about the incident and when asked with patience and in a place and a manner she is comfortable with, she communicates everything.

2) The girl was taken on a red motor-cycle by a man who wore two rings in his hands.

3) He took her to Sukludhana area.

4) She clearly tells that she was raped by 4 men, pointing 4 fingers each time.

5) After the rape, she was given different clothes to wear in the morning. She was also told to take bath, which she did

6) She was dropped to the Bus Stand, near the tomb of KamliWaale Baba, by another accused in the motor-cycle.

7) She walked home from there, a distance of almost 4 kilometers, in a distraught condition.


  1. Meeting with SP

Between the two interactions with the girl, the members of the team also met the Superintendent of Police, Mr. P. Sharma and briefed about the case on 4th June, 2014. At first, he said that the girl was unable to tell anything but after we told him about our interaction with her, he made following assurances:

  • Changing the Investigating officer
  • Transferring the case to Women Cell
  • Immediate arrest of the suspect, who is in fact the accused as per the girl
  • Financial help/compensation to the girl as per the procedure

None of these assurances have been fulfilled in the last 5 days. There has been an arrest of Bablu Dole on 6th, however, he is not the accused and therefore, this is a fabrication of the case.


  1. Visit to the location of crime

The team then went with the girl and her mother to the place where she had been taken after kidnapping on the evening of 13th April 2014. The family had also taken the police to the location on 15th April but despite that, the police could not find out much about the accused whereas the team, which visited the spot after more than one and half months of the incident, found important leads related to the four accused. Following are the main points from the visit to location:

1) The girl was taken to the Sukludhana area of Chhindwara, which is within 100 meter of the Kundipura Police Station

2) She was first kept in the house of one of the accused, where she also saw the mother of the accused, who she identified during the visit. The mother of the accused, a woman who called herself Sudama, after seeing the team and the girl, quickly came out of the house.

3) She was then taken to a kucchha house, 30 meters from the house where she was kept earlier. This was the house of the uncle of the accused.

4) It was in the kuccha house that she was raped.

5) The kuchha house belongs to Bablu Dole who is a riksha-puller. He, however, was not one of the four accused.

6) Three women who live next to the house identified the girl and said that they saw her sitting alone outside the house in the morning of 14th April. One of them, realizing that something was wrong, asked the girl to go to the police station with her but the girl was too scared to do that. The women also saw her fetching water from the tap near the house and taking bath.

7) One of the women informed that unlawful activities keep happening in this house but no one raises any voice.

8) While we were investigating the location, suddenly the girl got very scared as she saw one of the accused peeping from the other house. Clearly, the girl indentifies all the accused. We had to stop the investigation there as she was visibly very scared and it was not safe to continue with the investigation


  1. Identities of the accused


After investigation of the location and identification of the two houses, the team took local help in finding out the identities of the four accused. Different sources revealed following names/identities of the accused, based on the facts collected and provided by the team:


1) Bhola Dole, son of Krishna Dole

2) Rinku Dole, son of Rameshwar Dole

3) Son of ASI/SI posted at the Kundipura police station

4) Son of the Patel from Chand


The team also got following information:

  • The four accused were going for the Hanuman rally on the 13th when they saw the girl. They signaled her to come towards them and then kidnapped her.
  • The red motor-cycle on which the girl was taken to Sukludhana is of the ASI/SI. He still rides it.
  • The first two accused, Bhola Dole and Rinku Dole are nephews of Bablu Dole, in whose house the girl was raped.


  1. Demands


1) Immediately initiate the procedure for identification of accused by the survivor and arrest them.

2) Record the statements of the girl again in a sensitive manner. Ensure that she is comfortable while recording the statement or enquiring.

3) Prepare a map of the location of the crime and record the statements of people living near the two houses

4) Immediately file the charge-sheet against the four accused. It is a clear case of kidnapping and gang-rape of a minor.

5) Ensure fast track trail of the case, so criminals are punished and justice is done to the girl.


Regarding efforts for reparation and rehabilitation for the survivor:


  1. Medical help to the survivor
  2. Immediate and rightful monetary compensation
  3. Future security of the survivor. Efforts must be taken for her education.




Advocate Aradhna Bhargav- 09425146991, Kanika Sharma – 07588480386, Daya Bai, Ms Kranti and Ms Jyoti

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Delhi – Woman stabbed to death by stalker in Karol Bagh #Vaw

PTI | Feb 15, 2014, 05.58 PM IST

NEW DELHI: A 26-year-old woman was stabbed to death in central Delhi‘s Karol Bagh by a stalker on Friday evening, police said on Saturday.

The victim has been identified as Simran, an executive working in an MNC in Noida. She got married two years back.

Last evening, around 6.15pm, Simran boarded a metro from Noida to visit her aunt’s place. Simran’s cousin had given birth to a baby and he had told her aunt about her coming to give a surprise.

At 7.30pm, she de-boarded at Karol Bagh metro station. When she was near her aunt’s house, the suspect who was following her, accosted her. He stabbed her once in the arm and then in the chest, said police.

A CCTV installed in the street shows a scooter first coming into the frame and then taking a u turn. Then Simran passing and a suspect following her. The actual stalking takes place out of the camera’s frame but people running to save her after she is stabbed is recorded in the CCTV.

Police have launched a manhunt to nab the accused. However, no breakthrough has been achieved in the case.

“It is an unfortunate incident. We have registered a case and taken up investigation. We are sure of working out the case soon,” said Delhi police commissioner BS Bassi.

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Kochi, Jan 27: Unable to bear further humiliation, a 27-year-old married woman against whom obscene messages had been posted on Facebook ended her life by hanging at nearby Cheranallore, police said.


facebook_death...The incident occurred last night in the town, they said.

The woman had earlier approached the police complaining against the accused, who had posted the messages defaming her on the Facebook and sending such messages on her mobile.

Family sources alleged that though she approached police, no complaint was filed. The woman then approached the Kerala High Court, which directed the police in that town to conduct a probe and file a report.

Police, however, said the 30-year-old accused was a relative of the woman and he had been warned to desist from defaming her.

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#India – Woman forced to give birth outside primary health centre in MP #WTFnews #Vaw

Gwalior: In yet another case of inhuman behavior, a pregnant woman was forced to deliver in the open outside a primary health centre near Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.

The 30-year-old woman Draupaid from Kulaith village entered into labour pain on Tuesday night. She was rushed to the local primary health centre at around 3 am, but the sweeper refused to open the lock put on the primary hospital. On being asked for entry, the sweeper Ramkishan said, he was only authorized to open the lock for government officials.

The family and other villagers informed the health and administrative officials, but the primary health centre  unlocked the next morning after the arrival of the doctor.

Ramkishan refused to open the lock and did not even bother to inform the doctor. Meanwhile, Draupadi was in immense pain.

The villagers arranged for a cot and made Draupadi lie down on it. Police was informed about the incident. Next morning, when the doctor arrived, the agitated villagers did not let him unlock the hospital. Police intervened and convinced the villagers to allow the hospital to be unlocked. The woman and her new born baby was then admitted to the hospital and given medical attention. Both mother and the child are now out of danger.

Earlier, a similar case was reported from Mexico where a woman was denied entry into the clinic which forced her to deliver in a lawn. A passerby captured the moment in her camera and the photo became viral on social media raising a question on the medical facilities of the area.
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#India – Woman sets herself on fire to protest atrocities against dalits #Vaw

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,TNN | Nov 27, 2013, 05.07 AM IST

TRICHY: A 40-year-old married woman set herself on fire near the Ambedkar statue at Aristo roundabout in Trichy on Tuesday morning. She has been admitted to the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital (MGMGH) here with severe burns. A letter found at the spot suggests her immolation was an act of protest against oppression of Arunthathiyars in a Dindigul village.The woman has been identified as A Rani, alias Pazhaniammal. She is a provisional employee at the animal husbandry department and a resident of Ganeshapuram in Trichy.

Rani jumped into the Aristo roundabout after parking her moped nearby. Passers-by and policemen on duty were taken aback as she suddenly poured petrol on her body and set fire. “Fire engulfed her rapidly as she had doused herself with petrol. Cantonment police who rushed to the spot tried to extinguish the fire along with public. As she sustained severe burn injuries, police rushed her to MGMGH where she is receiving critical-care treatment,” said S Umasankar, inspector at Trichy cantonment police station.

A letter signed by Rani found near the immolation spot read: “Take action against influential people who launched atrocities against Arunthathiyars in Kariampatti village in Dindigul district and revoke false cases against Arunthathiyars”. She had scribbled the message on a letter pad of ‘Aathi Tamizhar Peravai’. However, inspector Umasankar denied the police got any suicide note as the letter didn’t indicate intent to suicide.

In her letter, Rani paid tributes to Neelaventhan, a resident of Tiruppur immolated himself in September. He too had protested against atrocities on the Arunthathiyars. She also demanded higher reservation quota for the community.

Investigation revealed that her employers were ignorant about her association with any socio-political outfit. “Rani is working as a provisional animal husbandry-assistant at the veterinary hospital at Palakkarai since December 6, 2012. She was due to get regularised next year. She had left the office on Monday evening. We didn’t know that she was a functionary in an outfit,” said I Chinnadurai, joint director of animal husbandry department, adding that MGMGH doctors informed him that she will recover.

K Chozhan, the state deputy secretary of Aathi Tamizhar Peravai, said Rani took the extreme step to persuade the state government to act on her demands. “She is attached with our outfit for more than seven years. She was involved in various agitations for the welfare of Arunthathiyars. A festival celebrated by our people in Kariampatti was spoiled by others and it led to violence. Police had arrested several people on both the sides. It is this incident and the subsequent actions that forced her to attempt suicide,” Chozhan revealed.

A large posse of police force has been deployed around MGMGH to avoid any untoward incident.

Rani’s husband Arumugam is an employee at MGMGH. Their daughter, Subbulakshmi, is married and two sons Guganathan and Krishnan are working in private companies.


Aathi Tamizhar Peravai movement was launched by R Athiyamaan in 1994 with its head quarters in Coimbatore. The objective of the movement is to empower the Arunthathiyars, one of the most marginalized dalit communities in the state. It also has demanded raising the reservation of Arunthathiyars from 3% to 6%. The outfit, which has been protesting against manual scavenging, opposes discrimination against dalits.


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#India – Woman gangraped, intended to be trafficked, West Bengal Police shielding culprits #Vaw #mustread

9th October 2013



The Chairman

West Bengal Human Rights Commission

Bhabani Bhaban


Kolkata – 27


Respected Sir,


I want to draw your kind attention on an incident of rape by some miscreants (the perpetrators from 1 to 4). The incident took place on 17.08.2013 inside the house of the victim. Those miscreants forcibly kidnapped her and inhumanly tortured her during the commitment of rape. After that they planned to sell her to other places for illegal purposes. But she managed to escape from the clutches of those miscreants. After that she was taken to Raninagar police station by her family members to lodge a complaint against the heinous crime on her. But the police personnel refused to register the complaint which she transpired to the police and instead of that the Officer-in-Charge of the said police station jotted down a complaint on his own choice and purposefully omitted the incident of rape from that complaint and forcibly took a signature from the victim and registered a First Information Report; which was not the actual complaint of the victim. The role of the police personal of the said police station clearly demonstrates that from the very initial stage the Officer-in-Charge tried to protect those miscreants. The police personal illegally detained those people who were tried to help the victim in lodging a complaint.  On 23.08.2013 she lodged a written complaint to the Superintendent of Police of the district, against those miscreants and informed the ineffectiveness of the police personal of the said police station and sought justice from him. But no prompt action has been taken by that higher authority and also the police of Raninagar did not take any step to conduct her medical test till date as early as possible to save the culprits. Her medical examination took place only upon the order of the court on 21.08.2013, i.e. after 4 days. On the other hand the offenders (the perpetrators from 1 to 4) from the same village of the victim are roaming freely in acquiescence of the police.


All the miscreants are in nexus with local police, BSF and Excise Department engaged in cross border smuggling and human trafficking.


Hence we seek your urgent intervention regarding the following matters: –

  • The whole matter must be investigated by one neutral investigating agency appointed by the Commission; not by the police of Raninagar PS.
  • The police of Raninagar Police Station intentionally violated The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013
  • The concerned police station must be directed to take immediate steps to register the actual complaint of the victims and legal action upon the complaints against the culprits.
  • The role of the police personal of concerned police station must be investigated as they tried to protect the culprits from the very beginning
  • The victim must be immediately brought under due protection.
  • The victim should be provided adequate compensation.


Thanking You

Yours faithfully,




Kirity Roy
Secretary, MASUM
National Convener, PACTI







Name of the victim: – 1) Ms. Sita Mondal (name changed), wife of- Mr. Panchanan Mondal, aged about-22 years, Scheduled Caste (Dalit), residing at Village- Char Sahebnagar, Post Office- Borderpara, Police Station- Raninagar, District- Murshidabad, West Bengal, India. 2) Mr. Sanjit Mondal, son of Mr. Sudhir Mondal and 3) Mr. Bidyut Mondal, son of Mr. Jitendranath Mondal, both resident of village Char Borderpara under Raninagar police station (they were illegally detained at the police lock up while assisting the victim to make a complaint to the police)


Name of the perpetrators: – 1) Mr. Alamgir Seikh, son of- Mr. Sajahan Seikh 2) Mr. Mamon Seikh, son of- Mainul seikh 3) Mr. Saidul Islam, son of- Mr. Beru Seikh 4) Mr. Asraful Islam (Seikh), son of- Mr. Fakir Seikh, all are residing at Village- Char Sahebnagar, Post Office- Borderpara, Police Station- Raninagar, District- Murshidabad 5) Mr. Sumit Talukdar (Officer-in-Charge of Raninagar Police Station) under Murshidabad district.


Date and time of incident: – On 17.08.2013 at about 11pm.


Place of occurrence: – Inside the dwelling of the victim.


Case details: –


It is revealed during fact finding that on 17.08.2013 at about 11 pm the victim went to toilet while her husband was along with her; Mr. Panchanan Mondal who was standing outside of the bathroom to guard her . It was alleged by the victim that some miscreants namely Mr. Alamgir Seikh, Mr. Mamon Seikh, Mr. Saidul Islam and Mr. Asraful Islam (Seikh) forcibly entered to the toilet from the back side of her house while the victim was in that toilet. They forcibly gauged by putting hands on her month from behind and tied it with a piece of clothes with an intention to kidnap her. Mr. Panchanan Mondal rushed to the place and tried to save her wife. But he was physically assaulted by the miscreants and fell unconscious.  The victim afterwards forcibly kidnapped the victim to the house Mr. Asraful Islam (Seikh) and thrown to a bed. Mr. Saidul Islam and Mr. Asraful Islam (Seikh) both guarded the room from anyone to come near and Mr. Alamgir Seikh, Mr. Mamon Seikh both pounced upon her and forcibly raped her one after another. The victim was become senseless due to the severe pain of sexual offence.


On 18.08.2013 at 5 am, she was returned to her consciousness and then only realised that she was in Khagraghat Railway Station, about 60-70 kilo meters away from her residence, under Murshidabad district and noticed that the miscreants were standing far away from her and were busy in talking and planning to sell her off at faraway place. The victim in an opportune moment escaped from the place and called her husband in his phone with the help of local peoples and informed about her whereabouts. On the same day at 11 pm, the victim’s husband came to that place by hiring one car  and after few hours started for their village along with Mr. Sanjit Mondal, son of Mr. Sudhir Mondal and Mr. Bidyut Mondal, son of Mr. Jitendranath Mondal, both resident of village Char Borderpara under Raninagar police station and on their way back she was taken to Raninagar police station on 19. 08. 2013, to lodge a complaint against those miscreants. Mr. Sumit Talukdar; the Officer-in-Charge of the said police station took her to his room on the pretext to know the whole incident and afterwards she lodged a written application informing the incident of rape on her by those miscreants. But the said police personal refused to lodge any complaint against those miscreants. Mr. Sanjit Mondal and Mr. Bidyut Mondal protested against that act but failed to convince the Officer in Charge to register the actual complaint as stated by the victim against the miscreants instead of doing the same the perpetrator police personal confined both of them into the lock-up of the said police station. The police personal prepared and written an application of his choice purposefully ignoring the commitment of rape only stating that the miscreants kidnapped the victim only to sell her off to faraway place for illegal purpose and obtained the signature of the victim on that prepared complaint only by threat and registered a First Information Report vide Raninagar Police Station Case No. 483/2013 dated 19.08.2013 under sections 363/366/34 of Indian Penal Code, which was doctored and manufactured by the said police personnel to lessen the charges .


On 21.08.2013, the victim was sent for medical examination after making her statement before a magistrate in accordance to section 164 of Criminal Procedure Code.


On 23.08.2013 the victim lodged a written complaint before the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad informing the incident of rape on her by the said miscreants and illegal act of the OC; Raninagar PS. But till date no actions has been taken by his office.


Our fact finding team informed us that the police personnel did not take any step on their own to perform medical test of the victim as she made a complaint of raped before the police.


On 30.09.2013 the Second Officer of Raninagar Police Station made a phone call to Mr. Panchanan Mondal; the husband of the victim and inquired about his complaint before the human rights organisation and whereabouts of the victim. 

Please see the attached pdf file

Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
National Convenor (PACTI)
Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
40A, Barabagan Lane (4th Floor)
Balaji Place
PIN- 712203
Tele-Fax – +91-33-26220843
Phone- +91-33-26220844 / 0845
e. mail : [email protected]

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#India – Kerala woman fights a lonely battle against the sand mafia #mustread

Written by Sneha Mary Koshy | NDTV: October 09, 2013 09:14 IST

Jazeera, along with her three children, is sitting in the open outside the Kerala House in New Delhi.

ThiruvananthapuramFor more than 90 days now, 31-year-old Jazeera from Kannur in Kerala has been protesting against the sand mafia in her village. She has now brought her fight to Delhi.

Jazeera, along with her three children, is sitting in the open outside the Kerala House in New Delhi. Neither the weather, nor the age of her children – the youngest is one-year-old – or an assurance from Kerala’s Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has been able to deter her.

“I want action by the government against the sand mafia and not mere words,” she says.
Jazeera has been protesting against the attack on her house back in Kannur by the sand mafia. She sat on a silent protest outside the Kannur Collectorate for 27 days and then outside the state government Secretariat in Thiruvananthapuram demanding the sand mafia should be pushed out of her village.

But her struggle has been a lonely one as her neighbours in Kerala deny the presence or nexus of any sand mafia. “Jazeera’s protests are to garner media attention and has defamed our village,” said one of them.

Officials say the issue has been blown out of proportion. “I have personally made visits to that place, and have looked into the matter. We took prompt steps with the local administration since we considered the issue genuine. We’ve begun night patrolling, have asked panchayats to pass a resolution banning illegal sand mining by the locals. But the local residents have been perceiving this problem very differently,” said District Collector Rathen U Kelkar.

The locals maintain that issue in this panchayat is not of sand mafia but of practices that have been going on for decades. The local women themselves mine the sand and carry it on their heads for construction and local works as against lorries and trucks being used in other places.


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#India – Tribal Woman abducted, gang-raped in MP #Vaw #WTFnews


TNN Oct 6, 2013

BHOPAL: A 29-year-old tribal woman was allegedly abducted on gunpoint form Chhatarpur and gang-raped continuously for a month by four persons in captivity in Delhi. The survivorreached Chhatarpur on Saturday and lodged a police complaint against the accused. She has been disowned by her husband and in-laws, said sources. The survivor is a resident of Gadasadna village and a missing person’s complaint was lodged by her father on August 30.

“She has named four persons in the case. Efforts are on to arrest them,” said Chhatarpur SP Lalit Shakyawar.

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#India – Dalit woman stripped and paraded by 6 in Patna #Vaw #WTFnews

Their revenge on her body

Dalit women: Usually the means to harass an entire community. Photo: Ranjeet Kumar/Tony Smith

The HinduDalit women: Usually the means to harass an entire community. Photo: Ranjeet Kumar/Tony Smith


A Dalit woman in a Patna village was stripped and paraded in the streets by dominant caste men to avenge an affront to their pride. Even as the perpetrators are out on bail, justice continues to elude her

They were six. She was all alone. They held her arms, her legs and dragged her out of her house in broad daylight. An entire village watched as six men tore off Sarita Devi’s (named changed) clothes, paraded her in the streets, in a shocking spectacle of humiliation very near to Bihar’s capital city.

Like scores of Dalit women, her body became the site of revenge for the dominant castes in her village, who sought to strip off her dignity to avenge an ostensible affront to their caste pride.

Sarita Devi, a washer woman, belongs to the lower dhobi caste. The yadav caste dominates her village (named withheld) in Patna district, whereas there are only two dhobi homes. One of the yadav households accused her 15-year-old son of having an affair with a girl in their family. Later, there was a quarrel between the boy and the girl.

This acted as a trigger and on February 16, at 7 a.m., the girl’s family and relatives, namely Naval Rai, Atma Rai, Parmatma Rai, Manoj Rai and Sanjay Rai, descended upon Sarita’s hut.

“I was brushing my teeth in the courtyard, when they came and held me. They were saying ‘Dhobi jaat ka hoke itna hai’ [You have so much nerve despite being a dhobi. Then they stripped me. They were taking me to their house to further humiliate me. They asked for my husband and son and threatened to kill me. Manoj was carrying a sword and the rest lathis. Everyone watched as they ripped off my sari and blouse and scratched my body,” recalled Sarita with tears welling up in her eyes.

Her screams woke up the house and her 12-year-old daughter came running to save her. “When they saw her, they said they would take her away too and they knocked her to the ground. She somehow managed to escape,” Sarita said.

Her brother-in-law, who rushed to her rescue, was beaten with lathis. Seeing this, some neighbours prevented her husband from going any further. The village sarpanch, also a yadav, came to intervene, but Sarita’s attackers abused him too saying why he wanted to help someone from a “chhot jaat” (lower caste).

In this melee, Sarita seized an opportunity. She grabbed her sari and ran southwards into the village. “I hid in a house near the panchayat bhavan, where people helped me with a shawl and bed sheet,” she said.

When she went to register a case at the police station, the police discouraged her straightaway. “The police says, ‘Do not file a case. You are so poor, you will die. Do you even have food to eat?’ It was when the media and the sarpanch came that they registered an FIR.”

A case under sections 147 (punishment for rioting), 341 (wrongful restraint), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 354 (outraging modesty), 447 (criminal trespass), 504 (insult) of the Indian Penal Code, and 3 (1) (x) of the The Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act pertaining to insult and intimidation was filed.

Surprisingly for Sarita, her medical examination report ruled out any “external injury” on her body, when it clearly had scratch marks, she said.

Fear has become a constant companion of Sarita’s family, while justice continues to elude them. Although the police filed a charge sheet in April, the accused got out on bail. “If the court decides to bail them, what can the police do?” Ajay Kumar Jha, investigation officer told The Hindu.

However, Rajeshwar Paswan of the All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM), part of the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, who has been fighting Sarita Devi’s case pointed out, “Under the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, neither the lower court, nor the High Court can give bail to the accused. This means the bail has been obtained by fraudulent means. Furthermore, the sections of the Act pertaining to outraging a woman’s modesty [3(1) (xi) or (xii)] have not been applied in this case.”

“Dalit women,” said Gauri Kumar, AIDMAM’s State coordinator, “usually become the means to harass an entire community.”

Sarita’s son has not set foot in the village fearing attack on his life. Her husband, a brick kiln worker, takes care to come home before dark. The family does not have a BPL or APL card. As for her, she ekes out a living washing clothes. But she cannot wash her humiliation away. The eyes that watched her that morning are still fixed on her.

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